PDA USB Sync-Charge-Data Retractable Cable for MDA-XDA III / QTEK 9090

pda, usb, retractable, cable
Price: 9.38 USD
Compatible with:
  • MDA / XDA I
  • MDA / XDA II
  • Qtek 2020
  • Qtek 9090
    Retractable and Extendable! The Best USB Sync-Charger Cable for Your PDA!

    Small, Light, Compact, Ultra-Portable
    This USB retractable cable is the perfect cradle replacement! Save yourself the hassle of carrying all the bulky cables to support your handheld. It is simple and convenient to travel with the dual sync and charge functionality and new innovative retractable design.

    Strong and Durable
    Its strong ultra-thin reinforced cable is durable and able to withstand heavy usage. It is capable of supporting the weight of 6~10kg, which is far more force than would be normally exerted on it in everyday use!

    Simple, Convenient and Easy to Use
    Its special design make the application as easy as 123.
    1. Gently pull both the PDA / Handheld Device connector and USB connector to extend the cable.
    2. Connect the USB end to your computer and the other end to your PDA / Handheld Device. Now you are ready to simultaneously charge and synchronize your PDA / Handheld Device.
    3. Disconnect both ends from your PDA / Handheld Device and your computer. Then gently pull both ends of the cable to retract.

    Set includes:
    PDA USB Sync-Charge-Data Retractable Cable