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Universal Box Can Now Unlock DCT4 Plus Ultimate Tool For Nokia & SonyEricsson Flashing / Unlocking
Following DCT4+ models unlock (free), and IMEI patch (25 credits) added!
  • Nokia 1208, 1208b: RH-105,RH-106 (5.06)
  • Nokia 2610, 2610b: RH-86, RH-87 (5.90, 6.20, 6.80)
  • Nokia 1112, 1110i: RH-93 (6.93)
  • Nokia 1112b: RH-92 (5.10, 5.53, 5.55, 6.00)NEW!
  • Nokia 1200: RH-99 (4.00, 5.06)
  • Nokia 2760: RM-258 (3.62, 4.22, 5.20)
  • Nokia 1650: RM-305 (4.11, 4.51, 5.06)NEW!
  • Nokia 2600 classic: RM-340 (5.21, 5.22) NEW!
  • Nokia 2630: RM-298 (3.82, 4.20, 4.21, 4.90, 5.20)

    NOW UNLOCKING SE DB2020: K610i, K618i, K790i, K790a, K790c, K800i, K810i, V630i, W710i, W830i, W830c, W850i, W880i, Z310i, Z610i, Z710i, Z710c, W200i, W300i, W610i including CID 52 Versions !!!

    NOW UNLOCKING Nokia ASIC 11 : 1110i, 1112, 2310, 2610

    NOW UNLOCKING Nokia BB5 6630, 6680, 6681, N70, N90 with software versions rap3g v2.11 to v2.2

    Self updating box: No login required, just simply click update !!

    Easy to use file interface for keeping up to date with latest flash files !!

    Currently there is full support for Nokia GSM, EGSM, TDMA, CDMA, WCDMA and Ericsson (Smartcard and UMTS models).

    Main Benefits
  • No login or passwords required to access updates and flash files
  • Instant High Speed access via built in file transfer software for downloading latest flash files
  • instant messages via mrc portal notifying you of updates.

    New Features That Require Credits:
  • Unlock in 15 seconds NOKIA 6630, 6680, 6681, E60, E70, N91, N70, N90 with software versions rap3g v2.11 to v2.2 = 0 credits (free)
  • Unlock A2 Models (k850, w910 etc. = 100 credits
  • Added Nokia DCT-4 Plus (1110i, 1112, 2310, 2610) unlock feature = 0 credits (free)
  • DB2020 reset user code 3 credits
  • DB2020 Flash / De-Customisation 3 credits
  • 1 RPL calculation = 10 credits.

    Universal Box Dongle was designed to be as secure as possible to make sure that you don't spend your money to a soultion which will be free tomorrow. Of course this will be more important later when we done new solutions which aren't widely available worldwide. The main software is very user friendly, it does the hard maintenance part thus users doesn't have to waste time with downloading and installing software updates.
    Universal Box is now cheaper than ever! Now you can obitain this perfect equipment for discount price from our official resellers.

    It was the first box which was able to flash Nokia models which was produced with 128K flash chip. (6020, 3320, 6060, 7260, etc...) The result was correct ringtones, pictures, ect...
    It is the first and only one solution which patches the flashes on the fly for IMEI changing on (ASIC 2) models. Our box doesn't requires standalone patch files for every single version of phone. Unlike other boxes on the market you don't have to change phone software version which is required by the patch. The bad experience with other boxes is that their developers doesn't release patches for all possible version. This is one more reason for using Universal Box

    It was the first Nokia BB5 flasher through FBUS. Who had the box that time saved a lot of headache.

    Universal Box can handle each DCT-4 software version one by one where you have to select model, version and product code. Like this you can easier load the appropriate falsh file. Also we support the older "Phoenix" style directory structures.

    Our box was the first which supports IMEI changing on SonyEricsson UMTS models. As like for Nokia, you don't have to download patch files for changing IMEI on these models because our main software patches them on the fly.

    We have implemented SonyEricsson UMTS file explorer for all UMTS models. Works similar like the well known Total Commander tool. With this file explorer you can up/download ringtones, pictures, sms and everything that belongs to a file category.

