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Cyclone Key it's newest and leatest Box from KarwowGSM with ultralight cover and world known RISC 66 Mhz CPU. Leatest edition don't have build in SIM card as previous box as also dont have any credits - all operation are standalone. This version don't require also any special adapter - you can connect all cables directly to it. Fully working over USB 2.0 gives you possibility to work with leatest phones.


All NOKIA DLOAD OSBL loaders are supported (even latest one!)

New Box diffrence
- Key edition dont need SIM card
- Box dont have any credits
- dont require TX2 adapter to work with leatest phones

Cyclone Key - instalacja
    Cyclone Key
    Cyclone Key

    Cyclone Key Cyclone Key

    Basic Information:
    - USB Bus powered only, 5V @ 500mA (2.5W)
    - USB 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0 Compatible
    - Supported Operating Systems: All NT based Windows OS (including x86 and x64 platforms - drivers signed for 64bit) - this includes Windows NT, Windows Xp, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and upcoming ones
    - Lightweight construction
    - Smartcard Connector
    - Nokia Flashbus / FBUS RJ48 connector with TX and RX signalling LED. Pinout is UFS/JAF compatible (no need adapters anymore, plug it straight).
    - Based on well-tested AVR32 technology in Cyclone Classic, powered by 66MHz 32bit RISC cpu
    - Built-in VPP generator for old NOR based phones
    - USB signalling led (USB transaction signalling)
    - VBAT singalling led (power-up status of Flashbus port)
    - Works also as USB dongle for USB-only operations, if USB connectivity with Nokia phones is needed
    - Operates 100% standalone (after initial registration)
    - Weight ~80g

    Module desription:

    Blackberry Tool:
    - Works STANDALONE, no need internet access
    - Supported more than 260 MEPs, including latest 2012 ones
    - MEP2 code generation (simlock unlock)
    - MEP4 code generation
    - MEP1 code generation
    - MEP3 code generation
    - MEP5 code generation

    iPhone IMEI Check Tool:
    - Checks operator
    - simlock status and lot of other info via our unique Server

    Nokia Tool - BB5 RAP3Gv2, RAP3Gv3, RAP3Gv4, RAPIDOv11, RAPUv11, RAPUv21, Broadcom 21351 Based Phones:
    - Supported Interfaces: USB and FBUS
    - Flashing MCU,PPM,CNT area (software updates, software repair, language change)

    -- SL1 Based:
    - STANDALONE Simlock Unlock by Codes Generation (only by FBUS connection)
    - STANDALONE Simlock Repair by RPL calculation (FBUS only)
    - STANDALONE Simlock Unlock/Relock/Autolock by RPL Calculation (FBUS only)
    - All hashes supported
    * 6630
    * 6680
    * 6681
    * N70
    * N90
    * 3109c
    * 3110c
    * 3250
    * 3500c
    * 3500cb
    * 5200
    * 5200b
    * 5300
    * 5300b
    * 5500
    * 6085
    * 6086
    * 6086b
    * 6125
    * 6126
    * 6133
    * 6131
    * 6131 NFC
    * 6136
    * 6151
    * 6233
    * 6234
    * 6280
    * 6300
    * 6300b
    * 7370
    * 7373
    * 7390
    * 8600
    * E50
    * E50
    * E50
    * E61
    * E61i
    * E62
    * E65
    * E90
    * N73-1
    * N73-5
    * N75
    * N77
    * N80-1
    * N80-3
    * N92
    * N95

    -- Sl2 Based:
    - STANDALONE Simlock Unlock by Codes Generation (USB/FBUS)
    - STANDALONE Simlock Repair by RPL calculation (USB/FBUS)
    - STANDALONE Simlock Unlock/Relock/Autolock by RPL Calculation (USB/FBUS)
    - All hashes supported
    RAP3Gv3 FBUS Only

    * 3120c
    * 3555
    * 3555b
    * 5310
    * 5310b
    * 5610
    * 5610d
    * 6267
    * 6263
    * 6300i
    * 6301
    * 6500s
    * 6500c
    * 6555
    * 7500
    * 7900
    * 8800 Arte


    * 5320
    * 5800
    * 6110
    * 6120
    * 6121
    * 6124
    * 6210
    * 6220c
    * 6290
    * 6650
    * E51
    * E63
    * E66
    * E71
    * N78
    * N81
    * N81 8gb
    * N76
    * N79
    * N85
    * N82
    * N95 8gb
    * N96
    * E75

    RAPS_V3.03-PA_SL2 CPU FBUS Only

    * 3600 slide
    * 5220 XpressMusic
    * 7210 Supernova
    * 7310 Supernova
    * 7610 Supernova
    * 7510a
    * 5130C

    RAP3GS_V3.02-PA_SL2 CPU FBUS Only

    * 6600 fold
    * 6600 slide

    -- Sl3 Based:
    - Simlock Unlock by Reading LBF Data (USB and FBUS supported)
    - Automatic Detection of 20-digits LBF variants
    - Automatic Detection of Locked Profile Bits (Telcel Mexico,etc)
    - Standalone Calculation of Level1-Level7 codes from calculated COD files
    - Factory Relock
    - All Hashes supported
     2690 – RM-635
     2700c, 2700c-2 – RM-561
     2730c-1, 2730c – RM-578
     2730c-1b – RM-579
     3600s – RM-352
     3720c – RM-518
     3720c-2 – RM-518
     5130, 5130c-2 – RM-495
     5130c-2 – RM-496
     5228, 5230, 5232, 5233 – RM-588/593/594/625/629
     5310 Xpress Music – RM-303
     5530 – RM-504
     5630 Xpress Music – RM-431
     5630d-1 – RM-431
     5730s-1 Xpress Music – RM-465
     5800d – RM-356/428
     6120c – RM-243
     6300 – RM-217
     6303c – RM-443
     6500c – RM-265
     6500s-1 – RM-240
     6700c-1, 6700c – RM-470
     6700s – RM-576
     6710s navigator – RM-491
     6720c – RM-424
     6730c-1 – RM-547
     6750 Mural – RM-381
     6760s – RM-573
     6790s – RM-492/599
     7210c, 7212c – RM-436
     C3-01 – RM-640
     C5-00 – RM-645
     C5-03 – RM-697
     C6-00 – RM-612/624
     C6-01 – RM-601/718
     C7-00 – RM-675
     E5-00 – RM-632
     E52-1 – RM-469
     E55-1 – RM-482
     E63 – RM-437/450
     E66 – RM-343/345/420/494
     E71 – RM-346/347/357/407/493
     E72-1 – RM-530
     E72-2 – RM-529
     E73 – RM-658
     N8-00 – RM-596
     N86 – RM-484/485/486
     N97 – RM-505/506/507
     N97-4 mini – RM-555
     N97-5 – RM-553
     X3-02 – RM-639
     X5-01 – RM-627
     X6-00 – RM-551/559
     X7 RM-707
     C3-01.5 (RM-776)
     Asha 201 (RM-799)
     Asha 201 (RM-800)
     Asha 300 (RM-781)
     Asha 303 (RM-763)
     500 (RM-750)
     600 (RM-701)
     700 (RM-670)
     701 (RM-774)
     603 (RM-779)
     C3-00 (RM-614)
     X2-00 (RM-618)
     X2-01 (RM-709)
     X2-03 (RM-709)
     X2-01.1 (RM-717)
     2710c (RM-586)
     7020 (RM-497)

    - Sending NCK codes through the FBUS/USB
    - IMEI repair by ASK-RPL calculation
    - Reset FBUS/NCK counters
    - RPL Backup, backed RPL file is 100% original with Nokia One (including all sections, including WMDR and Superdongle Keys, after writing back phone still can authorize with original sx4 card)
    - Downgrade Capability
    - Reading ASK Files
    - Fast Downgrade Repair
    - SX4 Authorization using Cyclone Server (st_security_test repair)
    - Standalone SX4 Auhtorization using SX4 Emulator in box
    - Repair "Contact Retailer" by standalone recalculating Superdongle Keys
    - Certificates Operation: Read/Erase/Write
    - Auto-recovery IMEI, if backup found
    - RPL Write (IMEI repair, Simlock Repair, etc)
    - Full Flash Chip Erase
    - Security Block Analyzation Tool
    - MCU&DSP Timestamps Read Tool
    - Read Security Code (incl. encrypted variants - only device in the world)
    - Reset Security code without data loss (incl. encrypted variants - only device in the world)
    - Read Basic and Advanced Phone Information
    - Read Permanent Memory Area (PM)
    - Write Permanent Memory Area (PM)
    - Read Product Profile Area
    - Write Product Profile Area
    - Bluetooth Repair
    - DCC Camera (Camera on Standby) one-click analyze and repair
    - Factory Defaults setting
    - Product Code Read
    - Product Code Write
    - PSN Read
    - PSN Write
    - HWID Read
    - HWID Write
    - Selftests
    - Vibra tests
    - Backlight tests
    - Automatic variant selection

