HWK repair dongle

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Price: 22.57 USD
GPG HWK Repair Dongle is a tool allows you to perform one-click repair of HWK software problems like HWK Dead, HWK Not connected etc. in case it's software failure. HWK Repair Dongle does not clone HWK HID, therefore it can be used for original HWK without loss of warranty.

For this product we don't offer technical support and take no responiobility for usage. We tested product and it's 100% working but if you will use it inproper you can demage HWK. Please make note that if you wrongly connect your HWK you can demage it also. More information and software available for download on producer website www.hwkdongle.com


- repair "HWK Dead"
- repair "HWK Not connected"
- repair "Error 45"


- Easy to use software
- Use 3.3V TTL signals for communication (will not damage your HWK).
- Plug and play (using tested communication IC PL2303 Prolific).
- Does not require any power adaptors or power supply as it uses power from USB port only.
- Easy to program any other Texas Instruments ICs that support BSL protocol.

Complete contains:
- GPG HWK Dongle