SETool RJ45 Resurrection cable SE U20i (X10 Mini Pro)

SETool RJ45 Resurrection cable SE U20i (X10 Mini Pro)
Price: 8.29 USD
Take advantage of the latest SETool release v1.12 with this special cable by GPG. Now you can repair damaged security zones using this special Qualcomm Resurrection cable by GPG.

Sony Ericsson models that require these cables are:
  • Sony Ericsson U20i (X10 Mini Pro)

SETool V1.12 Release Notes
- added altbypass support for xperia arc_s model, in other words, phones with 8255T chipset fully supported.
- added resurrection support for s1 qualcomm-based phones with totally damaged security zone.
resurrection procedure will be described in FAQ later, however, in short it is standard "recovery+write gdfs+unlocking" chain. 7227,8250-based phones require special uart cables ( pinout included in docs ), however it is highly recommended to use special GPG cables 8x55-based phones does not require any special cables.
as side effect, imei repair possible now for s1 qualcomm-based phones. for 7227,8250-based phones need select COM as interface, options are: ( signed mode, altbypass mode, do full unlock, allow to change repair when unlocking, use testpoint (gnd type) ) for 8x50-based phones need select USB as interface, options are: ( signed mode, altbypass mode, do full unlock, allow to repair imei when unlocking )
cost of imei repair 5 credits, please take in mind, that if you repair imei, phone need to be unlocked, so add another 5 credits for unlock procedure.
if you have calculated signature for some imei, then you can save 5 credits for unlocking - added few models to model list, so users don't get confused
- different bugfixes


You need to be running at least version 1.12 of SETool software.

Important Requirements
Please Note: To use SETool software v1.12 and higher you will need the new GSM-Support SETool Unlocking Box to put your setool card in, as old metal box's cannot read the card using 1.12 onwards.

Also Note: You will also need a uni pinout box to use the cables. Old metal box's are not uni pinout. The GSM-Support SETool Unlocking Box is a uni pinout box too and is needed to use these cables.

Pack Contents
1 X GPG SETool Qualcomm Resurrection Cable for U20i (X10 Mini Pro)