Cable Set for Oxygen Forensic Suite 2015

Cable Set for Oxygen Forensic Suite 2015
Price: 371.14 USD
Special cable set necessary to work with Oxygen Forensic Suite.
It contains ca. 30 pcs of different cables.

Set includes:
  • Kabel USB Apple iPhone 3 3gs 4 4s
  • Kabel USB Apple iPhone 5 5c 5s Lightning iOS 7
  • Kabel USB CA50 Nokia 1208 1680c with mini easy flash connector
  • Kabel USB SonyEricsson T28 T68 T100 T300 T230 T610 T630 K500 K700
  • Kabel USB SonyEricsson DCU60 K750 W810 W810i W850 W850i
  • Kabel USB LG G7020 G7050 G1600 C1100 C1200 C3300 C3320 C3310
  • Kabel USB LG KE970 KG320 KG800 KU800
  • Kabel USB Motorola V300, V500, V525, V600, A835, A920, A925, T720i, T722i, V60i, V66i, V70, E398 USB
  • Kabel USB Motorola C550 C651 L6 L7 U6 V3 V3x V235 V360
  • Kabel USB DKU-2 (DKU2) Nokia 3230, 6170, 6230, 6230i, 6260 = CA53
  • Kabel USB CA45 Nokia 1110 1600 2310 2600 2610 6030 6060
  • Kabel USB Nokia CA42
  • Kabel USB Nokia CA90 2720f 2220s
  • Kabel USB Sagem My-x1/x2/x5/x6
  • Kabel USB Samsung E700 E708 E710 E715 S500 X100 X105 X108
  • Kabel USB Samsung E210 I900 Omnia
  • Kabel USB Samsung D800 D820 P300 T809 D520
  • Kabel USB Samsung S300
  • Kabel USB Samsung SGH-D600 D600e D500 D500e D508 E340 E350 E350e X700 E730 E760
  • Kabel USB Samsung SGH-E810 box
  • Kabel USB SHARP GX15 GX30 GX30i GX32 TM100 USB (XN-1DC30)
  • Kabel USB Siemens DCA-510/DCA-540 or compatible
  • Smart card reader (PC/SC)
  • Bluetooth USB adapter
  • Micro USB cable CA101 compatible
  • Unversal battery charger

Temporary not available:
  • Kabel USB Samsung x660 / e860
  • Adapter Irda USB