    The main software has built in file manager where you can update your box or download the latest flash files. Every box has an unique identifier, so you don't have to use username and password combination, just a single click and your box will be updated. Also you can set automatic update and when you start the Universal Box software again it performs to check for updates.

    Universal Box has MMC card unlock feature, using RJ45-MMC adapter cable.

    Here are the currently supported models/types

    Nokia BB5: 6630 RM-1, 6680 RM-36, 6681 RM-57, 6682 RM-58, N70 RM-84, N70 RM-99, N90 RM-42, 6270 RM-56, 7370 RM-70.
    Nokia DCT-4: 1100 RH-18, 1100 RH-36, 1100 RH-38, 1101 RH-75, 1110 RH-70, 1220 NKC-1, 1260 NKW-1, 1600 RH-64, 2112 RH-57, 2220 RH40-42, 2260 RH-39-41, 2270-2272 RH-3P, 2280 RH-17, 2285 RH-3, 2300 RM-4, 2300 RM-5, 2600 RH-59, 2600 RH-60, 2650 RH-53, 2651 RH-54, 30 TME-3, 31 TME-4, 3105 RH-3, 3100-3120 RH-19, 3100-3120 RH-50, 3108 RH-6, 3125 RH-61, 3200 RH-30, 3200 RH-31, 3205 RM-11, 3220 RH-37, 3220 RH-49, 3230 RM-51, 3300 NEM-1, 3300 NEM-2, 3320 NPC-1, 3360 NPW-1, 3360 NPW-PA, 3510 NHM-8, 3510i-3530 RH-9, 3520 RH-21, 3560 RH-14, 3585 NPD-1AW, 3585i NPD-4AW, 3586i RH-44, 3590 NPM-8, 3595-6010 NPM-10, 3600-3620 NHM-10, 3650 NHL-8, 3660 NHL-8, 5100 NMP-6, 5100 NMP-6x, 5140 NPL-4, 5140 NPL-5, 5140i RM-104, 6012 RM-20, 6015 RH-15, 6020 RM-30, 6020 RM-31, 6021 RM-94, 6030 RM-74, 6060 RH-73, 610 TFE-4, 6100 NPL-2, 6101 RM-76, 6101 RM-77, 6108 RH-8, 6111 RM-82, 616-RV-1, 6170 RM-47, 6170 RM-48, 6200 NPL-3, 6220 RH-20, 6225 RH-27, 6230 RH-12, 6230 RH-28, 6230i RM-72, 6235 RM-60, 6255 RM-66, 6260 RM-25, 6310 NME-4, 6310i NPL-1, 6340 NPM-2NX, 6340i RH-13, 6360 NPW-2, 6385 NHP-2AX, 6510 NPM-9, 6560 RH-25, 6586 RH-27, 6590 NSM-9, 6600 NHL-10, 6610 NHL-4U, 6610i RM-37, 6620 NHL-12, 6650 NHM-1, 6651 NMM-1, 6670 RH-67, 6800 NHL-6, 6800 NSB-9, 6810 RM-2, 6820 NHL-9, 6820 RH-26, 6822 RM-68, 6822 RM-69, 7200 RH-23, 7210 NHL-4, 7250 NHL-4J, 7250i NHL-4JX, 7260 RM-17, 7270 RM-8, 7280 RM-14, 7360 RM-127, 7380 RM-111, 7600 NMM-3, 7610 RH-51, 7610 RH-51, 7650 NHL-2NA, 7710 RM-12, 810 TFE-4R, 8310 NHM-7, 8390 NSB-8, 8800 RM-13, 8910 NHM-4, 8910i NHM-4NX, 9300 RAE-6, 9500 RA-2, D211-DTE-1, NGAGE NEM-4, NGAGEQD RH-29, NGAGEQD RH-47, PT6 PT-6.

    Nokia DCT-3: 2100, 3200, 3310, 3315, 3330, 3350, 3390, 3395, 3410, 3610, 5110, 5120, 5210, 5510, 6080, 6090, 6110, 6130, 6150, 6210, 6250, 7110, 8210, 8250, 8290, 8810, 8850, 8855, 8890, 9210.