    Nokia Tool - DCT4/WD2 UPP Based Phones:
    - Supported Interfaces: FBUS
    - Flashing MCU,PPM,CNT area (software updates, software repair, language change)
    - ADSP area flashing support for N-Gage/3300 phones
    - Direct STANDALONE Simlock Unlock, Relock, Autolock for old Asic2,5,6,7 based products (1100, 1100, 1101, 1108, 1110, 1110, 1110i, 1112, 1112, 1112i, 12i GSM ModulNokia 1600, 1600, 2112, 2125i, 2126i, 2128i, 2255, 2300, 2300, 2355, 2600, 2650, 2651, 2652, 2760 AmericasNokia 2760 Europe/AsiaNokia 30 TerminalNokia 3100, 3105, 3108, 3120, 3120, 3125, 3128, 3129, 3152, 3155, 3155i, 3200, 3205, 3205i, 3220, 3220, 3230 (WD2),Nokia 3300, 3300, 3320, 3321, 3360, 3361, 3510, 3510i, 3520, 3530, 3560, 3570, 3585, 3586, 3586i, 3587, 3587i, 3588i, 3589i, 3590, 3595, 3595i, 3600 (WD2),Nokia 3620 (WD2),Nokia 3650 (WD2),Nokia 3660 (WD2),Nokia 5070, 5070, 5100, 5140, 5140, 5140i, 6010, 6012, 6015, 6015i, 6016i, 6019i, 6020, 6020, 6021, 6030, 6030, 6050, 6060, 6060, 6061, 6070, 6070, 6080, 6080, 610 Car KitNokia 6100, 6101, 6101, 6101, 6102, 6102, 6102, 6102, 6103, 6103, 6108, 6111, 6112, 6152, 6155, 6155i, 616 Car KitNokia 6170 (TIKU),Nokia 6170 (TIKU),Nokia 6200, 6220, 6225, 6225i, 6230 (TIKU),Nokia 6230 (TIKU),Nokia 6230i (TIKU),Nokia 6235 (TIKU),Nokia 6235i (TIKU),Nokia 6236i, 6255 (TIKU),Nokia 6255i (TIKU),Nokia 6256, 6256i, 6260 (WD2),Nokia 6260 (WD2),Nokia 6310, 6310i, 6340, 6340i, 6360, 6370, 6385, 6500, 6510, 6560, 6585, 6590, 6590i, 6600 (WD2),Nokia 6610, 6610i, 6620 (APE),Nokia 6650, 6651, 6670 (WD2),Nokia 6670 (WD2),Nokia 6800, 6800, 6810, 6820, 6820, 6820i, 6822, 6822, 7200, 7210, 7250, 7250i, 7260, 7270 (TIKU),Nokia 7270 (TIKU),Nokia 7280 (TIKU),Nokia 7280 (TIKU),Nokia 7360, 7380, 7600 (TIKU),Nokia 7610 (WD2),Nokia 7610 (WD2),Nokia 7620, 7650 (WD2),Nokia 7700 (APE),Nokia 7710 (APE),Nokia 810 Car Kit,Nokia 8310, 8390, 8587, 8800 (TIKU),Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition (TIKU),Nokia 8801 (TIKU),Nokia 8910, 8910i, D211, N-Gage (WD2),Nokia N-Gage QD (WD2))
    - Direct STANDALONE Simlock Unlock, Relock, Autolock for Asic11 based phones (RSA method) (1110i, 1112b, 1200, 1202, 1208, 1208b, 1209, 1600b, 1661, 1662, 1650, 1680 Classic, 1680 Classic-2b, 2220 Slide, 2310, 2320 Classic, 2320 Classic-2b, 2323 CLassic, 2330 Classic, 2600, 2600a, 2610, 2610b, 2626, 2630, 2630b, 2660, 2660b, 2680 Slide, 2720 Fold, 2760, 2760b, 2760h, 5000, 5030 XM, 6030b, 7070 Prism, 7100 Supernova)
    - Read Security Code (incl. encrypted variants - only device in the world)
    - Reset Security code without data loss (incl. encrypted variants - only device in the world)
    - IMEI Repair ?????????????4 by RPL generation, support STANDALONE RPL generation (both Flash and Uem areas) for Asic2,5,6,7,11 based products
    - RPL Product Data Generation supported for 2125i,2865i,6275i,6610i,7250i
    - Read UEM IMEI
    - RPL Write (repair IMEI)
    - One-click Read UEM IMEI and Repair ???????????4
    - Read Basic and Advanced Phone Information
    - Read Permanent Memory Area (PM)
    - Write Permanent Memory Area (PM)
    - Read Product Profile Area
    - Write Product Profile Area
    - Bluetooth Repair
    - DCC Camera (Camera on Standby) one-click analyze and repair
    - Factory Defaults setting
    - Product Code Read
    - Product Code Write
    - PSN Read
    - PSN Write
    - HWID Read
    - HWID Write
    - Selftests
    - Vibra tests
    - Backlight tests
    - Automatic variant selection
    - IMEI Backup before flash
    - FTD (Netmonitor) Activation
    - WD2 Format User Area

    Nokia Tool - DCT4 XGold1xx Based Phones:
    - Supported Interfaces: FBUS
    - Products: 1280, 1616, 1800, C1-00, X1-00, X1-01, 101, 100
    - Flashing MCU,PPM,CNT area (software updates, software repair, language change)
    - Simlock Unlock by Reading LBF Data
    - Automatic Detection of 20-digits LBF variants
    - Automatic Detection of Locked Profile Bits (Telcel Mexico,etc)
    - Standalone Calculation of Level1-Level7 codes from calculated COD files
    - Binary PMM dump
    - PM recovery for dead phones
    - Read Deleted PM Keys
    - RPL backup (exclusive - RPL including Simlock and IMEI block)
    - RPL write (exclusive)
    - Reset FBUS/NCK counters by read + write RPL (world's exclusive)
    - Read Security Code (incl. encrypted variants - only device in the world)
    - Backup/Restore IMEI block
    - Reset Security code without data loss (incl. encrypted variants - only device in the world)
    - Read Basic and Advanced Phone Information
    - Read Permanent Memory Area (PM)
    - Write Permanent Memory Area (PM)
    - Read Product Profile Area
    - Write Product Profile Area
    - Bluetooth Repair
    - DCC Camera (Camera on Standby) one-click analyze and repair
    - Factory Defaults setting
    - Product Code Read
    - Product Code Write
    - PSN Read
    - PSN Write
    - HWID Read
    - HWID Write
    - Selftests
    - Vibra tests
    - Backlight tests
    - Automatic variant selection
    - IMEI Backup before flash

    Nokia Tool - BB5 XGold2xx Based Phones:
    - Supported Interfaces: USB
    - Products: C1-01, C1-02, C2-00, C2-02, C2-03, C2-06, C2-07, C2-08
    - Flashing MCU,PPM,CNT area (software updates, software repair, language change)
    - Simlock Unlock by Reading LBF Data
    - Automatic Detection of 20-digits LBF variants
    - Automatic Detection of Locked Profile Bits (Telcel Mexico,etc)
    - Standalone Calculation of Level1-Level7 codes from calculated COD files
    - Sending NCK codes through the FBUS/USB
    - Reset FBUS/NCK counters
    - Read Security Code (incl. encrypted variants - only device in the world)
    - Reset Security code without data loss (incl. encrypted variants - only device in the world)
    - Read Basic and Advanced Phone Information
    - Read Permanent Memory Area (PM)
    - Write Permanent Memory Area (PM)
    - Read Product Profile Area
    - Write Product Profile Area
    - Bluetooth Repair
    - DCC Camera (Camera on Standby) one-click analyze and repair
    - Factory Defaults setting
    - Product Code Read
    - Product Code Write
    - PSN Read
    - PSN Write
    - HWID Read
    - HWID Write
    - Selftests
    - Vibra tests
    - Backlight tests
    - Automatic variant selection

    Cyclone Calculator Addon:
    - Unlock by NCK calculation, supported models
    B331, BlueBelt, C700, C701, C707, C717, C820, C825, E101FLIP, EL03, I650, MANDARINA DUCK, MISS SIXTY, OT103, OT203
    OT203A, OT203E, OT280, OT303, OT360, OT363, OT383, OT600, OT660, OT708, OT800, PLAYBOY, S215, S218, S319, S320, S321, S520, S621, S853, V570, V670, V770, VM621I

    COM Emulator:
    - Device can operate in COM emulator mode. After activating, box is visible in system as COM port. It could be used with various free softwares - just need to attach UFS-compatible cable to Service port, and you can now free unlock also older brands (Siemens, LG, Sony Ericsson, Samsung)

    Support Area with Flash Files:
    - Germany server
    - USA server

    List of all updates until 9.11.2012:

    Installer v1.22
    - New CPU support added, XGold223 (Asha 308, Asha309)
    - Supported operations: Write Flash, Read/Write Certificates, Read RPL, Write RPL, etc...
    - Firmware v02.11 Released
    - Lumia SmartTP(R) introduced, for testers only (can detect short-circuits between Lumia eMMC Points (MISO,MOSI,CLK,CS), GND, or VCC, it shows also link quality). Use on _POWERED OFF_ PCB! When connecting power, it can show FALSE status! Very helpful during soldering time.
    - New BB5 Loaders Added
    - Lumia USB Flashing improved
    - Latest Blackberry MEPs added
    - Improved flashing speed and NPC certs reading time
    - Improved CBUS protocol handling (sometimes it wents out of synchronization)
    - Fixed BSI spurious glitch problem with ~2.x firmware
    - Fixed DCT4 booting problems
    - Improved FBUS Local Mode entry
    - XGold213xx certificates Backup Added (NPC,HWC,CCC,...)
    - XGold213xx Full Flash chip dump to BIN added
    - XGold213xx Low-level PMM dump added (can dump PM from dead mobile)
    - XGold213xx Low-Level FILESYSTEM dump from dead mobiles added. This dumps full FAT16 user data partition to BIN file for further actions (analysis, recovery, forensics, ...)
    - Minor changes and bugfixes

    Notes about XGold 223 flashing: Switching to RAW mode is not supported (i.e. flashing from local/test mode, ROM will respons with empty public id (000000...) - very same story as with rapido). Battery reset needed, software will prompt you, but not always. Keep it noticed.

    Notes about XGold 223 RPL: Readen RPL is not full RPL backup (missing crypted PM308 data). This phone is very TexasInstruments-Nokia like, but not really. Once loaders with assymetric key hack is not ready, you SHOULDN'T full erase your phone any way.


    Installer v1.21
    - New BB5 FBUs/USB Loaders v12.08.00 Added
    - Qualcomm Based Products support added (Lumia 800, 610, etc)
    - Normal mode Flashing is supported
    - Dead-mode flashing is supported
    - Downgrade is supported
    - Support for Multi-CNT Qulacomm Configurations
    - Support secure-erase USER Area - this takes about 15-25 minutes
    - Basic read info including battery information etc for Lumia products
    - Automatic Variant selection for Lumia products
    - Cross-flash is supported, if Public Key hash matches
    - After connecting product in Normal mode, Zune drivers must be installed. Take them from C:\Program Files\Cyclone Box\Drivers\ZuneDrivers
    - Flashing drivers will be installed automatically, however on some problems just install them manually from C:\Program Files\Cyclone Box\Drivers\LumiaFlashing
    - Abort Button improved
    - SX4 Default Database updated, added 30 new models
    - Nokia Connectivity cables drivers updated to v7.1.78.0
    - Minor changes and bugfixes

