TMA Evolution

tma, ufs2, ufs3, prodigy, twister, nokia, cable, rj45
Price: 12.57 USD

TMA Evo has now a special Module power that will avoid any power surge and booting phone problems. TMA adapter allows to help customers who have many problems in putting phone into Local mode by existing cables. After connecting through TMA adapter you will be able to put phone into Local mode without any problems instead of normal powering on phone.

Usage: TMA is used for entering phone in Local Mode on factory Fbus cables if they simply power ON phone normaly. Adapter will not work if your phone "blinks" while you are trying to power it ON.

- possiblity to work on original GTI/MT-BOX 10 pin (Tx2, VPP also enabled) cables and correctly enter Local Mode by switch correct resistance on BSI line (0K; 2,2K; 3,3K; 4.7K; 5.1K, 6.8K, 7.5K, 10K)
- possibility to work on JAF 7 pin cables as well as UFS cables for Nokia and enter Local Mode by switching correct resistance on BSI line (0K; 2,2K; 3,3K; 4.7K; 5.1K, 6.8K, 7.5K, 10K)

Note: This adapter has RJ48 10-pin socket which in theory gives a possibility to connect RJ45 8-pin and RJ48 10-pin cables. In practise when you connect RJ45 cable 2 outside pins can be damaged and later there can be problems in using 10-pin cables. Because of that we recommend to use only one kind of cables (RJ45 or RJ48).

- DIP switch for to change resistance on BSI line
* 0,0K
* 2,2K
* 3,3K
* 4.7K
* 5.1K
* 6.8K
* 7.5K
* 10K
- RJ48 connector and RJ48 for connecting GTi/MTBOX cables with enabled TX2 and VPP lines and RJ45 cable for UFS/JAF cables

Package contains:
- TMA adapter