S-Card for Smart Clip

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Price: 55.94 USD
S-Card for Smart Clip is a new product of Smart-Clip Team which gives a new security and new software licence. Now using S-Card you can easily update your clip, use Smart-Moto on each PC computer and you do not have to generate licences any more ! Thanks to S-Card you get easy access to the newest firmware files.

  • possibility to use new updates of Smart-Moto and new firmware updates for Smart Clip (without S-Card you cannot obtain future updates)
  • possibility to use Smart-Moto on any computer - just connect S-card and Smart Clip to other computer
  • easy access to support full of special flash files (direct mode) which allows you to flash without test point (TestPoint connection method is not necessary for flashing anymore)

    You must have an active access to boot-loader.com to be able to download the newest firmware files. If your account has already expired please contact us to purchase new account.

    Frequently asked questions:
    Question: I have Smart Clip clone. Can I buy S-Card to receive access to the newest updates ?
    Answer: No, to use S-card you must have original and 100% working Smart Clip. Your clip musn't be damaged (like Firmware not found).

    Question: I've bought S-card dongle, but I do not have access to firmware files.
    Answer: You must have a seperate access account to download files from boot-loader.com - if your access expired you have to purchase access for another period.

    Question: Is it true that after purchase of S-Card I will not be able to use old format flash files ?
    Answer: Yes - since Smart Moto version 2.0 there is a new format of flash files. Old format files are not supported any more.

    Set includes:
  • S-card usb key
  • warranty