    Installer v1.20
    - New Loaders v11.50.00 added
    - MEP-40488-004 added
    - Xgold113 (Dual-sim) RPL write support added
    - New Product - Cyclone Box Reloaded support added
    - Project completly refactorized from scratch. Compiler changed from obsolete Delphi7 to Delphi2007. Just because of this, lots of stability and speed improvment gained.
    - "News" added in main window
    - No need anymore to tick "Old USB flashing method" manually, it's detected automatically
    - "New Downgrade" BB5 method added (tick in before-flash tasks)
    - When Windows 7 is detected, software is not hidden to tray
    - Added Windows 7 interactive progressbar when minimized to tray. When software is minimized, you will notice status of current job: green progressbar - working, red progressbar - error, yellow-paused, etc
    - Boot recovery added for all boxes during box wizard
    - Bootloader reverted to v2.13 (temporary solution, v3.01 will get back soon)
    - Automatic smartcard refill when empty addded
    - Added COD->NCK verification upon data generation
    - After COD->NCK calculation, NCK codes are automatically stored inside COD file
    - New Paths is now addded to default Flash Path Search table (C:\Users\xxxx\AppData... etc)
    - Windows7 Permission issues fixed (needed "Run as admin" to work properly with autoupdate)
    - Software is redesigned now. To gain full funcionality YOU DON'T NEED run as "Admin". This means you can be ensured about our software quality and security - no hidden trojans (as happened before with other products).
    - Box wizard Added; this is all-in-one tool which will: repair, upgrade, activate, register, bootloader recovery, smartcard refill, bootloader upgrade, etc your box. Just one click.
    - Box Registration module removed
    - Box Maintenance module removed
    - Card Maintenance module removed
    - The paths is now updated on each sw startup
    - Fixed Windows7 Save Paths/Settings problem
    - BB5 loader problems when skin enbled (ROM refused...etc)
    - Access violation on exit fixed
    - Splash updated
    - CBUS Lost Handle Fixed
    - Only one copy of Cyclone Box application can be launched now, this improves stability
    - NCK Code Sending fixed for SIMLOC30 phones (0x01 error)
    - Fixed tray issues
    - Autoupdate code is now checking for installed installer, if obsolete then asks for download latest version
    - Improved RPL backup in USB mode (Custom Loader didn't reset phone to FlashMode, and some backups did containt Superdongle/Simlock data only)
    - XGold/Blackberry Service "Credits" renamed to "Counter" (because it is a counter, not real fee-credits), as it puts too much confussion
    - "Join us on Facebook" added at main software
    - "cyclonebox.dll not found" message when no drivers installed changed to suitable messagebox asking to connect your box first time and install drivers
    - "security problem #1" solved on those who copied cyclonebox.dll before
    - Fixed interrupted auto-update problems (after restart - this is not valid Win32 application)
    - FastMM v4.99 Introduced
    - Skin Stack Updated to v7.62
    - libeay/ssleay libraries updated to latest one, much more fast and stable
    - Minor changes and bugfixes

    Installer v1.17
    - BB5 FBUS/USB Loaders v11.40.00 Introduced
    - Realtime SE Xperia Unlocker account Creator in 'Credits' tool added. 10 Cyclone credits = 1 Xperia phone unlocked
    - SE Xperia Unlocked introduced into installer, this is 3rd party addon
    - Introduced previous updates (standalone and free Broadcom unlocking, RAPUv21, etc)
    - PM Protection is now unticked by default
    - PM Protection is automatically unticked during SX4 operations
    - Full Erase for New Protocol APE phones fixed (wrong CMT Flash Device Index selected)
    - Minor changes and Bugfixes

    Installer v1.16b Hotfixed
    Black Edition
    - New BB5 FBUS/USB Loaders v11.24.00 Introduced
    - Fixed problems with handling RAPIDO > v11.16.00 loaders over FBUS (FUR control Add Problem)
    - Added Dead USB Flashing for RAPIDO and other FUR-over-USB operations (DO NOT USE FOR CERTIFICATE READ/WRITE!), still "old method" avaiable in connection tab.
    - Certificates operations for Rapido FBUS-OVER-USB disabled, because is not supported by loaders ( it will fail without any attempt )
    - Rapido Alive FUR-over-USB flashing not supported, flash those phones by Dead variant instead (Switch to RAW mode problem in this models..), or "Old USB Flashing Method"
    - "Use OLD USB FLASHING METHOD" moved to BB5/Flashing tab
    - "Settings" tab renamed to Connection
    - TX2 settings removed from BB5 Flashing Tab
    - RAPU Flashing/Booting Improved
    - C2-02 XGold2 Flashing "Added" - Cyclone has flashing compatibilty for this model, but MassMemory file couldn't be handled becasue too big. Fixed.
    - BB5 Mass Memory Flashing Tested - Cyclone SW has this posibility from long time ago...
    - Added "Read Unique Data" button. Use to boot phone by Flashbus directly, and dump Unique Data (for Simlock,SD,...) when phone doesn't have correct BSI resistors value. Dumped unique data might be lately used for USB operations if still FBUS operations fails.
    - Old DCT4 Asic 2,5,6,7 Direct Unlock/Relock/Autolock Introduced, finally
    - Fixed invalid Calculation of Mastercode
    - Standalone DCT4 RPL Calculation Introduced, supported Asics: 2,5,6,7,11
    - Added support for DCT4 (7250i, 6610i, 2125i, 2865i, 6275i) Product Data RPL Entity Writing for fixing CS
    - Added support for generating extended DCT4 RPL with Product Data for above models (CS problems)
    - Alcatel Calculator added to gui
    - PMM Protection Checkbox added upon PM write. Use to protect PM security fields.
    - Diagnostic Module Added
    - Selftests moved to new "Diagnostic" module
    - Vibra Tests Added
    - Backlight Tests Added
    - "Autodetect" added for DCT4 Unlocking. Unique method - non ASIC dependand (i.e. avoids RM-189 2310 problems avaiable on all boxes right now). If there is problems with autodetection - user still can select unlocking method manually.
    - Fixed spurious XGold2 product to be displayed in XGold1/DCT4 tab
    - Fixed product mismatch on XG1/XG2 autodetection
    - Removed DCT4 ASK-RPL From Credits Manager
    - Removed SuperDCT4 Activation from Credits Manager
    - StatusBar messages are more accurate now
    - Added "Auto-Rebuild IMEI" checkbox for "Read UEM IMEI" function. Used to automatically generate FLASH IMEI DATA and programm it - one-click REPAIR ??????????????4.
    - CacheV2 Introduced
    - XGold1/2 Flashing Routines rewritten to be more memory effective
    - Dead-erased XGold2 flashing improved, plus added some messages regarding to reviving dead XG2
    - USB Connection Type is now selected automatically when XGold2 platform found
    - Check flashing Bus for WD2 fixed
    - Read UEM Imei for WD2 Fixed
    - Read ASK for WD2 Fixed
    - Write RPL for WD2 Fixed
    - Fixed lots of Access Violatios after closing up Nokia Tool
    - Fixed bug with disappearing Tray icon after Minimize to Tray
    - Afterwards DCT4 Erase All chips, the Permanent Data aren't restored anymore
    - Fixed DCT4 RPL Write problem when only DATA2 exists in RPL file
    - The supported MEP List are now acquired from box once Blackberry Tool launch
    - Moved UEM stuff to new "ASK/RPL Tool"
    - XGold2 MassMemory flashing added
    - Remaining XGold Credits are now shown upon launching of Nokia Tool (Those one used for XGold1 LBF, Blackberry Codes Service, etc)
    - Default Security Area XGold Service count increased from 50 to 100 (100 phones limit between SA updates for Blackerry,XGold1,...)
    - XGold/Blackberry service is now also checked upon Blackberry tool startup, also after each Code calculation remaining Calculation Limit is displayed
    - Relock files updated for DCT4
    - AutoUpdater Introduced
    - USB Flashing Solved due to wrongly installed Flashing Cable Drivers on some configurations (i.e. Virgin PC)
    - 6230 Flashing Fixed (Given Image not maches with readen UPP Id or Image problem). If problem still exists - select all flashing files _MANUALLY_ don't use INI based (because there exists two HW versions E and M - autoselection is HWID based and may fails anytime).
    - Database Unlock Introduced
    - RPL Write revised
    - Fixed bug with Broadcom Read Info
    - PARTNERC certificate support added for Certificate Read
    - PARTNERC certificate support added for Certificate Write
    - PARTNERC certificate support addef for RPL Operations
    - OMAP Loaders Fixed
    - PM Write bugs fixed (Access Violation)
    - Bruteforce between NCK Fixed
    - Erase files support added
    - DCC configuration for NIMMIIIIRRFF06150000 added
    - DCC configuration for NIMMIIIIRRFF095A1F05 added
    - DCC configuration for NIMMIIIIRRFF095A1F04 added
    - DCC configuration for NI00IIIIRR0306150018 added
    - DCC configuration for NIMMIIIIRRFF095B1F05 added
    - DCC configuration for NIMMIIIIRRFF0102F201 added
    - DCC configuration for ISL2TI0200000103B840 added
    - DCC configuration for 8600030001040A021001 added
    - DCC configuration for 860003000104094B2F01 added
    - DCC configuration for 86000300010401035424 added
    - DCC configuration for NI00BC000003095B1F00 added
    - DCC configuration for NI00BC0000030102F203 added
    - DCC configuration for NI00BC0000030102F202 added
    - DCC configuration for NI00BC000003095B1F05 added
    - DCC configuration for NI00BC000003095B1F01 added
    - DCC configuration for NI00IIIIRR030C213402 added
    - DCC configuration for NI00IIIIRR030C213401 added
    - DCC configuration for NI00IIIIRR030C20C605 added
    - DCC configuration for NI00IIIIRR03094B2F01 added
    - DCC configuration for NI00IIIIRR0301022E05 added
    - DCC configuration for NI00IIIIRR0301022E01 added
    - DCC configuration for NIMMIIIIRRFF0C206C02 added
    - DCC configuration for NI00IIIIRR0301035602 added
    - DCC configuration for NI00CS0000040C213402 added
    - DCC configuration for NI00CS00000401022E05 added
    - DCC configuration for NI00BC0000040F03F802 added
    - DCC configuration for NI00BC0000040A4E2000 added
    - DCC configuration for NI00BC000004095B1F01 added
    - DCC configuration for NI00BC000004095B1F00 added
    - DCC configuration for NI00BC0000040103B904 added
    - DCC configuration for NI00BC0000040102F201 added
    - DCC configuration for NI00BC00000401022C00 added
    - DCC configuration for 0A4E2007 added
    - DCC configuration for 0103B904 added
    - SX4 Virgin PMs database updated, added RM-256, RM-497, RM-528V, RM-584, RM-586, RM-609, RM-612, RM-626, RM-638, RM-707, RM-712
    - HWC/CCC Templates added for products RM-469, RM-540, RM-566, RM-528V, RM-596, RM-609, RM-614, RM-645
    - Models.ini refreshed
    - Skin Stack Updated
    - Previous updates included
    - Nokia Connectivity Cable Drivers updated to v7.1.42.0
    - Fixed some wrong FBUS implementation when Packet size mod 0x78 == 0
    - Box Firmware v01.73 Released
    - Hotfixes:
    - Create RPL function fixed
    - Filter Group Erase Data fixed
    - Failed to read WMDRM PD Data fixed
    - Minor changes and bugfixes

