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MFC Dongle
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MFC Dongle allows you to get user password on iPhone 4,4s, 5, 5s, 5c (V7.1.1/ V7.1.2) and HTC/Samsung Android mobile phones (V4.3+). MFC Dongle does not require resetting your device which entails deleting data and reverts the device to factory settings. MFC Dongle keeps your device's data and allows to get the passcode easily.

A screen lock passcode is a good security measure. If you forget this passcode, One last-resort solution to this is resetting your device which deletes all your data and reverts the device to factory settings. From right now MFC Dongle with a special solution will never lost or distroy device Data which can automatically get the passcode easily.


Supported models Apple:

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPad
  • Mac Book

Supported models Samsung:

  • Android - version: 4.3+

Supported models HTC:

  • Android - version: 4.3+


About Samsung Android 4.3+ tested on Samsung Galaxy S5

Request for Version 1.0.3 or newer
This update will try 5 codes then 30 seconds of waiting
About 40 seconds / 5 codes (22 hours to try all codes) in some mobile phones the delay between codes will increase up to 10 seconds with more wrong codes so delay between codes must be around 10000ms(10seconds) so the waiting time will be 44 hours not 22. You must adjust the delay accordingly.
How to:
Connect the light sensor to the darkest place on the screen:
Insert MFC dongle
Wait until unlock is ok (usually the MFC dongle will stop at that point)
Press read in MFC dongle update software and connect MFC dongle to computer to read the unlock codes

About HTC Android 4.3+ tested on HTC One

It will try 5 codes then wait 30 seconds while keeping the screen on ,about 40 seconds for 5 codes (22 hours for all 4 digits possible codes)
How to:
Unlock phone and go to the phone lock screen and insert MFC Dongle, Future update ... add code detection using light sensor

About Apple iPhone Version iOS 7.1.1 ?

Using this method unlock time si maximum 13.5 hours for all 9999 possible codes (1 codes each 5 seconds)
How To:
update MFC dongle using Update 1 - iOS 7.1.1
write the appropriate settings using the software (the delay in milliseconds is 5000 for iOS 7.1.1) 5 seconds / code
connect the light sensor to the phone in a blank area (blue)
put a sim card inside the phone
call the sim card number
answer on the iPhone then go to Contacts
when the lock code is required insert MFC Dongle
if you get the message accessory not supported just press ok. Another message might also appear after first minute so you need to press ok to that too otherwise you might miss some codes during the time the message is displayed.
when we reach the correct code the screen will change to Contacts screen thus triggering the light sensor and the process will stop
you can now connect the MFC dongle to computer and click read button.

About Apple iPhone Version iOS 7.1.2 Auto Method ?

This will be request for Version 1.0.3 or new version.
This update will automatically try to find the code and require no user intervention.
Just connect MFC dongle to phone and unlocking will start.
The light sensor must be connected in such a way that after unlocking is done the light sensor will detect more like that initially detected. Usually this can be achieved if the light sensor is placed in the left top corner, where the message icon will be displayed after unlock.
The delay must be at least 4500 for correct function.

About Apple iPhone Version iOS 7.1.2 manual Method (phone is disabled)?

This update will help you unlock your phone code even if the phone is disabled after too many retries.
The default delay for this update is about 4300 ms (4.3 seconds).
Update your MFC dongle using this update and connect the light sensor on the top right side of the iPhone screen.
Go to the phone disable screen and connect MFC dongle to phone and wait 5 seconds.
Swipe with your finger to go to Emergency calling.
The MFC dongle will automatically detect the swipe and try the next available code.
Then the phone will automatically come back to the phone lock screen.
To continue swipe again to the emergency screen and so on until your phone is unlocked.


How to download and install drivers?

1. Download and unzip to the mfc-dongle folder you made
go in the MicrosoftRedistributables folder and install vcredist_x86.exe and vcredist_x64.exe

2. Download and unzip to the mfc-dongle folder you made
go in the DongleDrivers foldr and run the InstallDriver.exe

To install the dongle update driver you need to connect MFC dongle to computer in BOOT MODE.

Use the red cable to bridge the 2 points together P0 and GND (see images below) and once done, connect the dongle to your PC
Once drivers are installed you can now disconnect the dongle
Download MFCDL_2.0.exe Client Server to install the latest software
Run MFCDL_2.0.exe

Running the software and reading Serial Number to registration

Connect MFC Dongle to PC and run MFC_1.0.8.exe or higher (later)
Select any update then select checkbox update. Now click "read", afterwards the software will automatically read the Serial Number. At the same time MFC Dongle will be programmed and ready to use right now.

How to connect the light sensor?

Set contains:
- MFC Dongle with USB OTG Cable - 1 pc.
- Sensor Adaptor - 1 pc.
- Data Cable - 2 pcs (for iPhone 4 and for iPhone 5).