iPower Adaptor for MFC Dongle

iPower Adaptor for MFC Dongle
Price: 199.71 USD
iPower Adaptor for MFC Dongle is needed if you need to unlock Apple iPhone iOS 8.0.x - 8.1 devices. This update will try one code after each phone will restart. The restart is performed automatically using the iPower adaptor by MFC Box Team. Please read full details from instruction and check support forum before you do unlock your device. The reboot time depends on the phone (newer models reboot faster). Usually is about 40 seconds(E.g.iPhone 5). Maximum time is 4.6 days in this way from 0 to 9999(111 hours).

Additional information:

In case your phone displays Phone disabled 15 minutes remaining, you will have to wait at least 15 minutes before starting to unlock. Codes sent to the phone during this time will always be invalid even if the code is correct.

If phone displays 23 million minutes remaining it means the phone has lost correct time setting after taken out the battery. You can insert an active simcard into the phone to get the correct time and date then revert back to the normal 1,2,15,60 minutes waiting message etc. In our test we were able to use MFC even without simcard as the phone will revert back to the normal waiting time after the first reboot. But you need to take into consideration the fact that if the phone displays wait for 60 minutes then have to wait 60 minutes until you can really start to unlock procedure.

How to use:

1. Open device and disconnect the battery and input related battery adaptor to the battery socket, then connect phone battery to the battery adaptor.
2. Connect external power to iPower adaptor. (can be max 5V2A good quality charger, minimum 1A power. you can also use 4v from a good power supply). We have tested using 5v while unlocking iPhone 4s and iPhone 5. but if you have a bad quality charger that will supply more than 5v we recommend you to use an 4v external power.
3. Connect the light sensor to iPower adaptor white socket and put on the Phone (usually at a corner of the phone screen where no messages are displayed during boot procedure. Also avoid the middle of the screen as it will display the light increase icon and this can stop the unlocking prematurely).
4. Connect the USB 3 in 1 charging USB cable to iPower adaptor USB slot.
5. Connect the USB 3 in 1 charging USB cable related connector to phone.
6. Program the MFC with the appropriate code settings (Delay time is not relevant for this update as the timing is already automatic).
7. Insert MFC Dongle into the iPower Adaptor.
8. Insert micro usb cable charger to iPower adaptor(can be max 5V 2A good quality charger), Now the MFC LEDs will start blinking and the phone will power up automatically, Then connect MFC Dongle to 3 in 1 USB cable OTG port. Please do not connect MFC Dongle before any above steps as the unlocking process might not start correctly.

Once the code is found the phone will be automatically powered off and MFC Dongle stop sending codes. We had to do this to prevent phone going to permanently Disabled mode if the code found is not correct one. To be sure we got the right code you can unplug MFC Dongle from iPower adaptor (read the code using the computer if you wish) and plug back again into iPower adaptor to checking. If this time MFC Dongle stops again then you can be sure the code is the correct one. ATTENTION ! Do not move the light sensor from the previous position. Also it is recommend to use tape to tape the sensor to phone. Because phone vibrates after every code,the sensor position can change and the unlocking might get fail.

NOTE: USB 3 in 1 Charging/OTG cable is cable is sold separately