31.10.2009 19:43
NsPro v5.5.6
Added A657, i6220, S3500i, S5600T, S8300T, V820L Support. Fixed C3010, C3050 unlocking protocol. Added support for C5510, i7500 new versions. Improved phone detection on USB ports.

15.10.2009 10:33
NsPro v5.5.4
Added C3010, I7500 support.

06.10.2009 18:42
NsPro v5.5.3
Added A887, T469, T559, T659, T749, S3650, F480i. Faster S523x, S5600, S8300, M7600, etc... code calculation. Added support for new i8910 versions. Improved i200, C6620, C6625 processing time.

01.10.2009 05:40
NsPro v5.5.1
Added S3100, A256 support. Added S5230, S5230W, S5233, S5233A, S5233S Fast Direct Unlock. Improved i200, C6620, C6625 unlocking protocol. Fixed i8910 small unlocking bug.

26.09.2009 01:39
NsPro v5.5.0
Added B270i, B7320, C6620, C6625, D900E, E200E, E1080, E1085, E1100T, E1105T, E2120, i200, i637, i900, i8510, i8910, M2310, M2710, M7600, S3110, S5050, S5200, S5230, S5230W, S5233, S5233A, S5233S, S5600V, T119, T349 support. Added S5600, S5600V, S7220, S7350, S8300 Code reading.

24.06.2009 19:22
NsPro v5.2.3
Added A637, A766, A767, A777, A837, T239 support.Added support for new F480, E1360B security. Improved qualcomm unlocking procedure.

18.06.2009 09:29
NsPro v5.2.0 released:
Added A177, A257, A877, E1210S, E1310, E1310M, i627, P250, S3310, S5600, T109 support. Added boot flashing for A867, A877, F480, G400, L810, M7500, M8800, S5600, S7220, S7350, S8300, T919, T929. Added support for running on Microsoft Virtual Machine.

27.05.2009 02:12
NsPro v5.1.6 released:
Added B100i, C5220, E1360B, E2210B, F265L, X576 support. Added C3050, C3110, S3500 direct unlock (no patch needed).

05.05.2009 04:23
NsPro v5.1.3 released:
Added E250i, J700i, C3050, B2100, E2100B, S7350, E1125 sfull support. Improved new Qualcomm communication protocol.

22.04.2009 09:14
NsPro v5.1.2 released:
Added S7220, S3500V full support. Improved S8300 unlocking protocol. Fixed D780, D880, D980 master flashing bug. Added E1070, E1075, E1100, E1120 full flash/eeprom read/write.

18.04.2009 03:38
NsPro v5.1.1 released:
Added S8300, S3500, C3110, E1070, E1075, E1100, E1120 full support.

09.04.2009 08:28
NsPro v5.1.0 released:
Added L770, A137, A237, B200, B210, C260B, E1410, E230L, E236, E746, J165L, L770V, M7500, P220, T229, T339, T459, T929 support. Added Qualcomm and Softbank Get Info function. Added E2510 flashing support. Added new model selection form.

28.01.2009 11:22
NsPro v5.0.8 released:
Added D980, F275, F480L, U900L, S3600, B270, C275, E1110, E1117, i907, M140, S3030 full support. Added flashing support for new B130 hardware versions. Fixed J770 TFS flashing problem. Please use latest nspro version. Older nspro versions will stop working one by one.

28.12.2008 18:21
NsPro v5.0.5 released:
Added i780 support. Fixed M3200 unlocking bugs. Smartcard server updated. Please use latest nspro version. Older nspro versions will stop working one by one.

28.12.2008 18:19
NsMultiUnlock v2.5.0 released:
Added G810 USB Direct Unlock. Improved i900 Omnia unlocking process.

16.12.2008 16:33
NsPro v5.0.4 released:
Added support for: A867, B2700, E2510, J770, M3200, M3510. Is highly recommended to use latest nspro version.

11.12.2008 03:39
NsMultiUnlock v2.3.0 released:
Added i900 Omnia direct unlock.

