SE Kulankendi server DB2020 CID49 CID51 CID52 - 1 credit

kulankendi, server
Price: 8.29 USD
SE Kulankendi server DB2020 CID49 CID51 CID52 - 1 credit - is a server solution software that allows easily flash, debrand the newest SE DB2020 phones (W850, K800, K790, K610, K618, V630, W710, Z710, Z610). Till now there are no other so simple solutions to flash these phons - just use a DCU60 cable and repair dead phones, reset phone code etc.
Added support for DB3150(A2) platform: K630i,K850i,V640i,W910i,Z750i - finalization, clear user code, change CDA, reset call time
Added patch unlock for db2020 via DCU-60 usb cable: W850(i), K800(i), K790(i), K610(i), K618(i), V630(i), W710(i), W710(c), Z710(i), Z710(c), Z610(i) CID 49 and 51, 52
For unlock you need 1 credit only !
NEW CREDIT COUNTING RULES! Now 3 operations per phone are allowed for 1 credit in 24 hours.
Before unlock please check if phone's battery is charged at least in 50%.

Procedure of unlock DB2020 CID49, 51:
1. Open KKClient v1.54, it will create directory "SLF_FILES"
2. Download SFL files from and unpack into directory "SFL_Files"
3. Files must be in "SFL_Files" directory like for example X:\path_to_KKClient\SFL_Files\*.sfl where x: is your hard drive letter
4. Now KKClient is ready to work. Before unlock of each phone we strongly recommend to check if unlock of certain phone's firmware is possible or not ( for now it works only with USB cable )
5. If application tells you that your phone's firmware is supported please change cable into rs232 in menu, press SETTINGS and then press DETECT, wait few seconds and select COM port and kind of cable/box, then set speed (we recommend 921600), select option "use rs232 communication" and press ACCEPT.
6. If you unlock it for the first time please check if phone communicates by RS232 - press "READ INFO" and connect phone. If you do not have Autoignition cable press shortly POWER button in phone for ignition.
7. If everything goes without a problem you have to choose option "Simlock CID49, 51" and press button "FLASH PHONE".
8. Wait until program finish - it can take around 50 seconds.

What should I do in case of errors ?
This method of unlocking requires few tricks and it may look like killing a phone. Do not worry - if you see any error please disconnect phone, remove and insert batter and check if phone powers on. If phone does not power on you have to flash phone only with main file (with the same firmware version, which was in the phone) and everything will be ok.

Phone's firmware version was not supported, but I tried to unlock it.
In this situation phone will be like 'dead', because there is no recovery file. You must flash phone only with main file and then everthing will be ok, but it will neeed 1 credit. Because of it we recommend to always check before unlock if certain firmware is supported or not.

Supported models for other operations:
  • DB3150(A2): K630i,K850i,V640i,W910i,Z750i
  • W850, W850i
  • K550, K550i, K550c
  • K800, K800i
  • K810, K810i
  • K790, K790i
  • K610, K610i
  • K618, K618i
  • V630, V630i
  • W710, W710i, W710c
  • Z710, Z710i, Z710c
  • Z610, Z610i
  • P990, P990i (CDA change and debrand, unlock not supported)
  • M600, M600i (CDA change and debrand, unlock not supported)
  • W950, W950i (CDA change and debrand, unlock not supported)

    Server Features:
  • DB3150(A2): K630i,K850i,V640i,W910i,Z750i - finalization, clear user code, change CDA, reset call time
  • DB2020 CID49, CID51, CID52 unlock by flash patch
  • Language change
  • Phone software upgrade
  • Decustomize phone
  • Repair dead phones
  • Repair phones with damaged EROM ( red led blinking )
  • Reset talk counter
  • Reset phone code
  • Auto save login details for server
  • Auto-Update client software
  • Multi-Language client software interface
  • MCC-MNC reading information World first !!!
  • Lock level reading information World first !!!
  • Total Call Time reading information added World first !!!
  • Phone Code lock status reading information World first !!!
  • RS232 communication support (for EROM update) World first !!!
  • Reset flip counter option . Please use only on phones with flip(Z610i etc)!.
  • Delete startup logo(and animations) option(please read on forum how it works before use it).
  • Custom CDA change option added .
  • P990 Read Information and User Code supported
  • P 990(i) CDA Changing ( debrand )
  • M 600(i) CDA Changing ( debrand )
  • W 950(i) CDA Changing ( debrand )

    NOTE: Logger requires DCU60 cable - you can buy it in our shop.

    Set contains:
  • credit(s) for chosen operations (each operation = 1 credit)
  • logger for download from
  • personal login and pass to server