Repairing Handbook for Nokia 3510 (NHM-8NX)

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It is one of repairing handbooks series usefull in finding a damage in phone and then repairing it. Our 112 pages book includes phone's schemes, diagrams showing what you should check or do to recognize the problem and then repair.

Our service book is in Arabic and English only

Below you can find index of the book:
General Information
Disassembly Instruction
System model and USER Interface
- Technical summary
- DC-characteristics
- Modes of Operation
- Charging
- Circuitry Electrical Characteristics
- Power Up and Reset
- A/D Channels
- LCD & Keyboard Backligt
- Internal Audio
- Keyboard
- Memory Module
- Test points
- RF block diagram
- Frequency synthesizers
- Receiver
- Transmitter
- Synthesizer and RF Control
Parts list
- Transceiver Troubleshooting
- Troubleshooting steps
- General Instructions
- Baseband Troubleshooting
- Baseband Testpoints
- Fault Finding Charts
- Phone is dead
- Flash programming does not work
- Power does not stay on or phone is jammed
- Display information: "Contact Service"
- Phone does not register into the network or the phone cannot make a call
- SIM related faults
- Insert SIM card fault
- Audio related faults
- Charging failure
RF Troubleshooting
- General description of the RF circuits
- Receiver
- General Instructions for GSM900 RX Troubleshooting
- Fault Finding Chart for GSM900 Receiver
- General Instructions for GSM1800 RX Troubleshooting
- Fault Finding Chart for GSM1800 Receiver
- Measurement points in the receiver
- Transmitter
- Measurement points for the transmitter
- General instructions for GSM TX troubleshooting
- Fault finding chart for GSM900 transmitter
- PCN Transmitter
- General instructions for PCN TX troubleshooting
- Synthesizer
- General Instructions for Synthesizer troubleshooting
- 26 Mhz Reference Oscillator (VCXO)
- Fault finding chart for PLL Synthesizer
- Measurement points for the PLL
- Frequency lists
Circuit Theory Diagram