27.11.2008 18:42
NsPro v5.0.3 released:
Added B130S, B220, B310, F110, J800, L400, M200, M8800, P960, S7330, T919, U600G full support. Added B130 flashing support. Fixed M620 flashing bug.

03.11.2008 19:16
NsPro v5.0.1 released:
Added B320, B520, J150 full support. Fixed Agere flashing bugs. Is highly recommended to use last nspro version.

31.10.2008 21:46
NsPro v5.0.0 RC released:
Added Direct Unlock, IMEI Write for F480, F490, U900, U800, A411, A412, A701, A706, A707C, A711, A717, A727, A736, A737, A747, F330, F400, F700, G400, G800, J200, L170, L760, L770, L810, T639, T819, U700, U700B, Z170, Z240E, Z720M, ZV60. Added L700, M150 support.

01.10.2008 12:45
NsPro v5.0.0 beta released:
Added A517, B130, B300, C500, E215, E251, J600 new version, P180, F400, F480, F490, L810, U800, U900 support. Improved qualcomm flashing protocol. Changed software gui. Is highly recomanded to use last nspro version.

08.08.2008 23:19
NsPro v4.3.1 released:
Added M310, M620, B510, L310 full support. Is highly recomanded to update to last NsPro version.

01.08.2008 15:34
NsPro v4.3.0 released:
Added support for new J700 versions. Added NVM repair function for B500, E210, J600, J600E, J610. Is highly recomanded to update to last NsPro version.

18.07.2008 18:23
NsPro v4.2.2 released:
Added A717, A727, T819, U700B, new Z720M, new A707C full support. Is highly recomanded to update to last NsPro version.

16.07.2008 11:31
NsPro v4.2.1 released:
Added A747, D780, F700, J630, L170, Z240E full support. Fixed minor sysol flashing bug. Is highly recomanded to update to last NsPro version.

28.06.2008 17:12
NsPro v4.2.0 released:
Added A411, A412, A711, B110, B110L, i450, i550, i560, M130L support. Is highly recomanded to update to last NsPro version.

22.06.2008 16:49
NsPro v4.1.2 released:
Added A701, A706, A736, A737, J200, T639 full support. Fixed B100 unlocking bug. Improved broadcomm flashing protocol. Is highly recomanded to update to last NsPro version.

14.06.2008 18:45
NsPro v4.1.0 released:
Added J750, J400, B460, A401 Direct Unlock, Flashing, IMEI Write support. Added B100, J210 full support. Is highly recomanded to update to last NsPro version.

31.03.2008 18:57
NsPro v4.0.0 released:
Added support for J750, J400, B460. Is highly recomanded to use last NsPro version. Older versions will stop working one by one.

27.03.2008 16:15
NsPro v3.9.1 released:
Added T219S, T429, A426, A437, C161, C160M full support. Improved communication protocol for all supported models. Is highly recomanded to update to last NsPro version.

17.03.2008 19:30
NsPro v3.9.0 released:
Added B500, F250, J610, J700, U600B full support. Added F330, G800 unlocking support (flash patch). Fixed i617 Get Info bug. Added support for old and new drivers.

22.02.2008 17:17
NsPro v3.8.7 released:
Added P520 ARMANI full support.Improved Agere communication protocol. Fixed L600, P200 flashing bug.

08.02.2008 19:14
NsPro v3.8.6 released:
Improved communication protocol. Fixed sw crash problem.

07.02.2008 21:44
NsPro v3.8.5 released:
Added Unlock/IMEI Write support for U700. L760. Added full support for D880, L600, M110. Added flashing support for P520 ARMANI. Updated NsPro drivers to avoid conflict with other FTDI devices.

07.02.2008 21:43
NsPro v3.8.5 released:
Added support for U700. L760, D880, L600, M110, P520. Updated NsPro drivers.

12.01.2008 18:29
NsPro v3.8.0 released:
Added full support for C160L, C166, C180, C420L, C426, C450, C506, X566. Added IMEI write for C160. Added unlocking support for i617.