    Installer v1.15
    - Added READING DCT4+/XGold1 Encrypted Security Code from DCT4+ Based phone (previously shown as Crypted DCT4+) - of course WITHOUT data loss - seems 1st in the world
    - Added RESET (to 12345) DCT4+/XGold1 Encrypted Security Code from DCT4+ Based phone - of course WITHOUT data loss - seems 1st in the world
    - Added Reading Full RPL (NPC,CCC,HWC,SIMLOCK,SD,...) from Dead/Downgraded/Security Wrong BB5 Units - seems 1st in world. If phone doesn't power on (Stuck on Nokia logo, or completly dead), you can now dump full RPL file in order to Full Erase your phone and revive it. Softwar before dumping RPL in Recovery mode, will ask user of doing so. So in any case of reviving downgraded phone is:
    1. Create RPL from Dead Phone
    2. Full Erase
    3. Write any SW version
    4. Write previously backed-up RPL file
    5. Authorize with SuperDongle
    6. Write virgin PM
    - Added (fixed) NCK Counter Reset for XGold2 based phones
    - SecurityBlock is now backed-up before NCK Counters Reset, just in case
    - XGold1 Dead units booting fixed
    - Separate button for Receiving L7 Code for LBF added
    - Fixed DCT4 Security Counter Attempts Reset for some DCT4 variants
    - PMM Managment Tab added to BB5 Security Tab
    - Auto-Imei RESTORE added. Used if you have corrupted your imei, but having valid NPC file. Will scan StoredFiles for CRT file matching with CMT Public ID and automaticlly write it.
    - Added DCC camera Hardware Fault alert on DCC repair - some units is hardware fault and repair is not possible (DCC file not found)
    - XGold1 PMM parsing fixed (While reading LBF, Simlock table not found for some operators/phones)
    - XGold2 Flashing problems fixed (Invalid pointer)
    - USB transactions module rewritten
    - Full Erase button added for BB5 mobiles. No need to know FlashChip mapping and size - it's scanned automaticlly. It will erase CMT flash completly. Make sure RPL and PM is readed before erase!!!
    - Added "Just NPC" option used with "Erase Certificates". Used to delete only NPC certificate (corrupt IMEI and switch phone-on to make necessary job ... with IMEI corrupted phone will switch on even without valid security area). You can use this function to dump PM from non-working phone. Don't forget to CREATE RPL FROM PHONE first! Else you will get corrupted IMEI.
    - "Force Use Server" added for SX4 Authorization.
    - Fixed AutoSelecting bug
    - Fixed problem with parsing DCT4 variants when no DCT4 products installed
    - Fixed problem with parsing BB5 variants when no BB5 products installed
    - Index out of bound (0) fixed
    - Plain RPL is checked now by default
    - Removed "Bootloader upgrade problem" message, as caused too much confusion
    - Security Problem #1 and #2 Fixed (anti-idiot-fix)
    - Added additional Security Problem #5 message for Reinstall Drivers
    - Minor changes and bugfixes

    Installer v1.14
    - New BB5 FBUS/USB Loaders v11.16.0 Introduced
    - Unique Data Reading for RAPIDO based phones by USB added
    - Unique Data Reading for RAPU based phones by USB added
    - SL2 Unlock for Old Hash (E51..,..) and New Hash (6120c,6760) just by USB cable
    - SL3 Unlock by reading LBF data for all SL3 RAPIDO/RAPU Phones
    - Standalone Superdongle Auth - without SD key corruption
    - SD Keys Repair
    - Security Analyze
    - RPL Backup
    - All this using just usb cable...
    - Our loaders automatically set phone to LocalMode after reading LogData - tested with N97, seems 1st in world ;)
    - RAPIDO phones before reading USB LogFile, needs to be manually set into FlashMode. Apporiate messagebox will be displayed with instructions (replug battery, cable, etc..). If your phone is RAPU or RAP4 based, you don't need to reject battery or do nothing - just click OK and it will switch to RAW mode directly.
    - We also added support for FUR-like flashing for RAPIDO phones. That means it's possible to flash these phones FBUS-like (completly erased, etc - FBUS protocol emulation). However, because of many problems we've disabled it in current release. You can test it manually by placing "v11.16.0" RAPIDO loaders into \Loaders\BB5\FPIF32BIT.
    * Known problems with RAPIDO 11.16.0 loaders:
    * FBUS support is broken
    * Readed Certificates via USB is broken (Control transactions support up to ~0x90 bytes of upcoming data)
    * Probably not working with Axxxx ROMS (E51)
    * Lot of other issues observed
    - The FUR-like flashing (not ADL though) will be probably enabled in next version after closer investigation
    - Fixed oclHashCat COD File bugs (occurs when last digit of imei is 0)
    - Box Firmware v01.62 Released
    - Minor changes and bugfixes

    Installer v1.13
    - New BB5 FBUS/USB Loaders v11.14.0 introduced
    - Added 20 digits NCK recognization. Software will now give alert upon reading LBF data, when 20 digits NCK data will be found. This saves server time!
    - The Profile Bits are also analyzed now during Reading LBF Data. If phone is i.e. from Telcel Mexico - LBF data will not be readen (because it will not accepted calculated NCK code). This saves server time!
    - BB5/XGold LBF is creating now additional "BCL" format file
    - BB5/XGold LBF is creating now additional "SHA" format file
    - BB5/XGold LBF is creating now additional oclHashCat ATI based 64-bit BAT File
    - BB5/XGold LBF is creating now additional oclHashCat ATI based 32-bit BAT File
    - BB5/XGold LBF is creating now additional oclHashCat NVIDIA based 64-bit BAT File
    - BB5/XGold LBF is creating now additional oclHashCat NVIDIA based 32-bit BAT File
    - SIMLOC30 RPL Write Fixed (C7-00,C2-01,...)
    - The generated "BAT" file could be used by oclHashCat-lite. It's 3rd party software, avaiable here: . Unpack it somewhere, and place in same dir readen "BAT" files. oclHashCat is 15% faster (can reach 6Billions hashes/sec on 2xhd5970) than log2cod, plus it supports latest ATI GPUS (HD6970,HD6990,HD6xxx). It supports calculation resume, etc.
    - You don't need now log2cod to generate LBF Data. Just use generated BAT file for fast oclHashCat calculation. Generated COD file you can send directly to our server via "Send COD File to server" button to receive valid Level 7 code.
    - Added oclHashCat COD file format support (now you can use oclHashCat generated COD/TXT files to submit to server and calculate Level 7 code)
    - Added MxCrap COD file format support (now you can use oclHashCat generated COD/TXT files to submit to server and calculate Level 7 code)
    - Added warning message when TX2 transmission error occurs during 2ND Loader Initialization
    - Upgraded RAPIDO Custom loader to v1.05. Fixed Reading Unique Data issues on old Public Rom (A8C1D671) based phones (N95,N78,...).
    - BlackBerry MEP-4 calculation added
    - Merged previous updates (RAPIDO/RAPU/RAP4 all latest hashes support for reading LBF data, etc...)
    - Fixed Security Code Reset Issues on DCT4/BB5 Platform
    - Firmware v1.61 Released
    - Minor changes and bugfixes

    Installer v1.12
    - Firmware v1.55 introduced - RAP4 CMT Booting (Wrong first char) fixed
    - Added SP unlock via server / log2cod reading
    - Added standalone SX4 auth
    - Added standalone Superdongle Keys Repair
    - Supported phones:
    - RAPU Based: 5630, 6260s, 6700c, 6700s, 6710n, 6720c, 6730, 6750, E52, E55, E72
    - RAP4 Based: 3710, 5330, 7230, 6303i, X3
    - Minor changes and bugfixes

    Installer v1.11
    - New BB5 FBUS/USB Loaders v10.48.1 introduced
    - DCT4/BB5 Product/Variant caching added. Saves lot of time when selecting correct Datapackage. This is done automaticcly. During Deletion or Installing some of DP, cache is rebuilt automatically on user demand.
    - XGold2 USB Flashing Introduced (C1-01,C1-02,C2-00,...)
    - Added XGold2 RPL Backup (including CCC,HWC,NPC,Simlock) - FIRST in the world. The backup is created automatically during flash.
    - Added XGold2 RPL Write (CCC,HWC,NPC and Simlock) seems FIRST in the world. In order to write RPL file, you need flash your phone and add RPL file as secondary flashing Image (Add XGold2 RPL button).
    - XGold2 RPL Contains FULL phone security, possible to Full restore after Flash Chip change
    - Added XGold1 Unlocking by Reading LOG2COD Log file
    - Added XGold1 Low-Level PM Dumping (both Secured and Nonsecured areas), seems 1st in world
    - Added XGold1 Low-Level RPL Backup, seems 1st in world
    - XGold1 Backed-up RPL file might be used to completly Re-Initialize phone security, i.e. after flash-chip change (RPL Contains IMEI and Simlock Block), seems 1st in world...
    - Both XGold1 Low Level dumps support dead phones (phone might be dead, Cyclone will binary dump PM from flash chip directly)
    - Added XGold1 Low-Level Deleted PM Keys dumping (extra option-don't write back readen PM file with deleted keys, they are ASCII marked as deleted ones). Support deleted messages, contacts, ..., seems 1st in world
    - Added XGold1 FBUS/Keyboard SL Bad Entries Counter reset, seems 1st in world
    - Reading XGOLD1 LOG2COD is fully standalone, seems 1st in world
    - XGold1 Unlock/RPL supported mobiles: 1616, 1280, 1208, 1209, 1800, C1-00, and others...
    - Added "Mapped At" FlashChip information during XGold Flashing, when possible
    - Added "Sector Size" FlashChip information during XGold Flashing, when possible
    - No reboot flashing for XGold added
    - APE block flashing fixed for various RAPIDO mobiles
    - Fixed Old Protocol (Dead) USB Flashing (RAPIDO phones: N86,etc)
    - Fixed Blackberry Module - upon reading MEP via USB it was placing it on wrong window
    - Assigned COD files are now verified before sending to server, the auxiliary verification also takes place at Server Side
    - Fixed OpenDialog filter when adding DCT4/BB5 flash file
    - log2cod: v1.1 Released
    - log2cod: GPU Selftests added (some GPU find bad code, or didn't find anything at all)
    - log2cod: Added Ivan Golubev EULA
    - log2cod: Added Queue managment
    - log2cod: Code Verification added after successfull calculation
    - log2cod: Console is cleared after some salts processed in order to avoid overflow
    - log2cod: PeekNamedPipe() problem fixed
    - log2cod: Added queue processing in loop mode (you can add new jobs during calculation)
    - The transaction bar have been a bit resized
    - Cyclone Box HW Rev B11x, C11x added
    - Models.ini updated
    - Box USB Drivers updated to v1.0.0.6 - they are digitally signed now, no more problems on Win7 / Win Vista x64
    - COM Emulation Service Driver updated to v1.0.0.1 - it is digitally signed now, no more problems on Win7 / Win Vista x64
    - Main Software is now Digitally Signed (Authenthicode)
    - log2cod is now Digitally Signed (Auhtenthicode)
    - Cyclone Calculator is now Digitally Signed (Authenthicode)
    - Installer is now Digitally Signed (Auhtnethicode)
    - New phones added to Virgin SX4 Database
    - New phones added to Security Database (Virgin RPL)
    - Box Firmware v1.53 Released
    - Some minor and major changes and bugfixes
    - Versions snap
    Installer v1.11
    Main x86 Application v1.0.0.11003
    x86 Memory Manager v4.76.0.179
    Native USB Drivers v1.0.0.6
    USB-COM Stack Drivers v1.0.0.1
    Onboard Secure Bootloader v2.13
    Onboard Main Nokia Application v1.53
    Onboard COM Emulation Code v1.00
    Onboard Security Card Revision v1.10
    Nokia Connectivity Cable Drivers
    BB5 USB/FPIF Single Line/FPIF DualLine v20110301
    DCT4 FPIF Single Line/USB v20100410
    DCT4 Unlock Patches DEPRECATED
    Communication Stack SSLv3-keys-06092008
    Skin Stack v7.21

