Nokia 6710n 6710 navigator UFS JAF RJ45 cable

6710n, 6710, navigator, ufs2, ufs3, prodigy, twister, nokia, cable, rj45
Price: 3.71 USD
Nokia 6710n 6710 navigator UFS JAF RJ45 cable is an additional cable for above phones to connect with Griffin Box, Twister Flasher, Tornado Box (UFS2, UFS3), N-Box, HWK, HWKuFs, MT-Box (without support for TX2 line), Prodigy cloned, JAF and all other boxes with compatible RJ45 socket.

Information for MT-Box users:
This cable has a RJ45 - 8 pin connector. To use it with MT-Box you must use a special adapter included with box. RJ45 cable does not have TX2 line option, so you cannot use this function in MT-Box application.
Before purchase please check if your phone requires TX2 line for service operations or not. Cables with full functionality of TX2 line you can purchase in our shop in Rj48 10-pin - GTi / MT Box / UB cables.