PDA USB Sync-Charge-Data cable for HP-COMPAQ IPAQ H38xx HW6515 HX4600 RX1950 many models

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Price: 10.94 USD
For models:
  • HP IPAQ h1910 / h1915
  • HP IPAQ h1930 / h1935
  • HP IPAQ h1940 / h1945
  • HP IPAQ h2210 / h2215
  • HP IPAQ H38xx all series
  • HP IPAQ H39xx all series
  • HP IPAQ h4150 / h4155
  • HP IPAQ h4350 / h4355
  • HP IPAQ h5450 / h5455
  • HP IPAQ h5550 / h5555
  • HP IPAQ h6340 / h6315/ h6365
  • HP IPAQ hw6915 / hw6910 / hw6515 / hw6510
  • HP IPAQ hx2110 / hx2410 / hx2750
  • HP IPAQ hx4700
  • HP IPAQ rx1950
  • HP IPAQ rx3715/ rx3115 / rx3415 / rx3417
  • HP IPAQ rz1710 / rz1715
    Now you can recharge your PDA via USB port and synchronize data with your desktop or notebook PC with a single cable.
    No more bulky A/C adapter or cradle to carry when you travel.

  • Auto Sync and charge your PDA handheld devices at the same time.
  • Directly connects with USB port, no extra power source needed.
  • Lightweight and packable, fits easily into your briefcase
  • Cable length: ca. 120 cm
  • Support Windows 98/98ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Mac 8.6 or later