Repairing handbook for Nokia 5510

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It is one of repairing handbooks series usefull in finding a damage in phone and then repairing it. Our 64-pages book includes phone's schemes, diagrams showing what you should check or do to recognize the problem and then repair.
Our service book is in English only

Below you can find index of the book:
Chapter 1 Disassembly Instructions for Nokia 5510 Mobile Phone
Chapter 2 Typical circuits Analysis for Nokia 5510 Mobile Phone
[ Circuit analysis for RF part ]
2.1 RX flow
2.2 ANT and ANTSW circuitry
2.3 RX HF amplifier circuitry
2.4 RX MIX circuitry

[ Circuit analysis for Transmitter ]
2.5 TX modulation circuitry
2.6 TX PA circuitry

[ Circuit analysis for VCO and FS ]
2.7 VCO circuitry
2.8 N500 IF IC circuitry

[Circuitry analysis for power part ]
2.9 Whole phone supply power
2.10 ON/OFF circuitry
2.11 Charge control circuitry

[ Circuitry analysis for audio and logic control part ]
2.12 Audio circuitry
2.13 Logic control circuitry
2.14 26Mhz clock circuitry
2.15 32.768KHz clock circuitry
2.16 LCD circuitry
2.17 EN connector circuitry
2.18 SIM Card circuitry
Appendix: Parameter of Nokia 5510 LCD and B-to-B connector

Chapter 3 Troubles Detection and Shooting for Nokia 5510 Mobile Phone
3.1 Phone doesn't switch on
3.2 Not charging
3.4 SIM Card fault
3.5 Audio faults
3.6 User interface fault
3.7 Buzzer failure
3.8 Clock time problems
3.9 No service/No or too low TX power GSM900
3.10 No or too low TX power GSM1800
3.11 No RX calibration GSM900 possible
3.12 Poor service or no network coverage
3.13 No RX calibration GSM1800 possible
3.14 Phone doesn't switch on
3.15 FLASH update not possible
3.16 Phone intermittently switches off or doesn't switch on
3.17 Power consumption (leakage)

Chapter 4 NOKIA Four In One Software Maintenance Instrument
Nokia 5510 Mobile phone components layout diagram 1
Nokia 5510 Mobile phone components layout diagram 2
Nokia 5510 Mobile phone troubles shooting color diagram