Paraben Sim Card Seizure

Paraben Sim Card Seizure
Price: 142.57 USD

Paraben’s SIM Card Seizure is a specialized forensic SIM analysis tool. Some mobile phones store information such as SMS (text messages), last numbers dialed, and even contacts on the SIM card. SIM Card Seizure performs a comprehensive analysis and data recovery of any deleted data still stored on SIM cards.


  • Recovers deleted SMS
  • Unicode support to read multiple languages
  • Full analysis & reporting features
  • Includes SIM reader
  • Supports GSM & CDMA SIM cards
  • Includes one year subscription maintenance

Data Acquired by SIM Card Seizure:

  • Phase Phase ID
  • SST SIM Service table
  • ICCID Serial Number
  • LP Preferred languages variable
  • SPN Service Provider name
  • MSISDN Subscriber phone number
  • AND Short Dial Number
  • FDN Fixed Numbers
  • LND Last Dialed numbers
  • EXT1 Dialing Extension
  • EXT2 Dialing Extension
  • GID1 Groups
  • GID2 Groups
  • SMS Text Messages
  • SMSP Text Message parameters
  • SMSS Text message status
  • CBMI Preferred network messages
  • PUCT Charges per unit
  • ACM Charge counter
  • ACMmax Charge limit
  • HPLMNSP HPLMN search period
  • PLMNsel PLMN selector
  • FPLMN Forbidden PLMNs
  • CCP Capability configuration parameter
  • ACC Access control class
  • LOCI Location information
  • BCCH Broadcast control channels
  • Kc Ciphering ke

System Requirements:

  • Processor: 1.4Ghz+
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Hard Drive Space: 200 MB
  • Windows XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7

Product available on special order after payment. Processing time is ca 14 days agreed individualy