SE TOOL BOX 3 activation

SE TOOL BOX 3 activation
Price: 108.29 USD
SE TOOL BOX 3 activation - we sell 30 logs from which 20 logs must be used to update Se Tool Box 3. After activation Se Tool Box 3 will have access to the newest support server and work with these updates:

- updated a2 loaders
- updated s1 loaders
- different cosmetic bugfixes
- different bugfixes

- lg gt40x phones unlock/repair/flash functionality now works as intended, check FAQ for details
- no need to reflash after unlock some specific lg db3200-based phones from now on
- lg db3200-based phones now can utilize full USB2.0 speed
- further decreased memory usage during flashing of x1-alike phones
- different cosmetic bugfixes

- increased server communication timeouts, can help in case of timeout errors
- different cosmetic bugfixes

- x10mini support added.
yes, network unlock still unavailable for public.
do not ask us for special x10-enabled accounts - they not exists.

- fatal flashing bug fixed.
odm phones, pda phones was affected.
greatly sorry for inconveniences.
- memory consumption decreased while flashing x10 phones.

- added support for qsd8250-based semc phones (x10 at the moment).
flashing,gesture lock reset,trim area read/write is standalone and free please note, high quality usb cable required to work with x10.
network unlock is server-based and paid.
x10 network unlock disabled for public at the moment.
- added support for a2 cid81 phones.
flashing,user lock reset,gdfs area read/write is standalone and free network unlock is server-based and paid.
- few cosmetic fixes

- some newer ODM firmwares were not parsed properly, fixed
- few cosmetic fixes

- Added support for samsung m5650 phone.
It is absolutely necessary to select correct model, otherwise phone will be trashed.
aAways add main part of firmware first.
- Added unlock codes calculation for samsung s5320,m5650 phones. Select correct model, check signed mode, press unlock.
It is absolutely necessary to select correct model, otherwise nothing good will be done.
- A2 emptyboard fill procedure now works as intended
- Fixed support for unlock a2 cid80 phones, when signature server offline
- Fixed few minor bugs
- Updated drivers

- Broken db2000,db2010 red cid49 support unsigned mode, fixed

- Added preliminary support for a2 cid26 phones (s5320 at the moment) at the moment, network unlock possible by flashing special firmware from support samsung s5320 should be connected with "9+#" pressed in order to enter boot mode. all other functions supported without notable exceptions.
- Added a2 db3150,db3200,db3210 emptyboard fill support.
you need special cable in order to successfully write OTP chip, +7.5v should be applied to DCIO (charger pin, pin 12)

Set includes:
- 30 pcs se tool 3 logs