    SonyEricsson Smart card type: A3618, J200, J210, P800, P802, P900, P910, R520, R600, T39, T65, T68, T100, T106, T200, T202, T226, T230, T237, T238, T290, T300, T302, T306, T310, T312, T316, T66, T600, T610, T616, T618, T628, T630, T637, Z200, Z600.

    UMTS type: D750, F500, J300, K300, K500, K506, K508, K600, K608, K700, K750, S700, V600, V800, V802,W500, W600, W800, W900, Z1010, Z500, Z520, Z800.

    Universal Box is a very secure standalone modular tool for mobile phones. Modular because you can extend its functionaitly with algorithms to work on more models. The device uses paralell or USB port to communicate with the computer. The box comes with the main software which keeps the box's software modules (algorithms) up to date.

    This product doesn't need internet connection for the everyday work, but it is recommended that you use on a computer which has internet connection to update your box with the latest software and algorithms if available. Universal Box requires Windows XP/2000/98/ME operating system.

    Set includes:
    -Universal Box
    -4 cable (lg 3g, t68, k750, c62)

    History of Universal Box updates:
    2007-09-18 10:09:25

    Released version: 2.3.8 at 18/09/2007

    Added support for DB2020 standalone flashing
    Fixed DB2020 IMEI bug
    Fixed BB5 USB flashing bug

    2007-08-16 14:09:57

    Released version: 2.3.7 at 16/08/2007

    Added support for SonyEricsson P1 flash and unlock

    2007-08-09 10:08:26

    Released version: 2.3.6 at 09/08/2007

    Reduced DB2020 IMEI repair credit usage
    Improved DCT4 boot enter method

    2007-07-25 14:07:27

    Released version: 2.3.5 at 25/07/2007

    Added DB2020 IMEI repair function by patch for CID49,51 phones, consuming credits
    Fixed Z310 unlock by FBUS cable

    2007-07-17 08:07:59

    Released version: 2.3.4 at 17/07/2007

    Added DCT4 ASIC11 IMEI repair function by patch

    2007-07-08 08:07:12

    Released version: 2.3.3 at 08/07/2007

    Added BB5PM Auth function
    Fixed DCT4Plus memory read speed on several phones
    Fixed 1600b unlock
    Fixed reset warranty on all DCT4 phones

    2007-06-26 10:06:31

    Released version: 2.3.2 at 26/06/2007

    Fixed BB5 APE flashing bug
    Added function to set the UCP block size to 128k manually when flashing BB5 phones by dead USB or FBUS
    Added support for Ericsson K618, W580, W660, W888

    2007-06-24 22:06:41

    Released version: 2.3.1 at 24/06/2007

    Fixed DB2010 unlock / flash bug without smartcard (jump in flash problem)
    Fixed Ericsson W200 flashing, and unlocking problem
    Fixed Nokia DCT4Plus IMEI repair bug
    Added Ericsson Z310 CID52 flash / unlock support
    Added flashing support for latest Nokia BB5 phones (N76, 6110n and more)

    2007-06-20 18:06:36

    Released version: 2.3.0 at 20/06/2007

    Implemented Ericsson DB2020 CID49,51 unlock by patch
    Fixed Z310 unlock
    Added support for Ericsson W200, S500 unlock and flash
    Added support for Ericsson DB2020 unlock by log with FBUS cable

    2007-06-15 17:06:15

    Released version: 2.2.9 at 15/06/2007

    Implemented new Ericsson DB2020 (all current CIDs) unlock feature This feature consists of 3 steps:
    1. Create and send a SIMLock sign request for a phone with Send LOG button
    2. After approximately 24-48 hours you can request the result with the Request LOG button
    3. If the SIMLock signing was successful, you can immediately activate the SIMLock area with the Activate button
    Fixed DCT4 / DCT4Plus IMEI repair feature for phones equipped with ST flash
    Added support for Ericsson W610 phone

    2007-06-09 09:06:04

    Released version: 2.2.8 at 09/06/2007

    Added support for changing IMEI on all ASIC2 DCT4 / DCT4Plus phones on all versions, consuming credits You should have 500 credits when using this feature first time to acquire the rights to use this feature later. The 500 credits can be used for any operation
    Fixed BB5 USB flashing problem
    Fixed BB5 128k UCP flash support

