UART Clip for NS PRO

UART Clip for NS PRO
Price: 16.86 USD
UART Clip for NSPRO is a multinational cable that gives you the flexibility you need, offering a large range of resistance values, which are often needed to perform certain functions when working with modern Samsung and LG phones. You can use this cable for Flashing, Unlocking, Repair and Putting phones into Download mode.

Resistor settings:
  • 619K Samsumg Factory Mode ON S4 etc - ( Samsung S5620, C3303,19250 etc.)
  • 523K Samsung Factory Mode OFF - (Samsung S3350,19500 S4, 7369 ,C3630C, C3530,C3500 etc..)
  • 301K Samsung Factory Male ON - (Samsung 19100, M2505, 7959,19000, M1 10S, 18700 etc.)
  • 255K Samsung Factory Male OFF - (Samsung A400 etc. )
  • 150K Samsung Unlocking & Flashing - ( which needs UART Connections like C3300. C3303K etc.. )
  • 102K LG Unlocking & Flashing - (LG GS100,GS101,GS101GO,GS102,GS105,GS106,GS107,GS107a ,G5107b,GW300 etc.)