Test Point Box

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Price: 42.57 USD
This 2-in-1 test point unlock box gives you the power to safely and successfully unlock / flash any phones that require testpoint. This box offers an excellent testpoint grounding feature + also powers the phone too !!!!

Compatible with any mobile phone and service equipment tool that supports testpoint unlocking/flashing

Remember the TP BOX also powers your phones as well as grounds the testpoints !!!! (2-in-1)

TIP The TP Box is also a handy power supply to power phones that have a flat battery, and you need to unlock it quickly !!

  • Built in power supply to power the phone you are unlocking. This feature rids you of any battery balancing problems, that are both unsafe and hinder your work. Giving you a safe and secure power supply while flashing or unlocking mobile phones
  • High Ratio Ground built into the box, enabling you to quickly ground testpoints, enabling successful unlocking and flashing of phones when needed.
  • Rechargeable built in battery simply chargers via standard Nokia charger, giving you full portability !!

  • Any phone that requires the power or testpoint features of the box. ie. Motorola, Sagem, SonyEricsson etc.
  • Any service / unlock equipment that requires the power or testpoint features of the box. ie. Smart-Clip, USB Smart, Cruiser, Se-Tool, Multibox, Universal Box, SWS, Sagem Code Reader etc....

    Set includes:
  • TP BOX ( tough high impact die cast alloy )
  • Built in rechargeable power supply
  • Built in power connectors to power the phone you are working with
  • Built in Testpoint Cable for solid testpoint grounding