    2007-05-18 06:05:16

    Released version: 2.2.7 at 17/05/2007

    Added support for unlocking BB5 RAP3G models (6630, 6680, N70, N90) yet only by FBUS cable
    Added support for flashing Nokia N95 by USB cable

    2007-05-09 09:05:51

    Released version: 2.2.6 at 09/05/2007

    Added support for Ericsson K810 phone
    Added support for Ericsson Z310 phone

    2007-03-20 08:03:33

    Released version: 2.2.5 at 20/03/2007

    Added support for DB2020 CID52 conversion
    Added support for DB2020 CID52 flash, lock / unlock
    Added support for Ericsson Z558
    Improved server communication

    2007-03-09 07:23:19

    Released version: 2.2.4 at 05/03/2007

    Added flashing support for Ericsson K320 model
    Added service check availability for DB2020 unlock

    2007-03-05 08:03:39

    Released version: 2.2.3 at 05/03/2007

    Fixed Ericsson DB2020 CID51 FBUS flashing bug

    2007-03-02 06:17:05

    Released version: 2.2.2 at 02/03/2007

    Fixed Nokia DCT-3 flash bug
    Added support for unlocking Ericsson EPOC phones
    Added support for Ericsson M608, W958, Z525, W830

    2007-02-28 08:02:33

    Released version: 2.2.1 at 28/02/2007

    Fixed BB5 FBUS flash 128k UCP support
    Added support for Ericsson W880, K550 models
    Added support for flashing Nokia E65

    2007-02-23 06:02:19

    Released version: 2.2.0 at 17/02/2007

    Added support for BB5 downgrade flash with FBUS cable
    Reworked flashing of Ericsson EPOC phones

    2007-02-17 05:01:17

    Released version: 2.1.9 at 17/02/2007

    Added support for flashing Ericsson EPOC phones (M600, P990, W950)

    2007-02-01 06:02:49

    Released version: 2.1.8 at 31/01/2007

    Added support for Nokia 6060 unlock

    2007-01-19 12:01:00

    Released version: 2.1.7 at 19/01/2007

    Fixed DB2020 unlock with USB cable

    2007-01-18 11:01:11

    Released version: 2.1.6 at 18/01/2007

    Added support for DCT4Plus unlock without credits

    2007-01-17 15:01:57

    Released version: 2.1.5 at 16/01/2007

    Fixed UMTS FBUS unlock and flash support
    Added support for DB2020 GDFS download by USB cable, which doesn't take credit
    Added support for checking the necessity of SIMLock signing by USB cable without taking credit IMPORTANT: Due to the necessity of the DCU-60 USB cable during DB2020 unlock procedure we still recommend to EVERYONE to use USB cable for the whole operation For further instructions please refer to this manual.

    2007-01-16 11:01:26

    Released version: 2.1.4 at 16/01/2007

    Fixed WD2 flash, and RPL write support

    2007-01-15 10:01:33

    Released version: 2.1.3 at 15/01/2007

    Fixed DB2020 flash, lock / unlock with FBUS cable
    Added feature to skip overwrite of security fields when writing GDFS
    CSCA activation availability check takes place before SIMLock signing, when USB mode is checked

    2007-01-12 09:01:07

    Released version: 2.1.2 at 12/01/2007

    Added support for DB2020 CID51 flash, lock / unlock
    Fixed old smartcard phones (T230, T610) unlock
    Reworked DB2020 read info, this won't take credits any more

    2007-01-12 04:01:47

    Released version: 2.1.1 at 12/01/2007

    Added check for SIMLock sign at DB2020 unlock, so if the program fails the second part of unlock, the first part can be skipped next time
    Added a feature that can warn you before credit usage, you have to activate this feature at Setup/General tab
    Added Nokia DCT-4, BB5 language read from INI file feature

    2007-01-10 11:01:29

    Released version: 2.1.0 at 11/01/2007

    Fixed, and re-enabled Ericsson DB2020 unlock / lock

    2006-12-28 11:01:16

    Released version: 2.0.9 at 30/11/2006

    Temporary disabled Ericsson DB2020 unlock / lock
    Fixed flash / unlock of UMTS phones

