Repairing handbook for SAMSUNG SGH-A100 / A188

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It is one of repairing handbooks series usefull in finding a damage in phone and then repairing it. Our 80 pages book includes phone's schemes, diagrams showing what you should check or do to recognize the problem and then repair.
Our service book is in English only

Below you can find index of the book:
Chapter 1 Hints for disassembly SAMSUNH SGH-A100/A188 Mobile Phone
Chapter 2 Analysis to Typical Circuit of SAMSUNG SGH-A100/A188 Mobile Phone

2.1 LCD circuit
2.2 Background light circuit
2.3 Keypad circuit
2.4 Keypad light circuit
2.5 Service LED circuit
2.6 Leaf cover control circuit (magnetron)
2.7 Buzzer circuit
2.8 Vibration circuit
2.9 Earphone and handset circuit
2.10 MIC interface circuit
2.11 External interface circuit (bottom socket)
2.12 Power supply circuit
2.13 SIM Card circuit
2.14 RF circuit
2.15 Power amplifier and power control circuit
2.16 Logical control units circuit

Chapter 3 Hardware Troubleshooting and Detection for SAMSUNG SGH-A100/A188 Mobile Phone
3.1 No display
3.2 No LCK background light
3.3 Key flush with keypad
3.4 No keypad light, no service light and indication
3.5 Failing to turn over the leaf cover to call
3.6 Failing to accept SIMCard
3.7 Failing to charge
3.8 Failing to power on
3.9 No signal
3.10 Failing to transmit
3.11 Failing to vibrate
3.12 No voice in earphone
3.13 Vain MIC failure

Chapter 4 Software Troubleshooting SAMSUNG SGH-A100/A188 Mobile Phone

SAMSUNG SGH-A100/A188 components placement layouts 1
SAMSUNG SGH-A100/A188 components placement layouts 2
SAMSUNG SGH-A100/A188 troubleshooting color diagram 1
SAMSUNG SGH-A100/A188 troubleshooting color diagram 2