NEC 3G - e313 e525 N8 N8i e606 e616 e616v e808 n341i e228 USB data cable

e313, 3g, nec, usb, cable, N8, N8i, e606, e808, n341i, e313, e616
Price: 14.00 USD
Supported models:
525 515 c313 e313 e525 e530 e535 e606 e616 e616v c616v e228 e808 e808s e808y n341i n400i n410i n530i n550i n590i n630i n8, n700, n710, n830, n900, n8000, db2000 db4000 db4100 db7000

Technical parameters:
- port: USB
- cable lenght: apro. 1.2m
- transfer from PC up to 4 Mbps
- best quality of connectors
- professional factory made

- send SMS
- synchronize data with PC
- edit phonebook
- send logos and SMS directly from computer