    2006-12-26 01:20:50

    Released version: 2.0.8 at 25/12/2006

    Added support for Ericsson DB2020 unlock / lock. To unlock DB2020 phone you need to have a DCU-60 cable, install the USB flash and device manager driver the drivers are included in the important file package, so it is downloaded to your \Uni\Files\Ericsson\Drivers\ directory during self update. To install the USB flash driver you have to disconnect the cable, turn off the phone and connect the DCU-60 cable while pressing the C button. You can find the USB flash driver at \Uni\Files\Ericsson\Drivers\Gordons Gate\ directory. To install the device manager driver you have to disconnect the cable, turn on the phone and connect the DCU-60 cable. You can find the device manager driver for the K800 at \Uni\Files\Ericsson\Drivers\K800\ directory
    Added support for usb unlocking / flashing with DCU-60 cable by smartcard the DB2020 unlock consists of two parts, for the first part you can do by DCU-60, or FBUS cable via UniversalBox, for second part DCU-60 cable is needed, so we recommend to use USB mode from the start to avoid changing cables during unlock

    2006-11-30 09:11:27

    Released version: 2.0.7 at 30/11/2006

    Added support for Nokia BB5 USB 128k UCP flashing

    2006-11-21 17:11:21

    Released version: 2.0.6 at 21/11/2006

    Fixed Nokia DCT-4 NAND flash (6230i PPM / UCP) bug

    2006-11-21 10:11:52

    Released version: 2.0.5 at 20/11/2006

    Improved DCT-4 Plus detection

    2006-11-16 17:11:28

    Released version: 2.0.4 at 16/11/2006

    Fixed an issue when flashing/unlocking ASIC11 with Enable FTP checked, the phone dies

    2006-11-15 08:11:15

    Released version: 2.0.3 at 15/11/2006

    Fixed unlock after PM write
    Added new DCT-4 Product code information
    Fixed DCT-4 read simlock info from phone

    2006-11-14 12:11:26

    Released version: 2.0.2 at 14/11/2006

    Added Nokia DCT-4 Plus (1110i, 1112, 2310, 2610) unlock feature, currently for 12 credits

    2006-11-03 17:11:36

    Released version: 2.0.1 at 03/11/2006

    Added Nokia DCT-4 ASIC2 new software (1100, 1600, 2300, 2600) unlock feature

    2006-11-01 17:12:35

    Released version: 2.0.0 at 01/11/2006

    Fixed Ericsson W550 loader error
    Added support for OneNAND flash chips, so W900 can be flashed without smartcard again
    Added support for compressed UGDFS files

    2006-10-28 12:17:00

    Released version: 1.9.9 at 27/10/2006

    Added support for AMD flash chips, so LG page is enabled again
    Fixed read/write GDFS feature with smartcard
    Added make important GDFS values after flash feature. This will do the selected jobs on the GDFS page after flash

    2006-10-19 18:23:15

    Released version: 1.9.8 at 19/10/2006

    Added automatic BROWN49 to RED conversion on DB2010 models
    Added Reset user code feature on DB2020 models
    Added Download/Upload GDFS image feature on DB2000 and DB2010 models
    LG and W900 flashing without smartcard is not supported yet, due to new ONENAND, and AMD flash chips
    However W900 flashing is available with smartcard, the LG page is temporary disabled until these flash chips will be supported
    Fixed DB2010 BROWN36 flashloader, to work with K300, J300, and K750 correctly

    2006-10-17 18:15:36

    Released version: 1.9.7 at 17/10/2006

    Fixed several problems, and mistakes like:
    K600,V600,V800,W900,K750 preloader was missing
    Several DEFAULT.CUS file were missing
    RED36, RED37 to BROWN conversion fixed

    2006-10-16 18:36:51

    Released version: 1.9.6 at 16/10/2006

    Heavily reworked our Ericsson UMTS support. We have implemented new loader which helps us to extend functionalities in the future. Because of this we will be able to add support faster. Currently added functions with this feature:
    IMEI patch software on the fly
    IMEI write without testpoint
    Automatic flash restore on newer flash types (intel control flash)

