Alcatel RJ45 PRO cable for UNIFBUS 9in1/13in1 GPGUFC

Alcatel RJ45 PRO cable for UNIFBUS 9in1/13in1 GPGUFC
Price: 7.14 USD
Alcatel RJ45 PRO cable for UNIFBUS 9in1/13in1 is an additional wire UNIFBUS GPG 9in1 MT-Box/JAF version or COMBO 13in1 edition.

Can be used with:
  • UNIFBUS GPG 9in1 version JAF
  • UNIFBUS GPG 9in1 version MT-BOX
  • UNIFBUS GPG 13in1 version COMBO
  • UNIFBUS GPG 13in1 PRO version COMBO v2

Compatible with the following phone models:
Alcatel 103
Alcatel 103A
Alcatel 103X
Alcatel 203
Alcatel 203A
Alcatel 203E
Alcatel 203X
Alcatel 206
Alcatel 206A
Alcatel 206E
Alcatel 206X
Alcatel 280A
Alcatel 280X
Alcatel 303
Alcatel 303A
Alcatel 303X
Alcatel 360
Alcatel 360A
Alcatel 360X
Alcatel 363A
Alcatel 363X
Alcatel 600
Alcatel 600A
Alcatel 600X
Alcatel 660
Alcatel 660A
Alcatel 660X
Alcatel 708
Alcatel 708A
Alcatel 708X
Alcatel B331
Alcatel C700A
Alcatel C700X
Alcatel C701
Alcatel C701A
Alcatel C701X
Alcatel C707
Alcatel C707A
Alcatel C707X
Alcatel C717
Alcatel C717A
Alcatel C717X
Alcatel C820
Alcatel C820A
Alcatel C820X
Alcatel C825
Alcatel C825A
Alcatel C825X
Alcatel C826
Alcatel ELLE-N3
Alcatel ELLE-N3A
Alcatel ELLE-N3X
Alcatel F330
Alcatel F330A
Alcatel F330X
Alcatel F331
Alcatel GlamPhone-EL05A
Alcatel I650
Alcatel I650A
Alcatel I650X
Alcatel KR01
Alcatel KR01A
Alcatel KR01X
Alcatel LAVA
Alcatel Mandarina-Duck
Alcatel Mandarina-Duck-MD01X
Alcatel Mandarina-Duck-MD02X
Alcatel S215
Alcatel S215A
Alcatel S215X
Alcatel S218
Alcatel S218A
Alcatel S218X
Alcatel S319
Alcatel S319A
Alcatel S319X
Alcatel S320
Alcatel S320A
Alcatel S320X
Alcatel S321
Alcatel S321A
Alcatel S321X
Alcatel S520
Alcatel S520A
Alcatel S520X
Alcatel S521
Alcatel S521A
Alcatel S521X
Alcatel S621
Alcatel S621A
Alcatel S621X
Alcatel S626
Alcatel S626A
Alcatel S626X
Alcatel V570
Alcatel V570A
Alcatel V570X
Alcatel V607
Alcatel V607A
Alcatel V607X
Alcatel V670
Alcatel V670A
Alcatel V670X
Alcatel V770
Alcatel V770A
Alcatel V770X
Bleu 476x
Lobster S620
Lobster S621
Lobster S626
PlayboyPhone PB01X
Virgin VM621i
Vodafone 330FM
Vodafone 331
Vodafone 541