Mitsubishi Unlocking Clip

Mitsubishi Unlocking Clip
Price: 62.19 USD
Mitsubishi Unlocking Clip allows you to remove simlock or remove phone lock from your phone without using computer. This Clip also does not need any batteries to work - it will take voltage from phone even if battery is very low. This GOLD version not only removes simlock, but also repairs Contact Provider in phone, activates damaged bands in phone, repairs EEPROM zone (4 locks closed), so it's a great option for fast unlock and basic repairs for phones of Mitsubishi brand

Supported models:
  • M342i, M750
  • M341I, M720, M22I, M320, M330
  • Mars, Neptune, Sirius, Mystral, Odyssey, Aura and T-100 (MT-360)

  • Unlock procedure takes only 2 second (overall time for operation so unlock + repair is 5 seconds)
  • open 4 locks closed by other tools or hardware
  • repair inactive bands (900 or 1800 Mhz) which are unavailable after using other software or tools
  • repair SP Lock area and security zone demaged by other software
  • repair Contact Service of Supplier (Contact Provider)
  • working on all mentioned cellphones - NO METTER SW version
  • NO PC, NO BATTERIES - power is taken from phone and Clip will work even if battery vol. is very low
  • fully flexible solution without any switches just C&U (Connect & Use it)
  • LED for checking status of operation

    How it works - manual
    1. Power ON phone without SimCard
    2. Connect phone with Clip with proper cable - BLUE led will blink 2 times and phone Enter into Test Mode
    3. After 2 seconds RED led will start blinking with BLUE one - unlocking and repair process started
    4. After 2 second phone will power On - full operation was completed and finished


    Package contains:
  • Mitsubishi Unlocking Clip
  • 2 Phone connection cables
  • instruction
  • warranty