    Installer v1.10
    Merry X-Mas !
    - First in the world - Infineon XGold IMEI Backup/Restore added
    - New BB5 FBUS/USB Loaders v10.34.1 introduced
    - BB5 USB Flashing module rewritten, supports new Flashing Type: FUR USB - using FBUS loaders on USB. Is possible now to do also RPL write, Cert's read/write/erase, using just USB cable. Full FBUS protocol emulation over USB supported!
    - FBUS2USB RAPU Support
    - FBUS2USB RAP4 Support
    - FBUS2USB Broadcomm Support
    - Broadcomm platform flashing added (Nokia X2,....)
    - 6700,E52 and other RAPunistore Booting fixed (Wrong First Char Received)
    - SL3 Simlock RPL Write Introduced
    - DCT4/BB5 Flash TurboCache added, increasing flashing speed a bit
    - The Profile Bits is now analyzed before SL3 Unlock (it will not submit job if phone have blocked NCK unlocking - i.e. Telcel Mexico units)
    - New NCK unlocking method for SL2 phones introduced (with latest MCU SW versions)
    - Added Autologging (operation logs are stored in StoredFiles)
    - Added USB Full RPL Backup (NPC,CCC,HWC,Simlock,WMDRM,etc)
    - Added StatusBar in Nokia Tool, displaying current Task/Mobile attached
    - DCC Camera Repair added for module NI00BC0000030102F201
    - DCC Camera Repair added for module ISL3TI0200000C000002
    - DCC Camera Repair added for module IS00TI0200000C208A03
    - DCC Camera Repair added for module IS00TI02000001022B04
    - DCC Camera Repair added for module 86000300010401022B04
    - DCC Camera Repair added for module 8600030001040C208A03
    - DCC Camera Repair added for module 86L10300010406260004
    - DCC Camera Repair added for module 86L10300010406260000
    - DCC Camera Repair added for module 86L103000104094C1003
    - Refactorized GUI thread problems
    - Improved stability of Blackberry calculator
    - Improved flashing speed with Skins Enabled
    - Added detailed Action Statusbar
    - Added CBUS StatusBar, indicates "---->" on USB Transmit, "<----" on USB Receive, Idle and Errors
    - Support area is rebuilt - file list parsing is optimized
    - "Connection Closed Gracefully" in Support Area fixed
    - Connection recovery in SupportArea added
    - Fixed "Floating Point Divison by zero" in Support Area
    - Entered NCK codes are now backed-up too upon Simlock Backup
    - New progressbar introduced in Nokia Tool gui
    - Improved USB SwitchToRaw
    - Improved ADL Server Pooling
    - Improved USB Phone Pooling
    - USB BootRom detect routine rebuilt
    - Fixed "Access Violation" while application exit
    - Fixed Registration Tool bug when "Submit" button is not shown after Box Prepare
    - Fixed bug when software after minimizing to tray don't appears at taskbar
    - Added "KB Left", "Time Left", "Current Speed" real-time information while downloading files from support
    - The Germany Server is now default Support Server
    - Added support for Box HW Revisions B, thus is A11F, B110, B111 and B112, and other B11x
    - Old "INI" File Parser Module added (for Old DCT4 phones)
    - Old "INI" File parser Module added (for Old BB5 phones)
    - Added support for 6630,6680,N70 ini parser (DPConverted v1-v2 VPL files)
    - The product name is now resolved at Product List (i.e. RM-1 (6630))
    - Auto-select flashfiles added (selects product and variants on Read Phone)
    - The new method of BB5 NCK Calculation is now the default Unlock Method for BB5 mobiles. For SL3 use SL3 Online Code Calculation.
    - "Abort" button added, this terminating all threads (during flash, erase, unlock, whatever)
    - Skin Manager updated to v7.02, much stable and faster
    - Fixed box hangup problem when PC goes to sleep mode
    - During SL3 Check/Submit job, phone is readen first, then server transaction starts (to not overload server resources)
    - Failed to Process Initial Challenge (2) during Bootloader Upgrade fixed
    - During SL3 Submit Job software now try first to read PM 120 and detect if phone is SL3
    - Small changes regarding SL3 Submit Job - should work bit smoother right now with bad cables
    - Updated message about SL3 Credit consumption
    - Added bigger delay between entering NCK codes (bruteforce protection)
    - Fixed "Canvas does not allow drawing" while SL3 Manual Mode
    - Cyclone Secure Bootloader v2.13 Released
    - Cyclone Main Firmware v01.49 Released
    - Cyclone Calculator v1.00 added into installer
    - Cyclone USB Drivers Updated to
    - Connectivity Cable drivers updated to
    - Minor changes and bugfixes

    Installer v1.09
    - New BB5 Loaders v10.22.00 Introduced
    - SL3 Unlocking added, uses server and credits, supported models:

    - 2700 Classic (RM-561)
    - 2730 Classic (RM-57
    - 2730c-1b (RM-579)
    - 2690c (RM-635)
    - 3600 Slide (RM-352) v56.26 – v57.23
    - 3720 Classic (RM-51
    - 5130 XpressMusic (RM-495)
    - 5310 XpressMusic (RM-303) v58.58 – v59.42
    - 5730s (RM-465)
    - 6300 (RM-217) v57.20
    - 6303 Classic (RM-443)
    - 6500 Slide (RM-240) v59.60
    - 6500 Classic (RM-265) v59.45
    - N97 (RM-505/506/507)
    - N97 mini (RM-555)

    - When using New Protocol flashing, software reminds about correct TX2 cable and yellow adapter
    - Added Manual Mode to retrieve SL3 NCK if you dont have phone in hand (just enter IMEI when asked)
    - Added "Erase NCK Codes" - this should be used when phones needs to be factory-relocked (best to use with SL3 if you want to clear entered NCK codes). Work with SL2 too. Simlock area is untouched when Relocking to factory state, and warranty will still be ok. Seems first software on market with such funcionality.
    - Fixed BlackBerry calculation problems, old version never closed TCP connection after success or non-success calculation
    - Firmware v1.46 Released, Added SL3 Routines
    - Minor changes and bugfixes

    Installer v1.08
    - Added new Nokia FBUS Loaders for Old and New protocols (v10.20.0)
    - Fixed problems with flashing RAPIDO based phones with hash 479.... (N86,X6). Was Nokia fault (10.18.0 loader pack was broken, probably problem with RSA signature so loader wasn't spawned at all...)
    - Fixed problem with FUR initialization when dealing with v10 (2010) Nokia Loaders (Affected was new protocol phones)
    - Forced users to install v1.08 changing few firmware routines - some users upgraded their boxes updating it for "v10" loaders, but they didn't installed new installer - their BB5 flashing was broken then. Forcing users to install v1.08 and upgrade box is just to ensure every user will have 100% working environment (latest loaders, latest firmware, latest exe).
    - New Box Firmware v1.45 Released
    - Handling some smartcards in main firmware fixed
    - Minor changes and bugfixes

    Installer v1.07
    - New FBUS Loaders v10.18.00 introduced (new protocol, for RAPIDO,RAPU,ST,etc)
    - New FBUS Lodaers v10.16.00 introduced (old protocol, for RAPv3)
    - Added support for Infineon X-Gold phones flashing. Phones supported: 1661 RH-111, RH-125, etc.
    - XGold: Support for dead phones flashing
    - XGold: Support for cross flash (we have tested 1616 flashing with 1800 firmware and seems works. Anyway YOU are responsible for any damages. Make sure PM is being backed-up before cross-flash. You also can't flash phones with difrent platform (i.e. RH111 <> RH125). Too diffrent CPU, LCD...,etc...)
    - XGold: Supports bauds 115200,230400,460800,921600
    - XGold: You don't need to know which phone is UPP or Infineon based. Just select model and Cyclone will detect it automaticly - wil select corect falshing method.
    - XGold: Supports for changing phone PPM/CNT or/and MCU
    - XGold: Support for latest 2010 PBL/EBL Loaders
    - Added "Flash Language Only" checkbox for DCT4/XGold mobiles. Use only if MCU version installed in phone matches PPM/CNT version which going to be flashed.
    - Cyclone Clip Diagnostic module added. This is used for testing additional Cyclone Hardware (Clip).
    - Clip Module Added into Main Firmware. This is used only with "Cyclone Clip" hardware. Clip Features:
    - Clip: Can unlock any DCT4+ phone within 2 secs (without PC)
    - Clip: Can repair Contact Service (if caused by damaged simlock)
    - Clip: Can Rebuild Simlock Area
    - Clip: Can reset security code of most DCT4/BB5 phones
    - Clip: Can reset security code bad attempts counter of most DCT4/BB5 phones
    - Clip: 100% Safe, fast and easy to use
    - You need have Clip Hardware to use Clip Funcionality. Clip is very simple hardware attached together with batery to Diagnostic Port (and box could be used as clip without PC). We will update clip later for other funcionality.
    - New Secure Bootloader Agent v3.00 Released
    - Added Dead Boot Recovery mode (in case to do "Boot Recovery" (just in case) smartcard MUST be removed to launch Recovery Mode!)
    - New Secure Bootloader v2.12 have been released
    - Bootloader: Added Clip Detection
    - Bootloader: Fixed floating (blinking) "VBAT" port
    - Bootloader: Added support for some new types of smartcard
    - Bootloader: Improved startup time
    - Bootloader: Improved security
    - Bootloader: Minor changes and bugfixes
    - Added new messages to NCK Phone Respond parsing (added "Too fast between tries" and "Not locked on given locklevel")
    - The +4/5/6/7 BB5 NCK passwords are now calculated correctly (memory leak during code calculation)
    - Message "This will consume XX credits" removed while taking DCT4 RPL as long as they are free .
    - Blackberry IMEI Check fixed
    - Added "Skip CMT ID Check" for some BB5 phones (if you are trying to flash alien files or NMP made some mistake during building FIASCO images)
    - Added Warning confirmation before Writing Alien SD Keys
    - Error while RSA unlocking DCT4 phones fixed (Error 0x02). Error have occured when used bad cable.
    - Main Firmware v01.41 Released
    - Box HW Rev A11E Added
    - Minor changes and bugfixes

