AXE BOX - HTC service box

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Price: 137.14 USD
Axe Box is a new device which supports HTC phones.
It allows to unlock, reset Life Timer and flash. It supports all existing platforms: Andriods, Qualcom i Omap.

Supported phone models:

HTC P4350, HTC P4351, Dopod C800, Dopod C858, O2 Xda Terra, Vodafone VPA Compact IV,
T-Mobile Wing

HTC P4550, HTC TyTN II, Orange & HTC TyTN II, Vodafone VPA Compact V, Vodafone
v1615, SFR v1615, Swisscom XPA v1615
T-Mobile MDA Vario III, AT&T Tilt, O2 Xda Stellar, EMobile Emonster S11HT

HTC P5500, HTC P5520, HTC Touch Dual, Orange & HTC Touch Dual, SFR & HTC Touch Dual,
Swisscom & HTC Touch Dual, Vodafone & HTC Touch Dual, Dopod S600,
T-Mobile MDA Touch Plus, O2 Xda Star, EMobile Emonster Lite S12HT

HTC P3470, Dopod P660

HTC P3650, HTC P3651, HTC Touch Cruise, HTC Touch Cruise P3651, SFR & HTC Touch
Cruise, HTC Touch Find, Dopod P860, O2 Xda Orbit 2

AKA: HTC T828X, HTC Touch HD, Dopod Touch HD

HTC P3700, HTC P3701, HTC P3702, HTC Touch Diamond, HTC Touch Diamond P3702, HTC
Touch Diamond (White Gold Edition), Orange & HTC Touch Diamond
Swisscom & HTC Touch Diamond, Vodafone & HTC Touch Diamond, Dopod S900 (Touch
Diamond), O2 Xda Diamond, O2 Xda Ignito, T-Mobile MDA Compact IV,
EMobile Emonster S21HT, NTT DoCoMo PRO series HT-02A

HTC T424X, HTC Touch Cruise, Dopod Touch Cruise, O2 Xda Guide

HTC T323X, HTC Touch 3G, Dopod Touch

HTC T727X, HTC Touch Pro, Orange & HTC Touch Pro, Swisscom & HTC Touch Pro, Vodafone
& HTC Touch Pro, AT&T & HTC Fuze, O2 Xda Diamond Pro
O2 Xda Serra, T-Mobile MDA Vario IV, Alltel & HTC Touch Pro, Sprint & HTC Touch Pro,
Verizon XV6850, SoftBank X05HT, NTT DoCoMo PRO series HT-01A
Dopod Touch Pro

HTC T737X, HTC Touch Pro2, Alltel & HTC Touch Pro2, Sprint & HTC Touch Pro2,
T-Mobile MDA Vario V, T-Mobile Wing II, AT&T Tilt2

HTC T535X, HTC Touch Diamond2, O2 Xda Diamond 2, T-Mobile MDA Compact V

HTC P6500, Orange & HTC P6500, O2 Xda Mantle

HTC T829X, HTC Max 4G

Set includes:
- Axebox