Audio adapter MP3 SonyEricsson K750 8cm

Audio adapter MP3 SonyEricsson K750 8cm
Price: 1.56 USD
For SonyEricsson: D750i K310a K310c K310i K510i K610c K610i K750c K750i K758c J220a J220c J220i J230c J230i M600i M600c P990i P990c W300c W300i W550c W550i W600c W600i W700 W700i W800i W800c W810c W810i W900c W900i W950c W950i Z520a Z520c Z520i Z530c Z530i

  • Jack 3,5 mm socket allows you to connect headphones, radio, hi-fi and other devices
  • High quality connectors
  • Now you do not have to purchase expensive and poor quality headphones. You can use your own headphones
  • Can be used to connect phone with car radio or hi-fi