Phone Copier Express

Phone Copier Express
Price: 684.62 USD

Phone Copier Express

The most intelligent tool for phone-to-phone transfer of content across all brands.

An extremely fast one-touch transfer so easy that even a child (or your customer) can do it.

Without any data a phone is just a piece of hardware. The most precious thing in any phone is the content. Your contacts, messages, photos, music and videos. Connect your customer with their memories and they will remember you.

Buying a new phone can be an exciting thing but the process of transferring all the valuable content into a new phone is not so exciting. It can actually be quite a headache, especially if you are transferring across brands. Phone Copier Express is not only able to copy this precious data from one brand to another but it also intelligently places all the data in the right places so the phone is ready for complete enjoyment from the moment the customer walks out of the store.

Every single customer has valuable content that they want transferred to their new phone. It is an important, yet difficult task that you can solve for your customers with a single touch.

Why wouldn’t you?

Phone Copier Express is perfect for:

Wireless Carriers/Cellular Retail Stores

  • Gain an advantage on your competitors and provide the most complete service
  • Create a worry-free path for your competitors’ customers to switch to your phones
  • So easy you can let the customer do it themselves at a self-serve kiosk
  • Provide a more complete service and make extra money as well
  • A white label solution ready to be branded with your name and logo

OEM Manufacturers

  • Provide a version to your retail partners that is locked to your brand
  • Pre-load our mobile app into your phones and transfer contacts and messages with one swipe

Medium to Large Companies

  • Use one tool to manage all company phones
  • Have a new employee’s company phone fully loaded and ready in minutes
  • Wipe important data from a departing employee’s phone or store it in the cloud

Third Party Service Providers

  • Equip your team with a transfer tool compatible with any phone you may need to service
  • Provide a more complete service in less time with the fastest content transfer available

Why Choose Phone Copier Express?

Extremely Fast and Incredibly Easy

Connect the phones. Select what you want to transfer. Press Copy. That’s it!

Automatic detection recognizes both phones within seconds. Choose from contacts, messages, photos, videos, music and organizer. Phone Copier Express utilizes a completely new way to transfer media files which allows for the fastest transfer available on the market.

Intelligent Transfer by the Phone Experts

Phone Copier Express has been instilled with our incomparable know-how on phone data extraction that we have developed over the last ten years. In addition to supporting common mobile phone brands like HTC, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, and Motorola, MOBILedit! is also at the forefront in supporting the many different smartphone operating systems including Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian, WM/Windows Phone and Bada.

Our technology of extracting data and understanding hundreds of different protocols is what led the US Military, FBI, CIA, IRS and police departments in 75 different countries to rely on our expertise for their forensic software and now you can have this expertise available for use in your company.

Efficient Self-serve Setup

Our application is so easy to use that you can let the customer do it themselves at a self-serve kiosk. You will be providing a more complete service to your customers with no additional employee time required to deploy it.