Microscope BB5 with USB camera

Microscope BB5 with USB camera
Price: 94.00 USD
Microscope BB5 with USB camera it's a fantastic tool for electronic engineers. Advantages over Tornado microscope are build in better CCD to avoid any delays while moving objects (30fr/s) as well as independent light (regulated). This professional Microscope comes with a CCD color camera , then you may look the detail of your working subject on screen of your computer. This microscope also comes with 20 times magnifier brings the work up close to you for much easy working. It is very useful tool for people who is doing repairing business

Technical data:
- no delays of viewed items due using better CCD (30fr/s)
- correct positioning system - when you move object to left on screen it also moves to left
- specs 20x
- Flatbed with specimen holders

- precise soldering
- checking track's on mobile phone board
- precise track's cutting
- making even desoldered chips without spoiling other chips and tracks

Set includes:
  • BB5 microscope