Nano sim cutter for iPhone 5

Nano sim cutter for iPhone 5
Price: 7.71 USD
In new devices like iPhone 5 there is a new standard of SIM cards. The difference is only in size, because electronic part is the same. It is possible to cut unnecessary part of standard SIM to get Nano SIM. Of course it is possible to use a knife or scalpel, but there is a high risk of damaging SIM card. Using cutter you can get Nano SIM in just few moments.
Set includes also 3 adapters to convert Micro SIM>Normal SIM, Nano SIM>Micro SIM and Nano SIM>Normal SIM, so You can restore Micro SIM or Normal SIM Size usage.

- iPhone 5
- other models which use Nano SIM

Advantages of using the cutter:
- easy, quick and precision cut to get Nano SIM
- no possible to damage original SIM card

Set includes:
- Nano SIM cutter for iPhone 5
- 3 pcs of adapters