    Minor update
    - Blackberry Module added, support all latest 210 MEPs. Unlock is free, and uses server to calculate Unlock Codes.
    - If Logger fails somehow, you might still use manual mode (if you know IMEI and MEP)
    - All DCT4 RPLs are free now (Included ASICs: 2,5,6,7,11)
    - Skin changed back to white one (too many users complained)
    - Improved mode transition between Main/Boot (timeout increased)
    - Fixed problem when upon adding "New Path" in "Paths" module Root directory was empty
    - CBUS stack improved, if box is disconeected during work, it tries to connect it again instead of "CBUS ERROR"
    - Minor changes and bugfixes

    Installer v1.06
    - Fixed DCT4Plus "Read SP Info"
    - Fixed "Run COM Emulator error" when console is closed
    - Minor changes and bugfixes

    Installer v1.05
    - Added support for NEW Nokia BB5 FBUS CMT Loaders (flashing new phones - E52 ST Chip, X3, X6, 5530, etc, etc), supported RAPU,RAPIDO,RAPv4 phones,etc. You can flash your phone using New Protocol, but also manage Reading/Writing Certificates,etc.
    - Added support for BB5 FBUS New Protocol APE Loaders
    - Added support for Unlock / Relock / Autolock DCT4 RSA Based phones (1661, 5030, 1202, and generally ALL ASIC 11 phones), without patch. Solution is standalone and to unlock one phone takes no longer than 2 seconds.
    - Added CS Repair due to Bad Simlock in ASIC11 phones (no patch)
    - Latest Nokia Loaders 2010 Introduced (including upgraded RAPv3 old prot algo 9.50)
    - Added SD Repair, RPL Calc, etc for RAP3v2 phones (hash E9EFF4BFAA5393217CA6B17755FC3E14)
    - Added SIMLOCK BACKUP for SL3 phones (can be restored even after fullerase)
    - Added support for NCK Reading, SD Extracting, and more accurate Securtity Analysis for v30.xx phones (N96,5800,etc - so called by "mx" team "sl3" but in fact is simple sl2), previous versions gave msg about "Decryption fails"
    - Added COM Emulator - now Cyclone Box can work as UNI BOX with UFS Pinout !
    - Added one-click analyze / repair of Dynamic Camera Configuration (blank screen, "camera not ready",etc) based phones (DCT4plus, 5310, 7210, 5220, 6700, others) supported Camera Drivers:


    - Added TX2 warning when certificate is being not accepted (common problem while writing RPL)
    - Updated Nokia USB Connectivity Drivers to
    - Upon installation, StoredFiles permission is now set to full to avoid Permission problems (and software is still safe for trojans/etc)
    - Folder "StoredFiles" is no longer marked to Delete upon Uninstallation to keep old backup files
    - Rewritten BB5 RPL Backup routine, now Certificates are being backed-up first, so even if phone is DEAD, still certs will be backed-up
    - Factory defaults after flash are now defaultly ticket (BB5,DCT4)
    - Mode transition manager added in firmware v01.37
    - Software accept Mode Transision to "Normal" when phone goes to "Power Off"
    - Flash Variants are displayed now in descending order
    - SL Array readen now upon RPL Backup is Keyb/FBUS Count masked
    - Now, all 7 codes are being sent to phone (some phones don't accept +7 codes - tested on N71)
    - Fixed NCK Calculation for some mobiles (Security Section Checksum Error)
    - When software detects HWC/CCC/Variant certs mismatch, it tries to write local one from database
    - Fixed smartcard not responding for reset in some configurations
    - Fixed "Failed to Read SP Info" on older RAPv2 phones
    - Path manager - bug "/" fixed
    - Fixed problems with StoredFiles managing when software have no enough permissions (occurs on WinVista / Win7)
    - SX4 Bypass is removed now (no need anymore)
    - Improved sending CMT Secondary Loader
    - Fixed TX2 test crash when phone is completly erased (TOC erased)
    - Added automatic PM upload with field 1,309 after SX4 Authorization (one-click ST_SECURITY_FIX !), Supported 100+ BB5 phones in local database
    - Improved Security Analysis, added HWC/CCC/Variant Certs Check
    - Box Firmware : 01.0C, Access Violation Fixed
    - Runtime Error when "Disable Skins" enabled fixed
    - Taksbar problems fixed
    - Fixed 1208 UEM Read/IMEI Rebuild
    - N73 booting improved (when backing up crt, writing rpl incorrect loaders was assumed before)
    - New Nokia Firmware introduced, improved stability a lot
    - DCT4Plus relock fixed
    - Mode transition improved
    - BB5 USB Flashing fixed
    - Factory Set problems fixed
    - Fixed problems when dealing with RAP3v2 Phones
    - Skin manager upgraded to v6.63
    - HW Platform is now being readen upon Box Initialization
    - Added support for CTF'2010 Platform
    - Flashbus writing speed increased about 10%
    - Flashbus FUR messages reading speed increased about 40%
    - BB5 Booting procedure rewritten, now no problems in phones like 5800,N97,5200,etc..
    - After flashing, added average writing speed display
    - BootAgent removed, now Bootloader upgrade is managed by middle-loader
    - Main Firmware rewritten from scratch, old bugs gone away.
    - MPU Added
    - Improved Oscillator startup time, box hangup fixed in some cases
    - Realtime clock not used anymore, too much hardware problems when box not started
    - Fixed booting dead BB5 mobiles
    - If bb5 booting fails, SW displays possible reason reported by new firmware
    - BB5 is being try to boot now without hardware VCC switch
    - Added USB Dualport transactions (increases speed)
    - Added old protocols support (tick "Use Old Protocols Loader")
    - Upon finding CMT/APE loaders, it shows a find parameters (TX2 line, Requested Protocol Type, etc)
    - BB5 flash_block_Data checksum fixed
    - Additional flash chip information is now shown upon BB5 Alg Boot (VPP Info, Chip Size)
    - Fixed boot when after activating DCT4 FTD phone comes to dead
    - Fixed "Failed to decode MSID" when flashing some PPM DCT4 files
    - UPP ID is now represented as hex upon Read Info
    - Added detection whether Pri/Sec camera exists or is configurable
    - Minor changes and bugfixes
    - Black Skin introduced
    - Fixed DCT4 Unlock not being executed after Flashing Procedure
    - Versions snap
    Installer v1.05
    Main x86 Application v1.0.0.9392
    x86 Memory Manager v4.92
    Native USB Drivers v1.0.0.4
    USB-COM Stack Drivers v1.0.0.0
    Onboard Secure Bootloader v2.10
    Onboard Main Nokia Application v01.37
    Onboard COM Emulation Code v1.00
    Onboard Security Card Revision v1.09
    Nokia Connectivity Cable Drivers v7.1.22.0
    BB5 USB/FPIF Single Line/FPIF DualLine v20100410
    DCT4 FPIF Single Line/USB v20100410
    DCT4 Unlock Patches DEPRECATED
    Communication Stack SSLv3-keys-06092008
    Skin Stack v6.63

    Thanks to all contributors which supporting us! Thanks Moulnisky, ptt, Honey... Thanks arash & others...

    - WORLD'S UNIQUE : Standalone Superdongle Key Calculator Added! No internet, no logs, no time! Calculation time - 0.003 sec ! Works for any SL1, SL2 and SL3.
    - WORLD'S UNIQUE : Standalone Unlocking/Relocking using RPL Added! No internet, no logs, no time! Calculation time - 0.002 sec ! Works for any SL1 and SL2.
    - WORLD'S UNIQUE : Standalone SX4 Authorization Added! Box is now emulating Nokia SX4 card - no need internet, no need logs to authorize ANY Nokia Phone, just box! Works for any SL1, SL2 or SL3. Emulated SX4 works with ORIGINAL NOKIA Superdongle keys (no need rebuild SD), Custom keys (made by Cyclone,MT,UB), etc. In case of Authorization fail, it will automaticly write and authorize using Custom Keys. Authoirzation time - 0.004 sec ! Supported are RAP and RAPIDO mcu, in case of RAPU phones SX4 Remote Card will be used. After authorization with Cyclone, PHONE STILL CAN be Authorized with ORIGINAL SX4 Card!
    - WORLD'S UNIQUE - Cyclone can now authorize Barred Phones (with Correct superdongle keys, but with higher KeyIndex ever used than 0 (possible KeyIndex 0..7), SX4 card can use any higher keyindex at time, when higher key is used, lower keys are automaticly not used in future, and phone requires to use higher key index) - UB and other custom boxes can't do it as long SX4 emulation is not 100% Nokia-Like
    - WORLD'S UNIQUE : Starting from now, Cyclone Box have ability to make _FULL RPL BACKUP_ of BB5 phones! Current existing SW on market creating only some part of RPL (NPC,HWC,Simlock) - Cyclone is now backing up missing part:
    - Added SUPER DONGLE KEY extracting (this Original Nokia one, so after writing it back phone still can be authorized with original SX4 card)
    - Added CMLA KEY DATA extracting
    - That means created RPL File by Cyclone is now 100% SAME AS NOKIA'S ONE!
    - WORLD'S UNIQUE : Added BB5 MCU & DSP Timestamps Reader / Diagnostic Tool. This will help diagnostic of downgraded phone, will read Security Block, decode timestamps of current installed SW (and factory one, or Dejan Hack if exists) with FLASH installed MCU/DSP timestamps. Will have ability to FULL REBUILD downgrade security zone (dead06) soon.
    - WORLD'S UNIQUE : BB5 Security Block Analyzer added, this will read Security Block and analyze it's health for content of following Security Data: SIMLOCK DATA, SUPERDONGLE KEY DATA, ECC KEYS DATA, DIV DATA, CMLA (DRM) DATA. Also it reads ST_SIMLOCK_TEST and ST_SECURITY_TEST and when problems occur, recommends actions.
    - WORLD'S UNIQUE : Standalone BB5 Calculator Added. This calculated BB5 NCK (levels 1-7) for unlocking purposes. Calculated codes works only with phones which have been relocked with Cyclone Box. To calculate code is needed only IMEI - no need cable, phone, flashbus logger, etc.
    - WORLD'S UNIQUE : BB5 Unlock by NCk/RPL, SD Recalc, SX4 auth using USB !! (once log file readen)
    - Upon box upgrade (maintenance) Bootloader in box is syncronized with server to avoid Activation Problems
    - Bootagent server upgraded to 1.01, fixed "Box is not activated, ID 09)
    - Fixed "Access Violation" when Cyclone Box SW is already launched and connection to box opened
    - After BB5 Relock, unlock codes is displayed
    - More detailed messages is now shown upon new NCK or RPL calculation
    - BB5 Security Code Reading is moved to "UserArea" tab (needed space for MCU/DSP timestamp reading and security block analyzing)
    - Total unlock/relock time added after operation is finished (thx to arash;))
    - Box Firmware version is now checked upon loading of Nokia Module - if box firmware is obsolete, SW asks for upgrade and doing it automaticly
    - Selected unlock method is now displayed before RootkeyHash support check
    - Upon first reading of NCK Code (Extracting) or RPL Calculation, "CYC" log file is stored in "StoredFiles" and next time upon BB5 Security Actions (Calculation of SD, Extracting NCK, Calculating RPL (Relocking)) phone is no booted anymore and whole process took only 1 second!! Keep in mind calculated CYC file is paired with Box Serial number, so in case if your box serial number is changed-go to stored files and purge all "cyc" files.
    - Decrypted AES Subblock of Security Block is now checksum checked (16 bytes checksum at end of block)
    - Fixed "This is invalid integer..." when parsing phone with damaged IMEI
    - When another copy of Cyclone Software is running, message is displayed instead of errors
    - New method of NCK Calculation is now default BB5 unlocking method
    - When New Method of NCK calculation is selected, PA_SL is not determined already (saves lots of time)
    - Skin Manager updated to v6.54 (more stability)
    - When BB5 RPL Don't contain Certificates (NPC,HWC) phone isn't booted
    - Fixed bug when Flash RPL BB5 Data is being written two times
    - Added more verbose debug messages when preparing Boot BB5 Phone
    - Garbage characters when dealing with SLPA phones (#pw+___garbage___+1) bug fixed
    - New splash screen added, thx to arash, again
    - When Cyclone fails to boot APE subsystem, it shows hint about TX2
    - APE subsystem is now no longer booted upon CheckFlashingBus
    - Changed "Failed to write CMT Cert Data (3)" message, added TX2 information
    - BB5 TX2 Line test added after "CheckFlashingBus"
    - Before RPL Write, Software testing TX2 Line and when its faulty (not adapter) it showing apporiate message
    - Writing BB5 CMT HWC Certificate from RPL fixed (thx to arash)
    - Parsing some Simlock Arrays (5130) produced garbage output - fixed (thx to arash again)
    - Added support for Cyclone Box HW Rev A11D

