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GPG EMMC Box is a box for repairing dead Android and WP8 phones with EMMC. The supported model range includes Samsung I9300/I9100, HTC G14, Sony, China ZTE/China Huawei/China MTK and thousands of other phones and brands. GPG EMMC support does not depend on the phone model. You can fulfill Read / Write operations with any phones that have a supported EMMC IC.


  • Complete solution – no need to full flash after repairing dead boot
  • High speed JTAG (ultra high speed for Read Flash & Write Flash, Boot Repair)
  • Support does not depend on the phone model
  • Samsung, HTC, Sony, ZTE, Huawei, Chinese and many more brands are supported
  • 16 GB Total Full Flash time is only 17 minutes
  • Directly flashes EMMC IC
  • Directly uses USB 2.0 to flash EMMC IC
  • No need to set TCK
  • Uses CMD, CLK, DATA & VDD\GND pins to communicate with the phone
  • Custom/Desire Area Read & Write
  • Dedicated support area for flash files
  • The first box that introduces two ways of flashing: 1st one is ISP and 2nd one is Direct Flash to IC
  • Every Android and WP8 phone with EMMC is supported
  • Simple and easy one-click operation
  • Internal programmer function (read/write data directly from IC, read/write iPhone baseband)
  • Samsung disassemble-free repair (repair baseband and IMEI without phone opening/disassemble)
  • Built-in JTAG detection
  • Boot Repair: supports both Boot 1 and Boot 2
  • User Area Repair (format User Area)
  • CSD Area Repair allows user to solve communication problems, such as GSM, WiFi, Bluetooth, repair Data Transfer rate
  • GPP1, GPP2, GPP3 & GPP4 Area Repair
  • Internal CPU control
  • Initialization of EFS and baseband unknown repair
  • Samsung card repair software

Features GPG FT232 adapter
  • Adapter to solve all of ISP connectivity issue such as (eMMC ORC: 00000000, bad code ! >> Id check lost)

Flash reading / writing speed:
  • 1 GB ROM Full Read Flash – 64 sec
    Full Write Flash – 128 sec
  • 4 GB ROM
    Full Read Flash – 255 sec (4.25 min.)
    Full Write Flash – 472 sec
  • 16 GB ROM
    Full Read Flash – 1040 sec (17 min.)
    Full Write Flash – 30 min. only

Supported Cell phones:
  • i9300C, i9303T, i9305, i9308, i939, i939D, i9500, i95 00C, i9502, i9505, i9505G, i9508
  • M440
  • E210K
  • N7100, N7100C, N7100H, N7102, N7102I, N7105, N7108, N719, N8000, N8010, N8013, GALAXY Note 3 N9000
  • W2013

GPG EMMC Box with Cables:
  • 1x GPG EMMC Box
  • 1x FTDI Micro USB cable
  • 2x GPG JTAG cable
  • 1x GPG BGA 162
  • 1x GPG BGA 186
  • 1x GPG BGA 169E
  • 1x GPG JTAG
  • 1x GPG ISP

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