Credits for MT-BOX BB5+ RAPS V3.02/3 PA SL2 9DDB 10 phones

Credits for MT-BOX BB5+ RAPS V3.02/3 PA SL2 9DDB 10 phones
Price: 82.57 USD
Credits for MT-BOX BB5+ RAPS V3.02/3 PA SL2 9DDB allows to unlock using MT-Box the following phone models: Nokia 5220, 5310, 6600F Fold, 6600S, 7210 Supernova, 7210 Supernova, 7510 Supernova, 7610 Supernova, N86_8MP. You must use Fbus cable and logs, so internet connection is required. These logs are different than regular MT-Box credits. After purchase logs are permanently registered with your MT-Box SN.

- unlock/lock/repair simlock area for BB5 excluding SL3 xx.xx SW
- RPL calulcation for RAP3G and RAPIDO (without watchdog and repair IMEI 123456-12-654321-x)

Supported BB5+ RAP3S hash 9DDBF:
  • 3600c
  • 5220 (RM-411)
  • 5310 (RM-303)
  • 5310-2(RM-304)
  • 6600F Fold (RM-325)
  • 6600S (RM-414)
  • 6600S-2 (RM-415)
  • 7210 Supernova (RM-436)
  • 7210 Supernova (RM-379)
  • 7310cb (RM-378)
  • 7310c (RM-379)
  • 7510 Supernova (RM-398)
  • 7610 Supernova (RM-354)
  • N86_8MP (RM-484)

    Supported BB5+ RAPIDO - New v30/300/200:
  • 5800D (RM-356)
  • 5800D-1a (RM-427)
  • 5800D-1b (RM-428)
  • E71-1 (RM-346)
  • E71-2 (RM-357)
  • E71-3 (RM-407)
  • E71-5 (RM-462)
  • E71-5 (RM-493)
  • N96-1 (RM-247)
  • N96-3 (RM-472)
  • N96-5 (RM-297)
  • N85-1 (RM-333)
  • N85-3 (RM-334)
  • N85-5 (RM-335)
  • E63-1 (RM-437)
  • E63-2 (RM-449)
  • E63-3 (RM-450)

    SL3 versions are not supported.

    For unlock internet connection is required!

    Here you can download new application.

    Old MT-Box credit do not work with above phone models. Here we offer new logs.

    New logs are not regisered to login and password only, but they are registered to S/N of box. THat is why it is not possible to share logs with others. To use new application with new logs in GT server bookmark you should type in login, password and SN of your MT-Box.

    Q: Can we use old account login/pass for unlock RAP3S hash 9DDBF ?
    A: No, you cannot use old account. You have to buy new account called SL20cr and we need box SN for cradits activation.

    Q: How to check my box counter ?
    A: Click "save" button and write login - boxlogin and password - boxlogin

    Q: Which phones are RAP3S 9DDBF ? Any list of supported phones ?
    A: Here is list a list:
    RAP3S hash 9DDBF : 3600c, 5220, 7210c, 7310, 7510a, 6600s, 6600f, 7610s, RAPIDO : New v30/300/200 5800d, E71, N96, N85, E63!

    Q: Can we repair BB5 phones damaged SIM Lock ?
    A: Yes, you can repair damaged SIM Lock "Failed to Read"!!

    Q: How many cradits I need for unlock per SL2 9DDBF.. ?
    A: You need 10 SL20 cradits for unlock per phone.

    Q: How to unlock rapido/rap3g phones ?
    A: Download the new version and connect phone with fbus cable press info and HIT "RAPIDORPL" button! Whether you unlock RAP3S 9DDBF phone or new RAPIDO.

    Q: Can this calculated rpl unlock my damaged phone ?
    A: Yes, If you have damaged locked phone, this rpl can unlock your phone. Also you don't need another 10 SL20 cradits for unlock it, whether you unlock RAP3S or RAPIDO phone.

    Q: Can we repair damaged NPC/IMEI "1234567858123" with this rpl ?
    A: No, You cannot repair damaged certificates with this rpl.