    Installer v1.04
    - Included latest critical hotfix for old BB5 unlocking methods when phone after unlock was still locked, update is highly RECOMMENDED!

    Installer v1.03
    - Added new BB5 Unlock,Relock,Autolock,Repair Method by RPL Generation, this uses server and consumes 10 logs whilst your credits amount must be > 100.
    - Supported are ALL PA_SL2 Phones, both RAPv3 and RAPIDO, with following hashes:


    - Before unlock software will ask you (when possible) if you want RPL calculation. If you don't need unlocking by RPL, simply click NO and old free unlocking methods will be used (PM308+120 recalc, Secure RAM dump and NCK calc on RAPIDO PA_SL2 phones, etc). However there are some phones which might be unlocked only using new method (9DDB - 3600,5220,7310, or new 5800 >v.30, new N96, etc)
    - After unlock, requested RPL file will be saved to STORED FILES dir, it might be used later after phone chip erase, etc - as a generic backup
    - To Autolock/Relock use "Import SL5" function and point to SL5 array file in "UnlockData" dir, with SW comes few generated files
    - If you need SL5 file for your network, use "Create SL5" button and enter MCC-MNC, SL5 file will be generated for you and your phone might be relocked
    - SL Area might be repaired using UNLOCK button for SL2 phones
    - RPL Write bugs fixed ("simlock not accepted" after few tries)
    - Path "/" problem fixed
    - Memory manager updated to v4.94
    - New skin manager introduced (6.53) - removed flash files selection bugs
    - GUI redesigned a bit
    - Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver updated to v7.1.22
    - 2760h RM-391 v06.83 Unlock / Relock added
    - 2330c RM-512 v09.55 Unlock / Relock added
    - 2330c-b RM-513 v09.55 Unlock / Relock added
    - 2720f RM-519 v08.42 Unlock / Relock added
    - 2720f-b RM-519 v08.42 Unlock / Relock added
    - 2720f RM-519 v09.55 Unlock / Relock added
    - 2720f-b RM-519 v09.55 Unlock / Relock added
    - SX4 Bypass during BB5 Unlock removed, is no needed anymore
    - Fixed USB stack hanging up on some Windows configuration due to invalid hexcodes in BoardCode Revision USB Field
    - After Super DCT4 Activation in Credits tab box Security Page is automaticlly upgraded, no need doing it manually
    - New firmware v01.15 introduced - box can switch itself from MAIN mode to BOOT mode (no USB reconnect needed anymore)
    - 6220c,3600s booting fixed in new firmware
    - New Secure bootloader v02.10 introduced
    - New bootloader supports more types of smartcards (autobaud, PTS protocol negotiation, etc)
    - Secure BootAgent v1.00 introduced in new firmware
    - Firmware RTOS Code Updated to v6.0.1
    - Slightly code optimizations and stability improvments in new firmware
    - Secure Bootloader upgrade introduced after box maintenance
    - Added support for Cyclone box HW REV A116, A117, A118, A119, A11A, A11B, A11C

    Bulk Updates
    - Introduced support for FBUS Flashing RAPU YAMA phones (5630, 6700, 6303)
    - GUI Stability improved ; updated Skins Stack
    - Fixed Algoboot for BB5 phones in some configurations
    - SingleLine BB5 Flashing Speed improved (upgraded to 5.5mbits from 4mbits)
    - BB5 Multi-CRT Write bug fixed (mismatched certs when writing more than 1 certs at one time)
    - Improved Phone LOCAL/TEST Mode Entry algorithms during unlock and FBUS operatinos
    - Access Violation in some configurations, when changing BB5 Vpl / Dct4 Vpl Variant/Product - fixed
    - "Set factory defaults - BB5" are now default unticked after flash (useless in case of BB5 phones)
    - Repower on boot inverted ; accoring to firmware v1.0.5 , BB5 Phones are now default re-powered on boot
    - By default - USE DEFAULT PROFILE while unlocking DCT4Plus is unticked
    - DCT4Plus unlock routines rewritten - patch file is now applied before unlocking
    - Fixed problems upon unlocking some units of DCT4(plus) phones, when Initial SP Area is corrupted
    - When SIMLOCK IS NOT ACCEPTED during BB5 RPL Write, software trying to write FBUS part again after FLASHBUS part, so if NPC is corrupted, the SL will be restored anyway
    - Please don't use "Erase Security" function when writing BB5 PA_SL2 RPL, because SIMLOCK will not be accepted in such case! In order of simlock rebuild, NPC MUST BE CORRECT!
    - Improved BB5 RPL Write, when HWC can't be written (N96 - example), other certs being written and whole procedure is not being skipped
    - After sending Simlock and Superdongle data, delay added, so PA_SL can recalculate SP and Recreate 308 if needed (previously it wasn't working all times)
    - During BB5 Configuration Parse (flash chips, status), now RAM chip is displayed instead of UNKNOWN
    - DCT4Plus Security Status is now being displayed upon unlock - either TAMPERED or NOT TAMPERED
    - When DCT4Plus Security is NOT TAMPERED, Cyclone automatically makes Security Backup
    - DCT4 Loaders v7.9.49.0 added, support for new flash chips
    - BB5 Loaders added, support for new flash chips
    - New Nokia Loaders 0.9.xxxx have GREAT speed improvment in phones with slow Samsung flash chip - 0x00EC2208 (3500c, 5200, 5310). Flashin of These phones without VPP usually taking approx 15-20 minutes, with this new loaders we have tested 5200 and flashing speed was exactly 76 seconds (agains ~550).
    - DCT4 UEM Loaders Revised, added support for ASIC11 UEM IMEI Read
    - Path Manager added. Used to specify paths where original Nokia flashes are stored. By default it looks in Program Files/Nokia/Phoenix and Program Files/Common Files... User can specify many other paths (i.e. mapped network disk, or custom directory) where software will look for VPL files. Avaiable in Settings -> Paths.
    - BB5 Product/Variant VPL Parser added
    - DCT4 Product/Variant VPL Parser added
    - NCK Dumper for BB5 PA_SL2 added (RAP3G, RAPIDO), used to extract entered NCK codes in phone so it can be saved - in example during RPL SL Recreation, and then use for unlocking. The codes is being automaticlly dumped upon SP Data Read.
    - When user trying to unlock phone which have protected PM308 Security Block against modification, and there is message "Failed to write Security Block" software is now automaticlly writing back NPC backup - IMEI
    - IMEI 1234567890?, and "?" is not valid integer bug fixed
    - 1112 RH-93 v6.46 Unlock / Relock added
    - 2680 RM-393 v06.17 Unlock / Relock added
    - 2680b RM-393 v06.17 Unlock / Relock added
    - 5000d RM-362 v06.31 Unlock / Relock added
    - 5000d-b RM-363 v06.31 Unlock / Relock added
    - 2630 V57.20 unlock / relock partial was removed due to lack of signal
    - Erase Security while writing RPL is now by default disabled
    - SX4 Bypass during PA_SL2 unlock is now by default disabled
    - GUI Is now redesigned from scratch
    - Support for 1024x768 resolution - fixed problems
    - Cyclone Box HW Rev A113 support added
    - Cyclone Box HW Rev A114 support added
    - Cyclone Box HW Rev A115 support added
    - Cyclone Firmware v1.04 support added (DCT4 Booting improved)
    - Cyclone Firmware v1.05 support added (BB5 Booting improved)

    Installer v1.02
    - RAP3Gv2 PA_SL - SP Initialization added (unlock, SP Rebuild)
    - RAP3Gv3 PA_SL - SP Initialization added (unlock, SP Rebuild)
    - RAP3Gv3 PA_SL2 - SP Initialization added (unlock, SP Rebuild)
    - RAPIDO PA_SL - SP Initialization added (unlock, SP Rebuild)
    - RAPIDO PA_SL2 - SP Initialization added (unlock, SP Rebuild)
    - SX4 Bypass added after PA_SL2 Unlock, if needed
    - "Create RPL from phone" added. This is used to backup possible security data from phone in original NMP RPL format (plain one) this includes WMDRM Backup, All low-level certs (Nokia Public Certificate, Common Configuration Certificate, Hardware Certificate, VARIANT Cert), and Original SIMLOCK (only on PA_SL2 Phones !! ), which can be used to simlock restore / counter reset / PM 308 recreate - if needed - this data is sent directly to SIMLOCK SERVER directly so SL recreate is 100% "legal"
    - Added Codes Counter Reset for PA_SL2 phones. Used to reset Keyboard/FBUS Code Counter.
    - Added BB5 NCK Code FBUS Send (#pw+xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx+y), use especially when Keyboard counter is locked.
    - Added BB5 NCK COde KEYBOARD Send (#pw+xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx+y), use especially when FBUS counter is locked.
    - BB5 SL Export added. This exporting phone configuration key + simlock blocks to "SL5" file
    - BB5 SL Import added. Used to import previously exported "SL5" structure to phone upon BB5 SP Initialization.
    - BB5 PM -> Simlock RPL added, if PA_SL2 phone - use if simlock has been corrupted, and you have only PM backup. If PM have needed fields, it will create plain RPL file which can recreate simlock for you without headache.
    - SL5 Creator support for Creating Relocked SL5 for desired MCC+MNC / Profile Bits
    - Added "BB5_Autolock_IMSI.sl5" in UnlockData. Use with IMPORT SL5 in order to AUTOLOCK BB5 phone to IMSI (one sim card).
    - Added "BB5_Autolock_MCCMNC.sl5" in UnlockData. Use with IMPORT SL5 in order to AUTOLOCK BB5 phone to MCC-MNC (operator).
    - BB5 Plain RPL Write added.
    - Added "UB Backup" option while writing BB5 Plain RPL (SIMLOCK AREA), since they aren't adding SHA-1 before SIMLOCK_DATA in RPL file - it needs be skipped in case.
    - Added "Erase Security" option before RPL write. This is used when phone have problem with PM 308 blocks (downgrade, for example) and can't boot to accept superdongle / simlock data - in case, no need to full erase in case. Keep note that after RPL write YOU NEED SX4 Authorization with server and writing PM Fields 1 and 309. Otherwise your phone will fail to pass ST_SECURITY_TEST, and in effect will not boot.
    - Skin stack updated to v6.30, this is more stable and fast
    - Product code send added
    - HWID send added
    - PSN send added
    - DCT4 Nand MASS MEMORY Partitioning added before write. May be skipped ticking apporiative Skip MM Part button.
    - When no patch file found, SW will generate unlock codes for DCT4 unlock (asics 2,5,6,7)
    - Security Code Mastercode is now being generated upon read info
    - Added "Skip Patching" Option. Use for DCT4plus phones which are patched already, and all you need is to Initialize SP locks again (relock, etc)
    - DCT4 NCK Key / FBUS Count is now being readed correctly
    - DCT4 UEM OTP Imei Read added
    - DCT4 SP Locks are being parsed upon read
    - Added full support for Vista OS
    - Added support for 64bit CPUs - tested on X64 XP Professional, should work on NT6 too
    - BB5 Simlock backup before flash write no more asking user for directory, it's automaticlly saving to StoredFiles
    - BB5 Simlock backup automatically saving backup in RPL format if possible (PA_SL2 phone detected), otherwise it will save it in PM format
    - BB5 Booting routines totally refactorized
    - After DCT4 Page erase, the last-error-status is now queried from phone
    - Data checksum is now being checked again upon BB5 Flash Write
    - When NPC Certificate are being backed up during SX4 Bypass, it is now stored as "PUBLIC_ID.Sx4Bypass.NPC.CMT.CRT", not "DowngradeRepair" as before
    - When Writing BB5 Cert, it's now default pointing to StoredFiles
    - User is now being warned before "Erase all certificates" - BB5 (avoid mistakes)
    - For now, Erase All Certs erasing APE certificates too, if APE unit found
    - DCT4 Plus 2680 v6.82 unlock partial fixed
    - 2630 v57.20 Unlock added
    - 2630b v57.20 Unlock added
    - 2630b v06.82 Unlock added
    - 2760b v06.82 Unlock added
    - 2600c-b v06.82 Unlock added
    - 1680c v06.82 Unlock added
    - 1680c-b v06.82 Unlock added
    - 5000db v 05.27 Unlock added
    - 5000db v 05.45 Unlock added
    - Included old "new security" unlock partials for 2630, 1680, 5000, 2680 - v6.82
    - FastMM problem after exiting Main Application fixed
    - Some DCT4Plus unlock bugs fixed (like This is Invalid Integer...)
    - Added WD2 CBUS BT Phones support (bluetooth flashing problems)
    - Check Flashing Bus (BB5) now booting phone completly, not only fetching 1st Boot Data
    - Fixed problem when sometime wrong CMT / APE bootloader are being selected upon Certificate Operations
    - Increased FBUS Timeout to repair FBUS transactions problems on some environments
    - Netmonitor activation on DCT4/WD2 added
    - WD2 Format User Area added
    - "Initial SP corrupted" fixed on DCT4plus phones
    - After finished flashing the sound now being played;)
    - Cyclone HW Revision A112 support added
    - Progressbar issue fixed while BT Flash
    - SX4 Server Transaction fixed
    - Bigger delay added after SX4 Bypass in order to handle PM write correctly
    - More debug messages is now being shown upon BB5 booting
    - Refactorized DCT4 ADSP Flashing routines
    - DCT4 / BB5 Factory defaults after flashing fixed in some cases
    - Minor changes and bugfixes
    - Improved BB5 Local/Test mode changes
    - Support : Fixed "Connection closed gracefully" in some cases
    - Fixed problems when invalid IMEI are being readed out from phone (in case of phone wasn't initialized and FBUS problems occured)
    - PM Write routines rewritten
    - Security card is now being resetted before phone flashing, this have effect on authenthication speed when flashing many phones one by one
    - Selftests routines improved (dynamic timeout)
    - Multiple files can be now choosen upon Writing Certificates saved as "CRT" (Cyclone binary format)
    - BB5 SP Locks now being parsed upon read out (blocks count, block content, etc)
    - DCT4Plus partials with version 6.82 have now removed from supported UPP list ASIC ID "3168" which is not unlockable (for now) with rom 0600 to avoid destroyed phones (no signal), in case you will got message "Not supported UPP ID", but your phone SL area will be untouched and after flash it will still work.
    - Blue screen of death fixed on some configurations
    - After PM Write, Statistics added, so user can easily see how many PM Record written OK / NOT OK
    - IMEI in "Credits" upon calculation is now checked for validity (last digit)
    - Updated Message before using DCT4 RPL Credits - ASIC 11 takes 2 credits and rest 1 credit
    - Main Nokia Firmware v1.03 avaiable, this changes:
    -- TX2 Output pin is now constant (Service Pin 3) due to many mistakes on user side.
    -- Flash write speed optimized, should be around 10% - 30% faster, especially on NAND-ONENAND phones. More optimizations to come.
    -- Erase status is now signalized by USB (red) led.
    -- Added support for WD2 CBUS BT Flashing
    -- BB5 Booting Improved on some environments
    -- RTOS Code Updated to 5.2.0
    -- Microcode USB Stack is now Vista compatible
    -- Removed blue screen of death problem on some XP configurations
    -- Minor bugs, fixes, and improvments
    - Versions snap
    Installer v1.02
    Main x86 Application v1.0.0.7396
    x86 Memory Manager v4.92R2
    Native USB Drivers v1.0.0.4
    USB-COM Stack Drivers v1.0.0.0
    Onboard Secure Bootloader v2.08
    Onboard Main Nokia Application v1.03
    Onboard Security Card Revision v1.09
    Nokia Connectivity Cable Drivers v7.1.8.0
    BB5 USB/FPIF Single Line/FPIF DualLine v20090315 (Mixed)
    DCT4 FPIF Single Line/USB v20090315 (v7.4.77.0)
    DCT4 Unlock Patches v20090502
    Communication Stack SSLv3-keys-06092008
    Skin Stack v6.30

    Installer v1.01
    - One click downgrade repair for BB5 added. Works on phones which after downgrade failing to boot (hang up on NOKIA screen) - this includes phones which dont had patched 308 before flashing or newer MCUs too. No need to full erase, etc. Just one click and 20 seconds, fast, and safe.
    - SX4 Bypass added. If phone can't be authorized due to corrupted superdongle key or server problems, you can use this to write protected PM Records (1, 309). No need to full erase, etc. Fast and safe.
    - DCT4 "SIMLOCK SERVER" Relock fixed (5000, 2630). Thx to wgmmmx for bugreport.
    - Check Flashing Bus for BB5 Added
    - Fixed registration process, when blank arguments are used
    - Fixed registration process, when invalid input data are used (i.e. special Russian chars)
    - Fixed invalid date/time problem while box maintenance (upgrade) on some timezones
    - Added in "Settings/General" option to skip box selftests (use when box selftest subsystem is damaged)
    - Resellers list during registration is now displayed in ascending order
    - Skin Stack updated to v6.21
    - Added DCT4plus new security unlock patches
    RH-116 7070p v6.82 - new security
    RM-258 2760 v6.82 - new security
    RM-298 2630 v6.82 - new security
    RM-340 2600c v6.82 - new security
    RM-362 5000d v5.27 - new security
    RM-362 5000d v5.45 - new security
    RM-392 2680s v6.82 - new security
    RM-394 1680c v6.82 - new security
    - USB Drivers updated to, this no more conflicting MicroBox
    - Versions snap
    Installer v1.01
    Main x86 Application v1.0.0.6634
    x86 Memory Manager v4.92
    Native USB Drivers v1.0.0.3
    USB-COM Stack Drivers v1.0.0.0
    Onboard Secure Bootloader v2.08
    Onboard Main Nokia Application v1.00
    Onboard Security Card Revision v1.09
    Nokia Connectivity Cable Drivers v7.1.8.0
    BB5 USB/FPIF Single Line/FPIF DualLine v20090315 (Mixed)
    DCT4 FPIF Single Line/USB v20090315 (v7.4.77.0)
    DCT4 Unlock Patches v20090326
    Communication Stack SSLv3-keys-06092008
    Skin Stack v6.21

    Installer v1.00
    - Initial public release

    - Versions snap
    Installer v1.0
    Main x86 Application v1.0.0.6581
    x86 Memory Manager v4.92
    Native USB Drivers v1.0.0.2
    USB-COM Stack Drivers v1.0.0.0
    Onboard Secure Bootloader v2.08
    Onboard Main Nokia Application v1.00
    Onboard Security Card Revision v1.09
    Nokia Connectivity Cable Drivers v7.1.8.0
    BB5 USB/FPIF Single Line/FPIF DualLine v20090315 (Mixed)
    DCT4 FPIF Single Line/USB v20090315 (v7.4.77.0)
    DCT4 Unlock Patches v20090309
    Communication Stack SSLv3-keys-06092008
    Skin Stack v6.20

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