    2006-08-14 18:08:04

    Released version: 1.9.5 at 14/08/2006

    Added support for Nokia N93 FBUS flashing

    2006-08-11 19:08:32

    Released version: 1.9.4 at 11/08/2006

    Added support for flashing latest BB5 models, screenshots here
    When selecting new DCT-4 model, the PM selection checkbox unchecks itself

    2006-08-08 20:08:50

    Released version: 1.9.3 at 08/08/2006

    Added Ericsson W300, W700, Z550 flashing, and unlock support
    Fixed warranty reset bug on several ASIC2 phones
    Implemented Nokia 1600 new version phone unlock
    Added ability to write only flash checksum from RPL file

    2006-07-10 17:07:36

    Released version: 1.9.2 at 10/07/2006

    Added Ericsson K800, K610 (DB2020) flashing support with SmartCard. This is only a minor Ericsson update, further Ericsson update is coming in about two weeks

    2006-07-07 18:07:54

    Released version: 1.9.1 at 07/07/2006

    Implemented Nokia DCT-4 RPL calculation, and IMEI repair function online, and realtime. You can find information about credit costs here

    2006-06-22 15:23:29

    Released version: 1.9.0 at 22/06/2006

    Implemented new SMCU boot algo. New version software is needed to update boot

    2006-06-06 18:06:06

    Released version: 1.8.9 at 06/06/2006

    Improved logging system
    Fixed DCT-4 ASK format error due to ASIC2 intel.fia loader
    Added BB5 PP file upload support

    2006-05-30 16:05:13

    Released version: 1.8.7 at 30/05/2006

    Added Nokia DCT-4 after flash process functions: Reset warranty, and Upload PM
    Improved Nokia BB5 Format user area function
    Changed Nokia DCT-4 ASK file generation to new format
    Improved MMC card functions. Now you can lock/unlock card with password, and read card info.For the enhanced functions new page added for MMC card maintenance, under Misc tab

    2006-05-26 15:05:24

    Released version: 1.8.6 at 25/05/2006

    Added Nokia BB5 USB flash support. Dead USB flashing also supported on models where available (Screenshots are available here ) (We still find FBUS flashing more reliable, because dead USB flashing is not supported on every models, and flashing with USB cable you always have to flash MCU file too. So we recommend you to get FBUS cables for each phone
    Added Nokia BB5 ADSP flash support on FBUS

    2006-05-08 13:06:07

    Released version: 1.8.5 at 05/05/2006

    Added support for latest Nokia BB5 phones (6131, N80, N91)

    2006-05-08 13:05:42

    Released version: 1.8.4 at 28/04/2006

    Fixed Nokia BB5 flash bug due to 6280 AMD flash chip support

    2006-04-27 19:04:25

    Released version: 1.8.3 at 27/04/2006

    Added support for Nokia BB5 6280 with AMD flash chip. (To repair an already flashed 6280 you only need to flash the UCP again. This will fix empty gallery problem)

    2006-04-27 19:04:24

    Released version: 1.8.2 at 25/04/2006

    Added Ericsson Z530, W810 flashing support with SmartCard. Unlock also available, but you have to flash the phone after unlock (after unlock you have to flash the software only by selecting Use SmartCard checkbox, this won't reduce credit) (in the future flashing will be available without SmartCard)

    2006-04-27 19:04:15

    Released version: 1.8.1 at 20/04/2006

    Fixed Ericsson UMTS flash, and unlock bugs due to CID49 support
    Added server selection ability

    2006-04-19 18:04:21

    Released version: 1.8.0 at 19/04/2006

    Fixed Ericsson UMTS filesystem initialization bug
    Added Ericsson UMTS CID49 flash support without SmartCard

    2006-04-10 10:04:15

    Released version: 1.7.9 at 10/04/2006

    Fixed the recognition of new hardware boxes

    2006-04-04 17:13:49

    Released version: 1.7.8 at 04/04/2006

    Added Ericsson W900, K600, W550, W600 CID49 unlock support without testpoint, with automatic flash restore

    2006-03-15 12:04:39

    Released version: 1.7.7 at 15/03/2006

    Added Ericsson W550/W600 CID49 unlock support without testpoint
    Added DCT-4 information on hardware version (with this you can check if 6230i has new hardware)
    Improved flashing speed on Nokia, and Ericsson phones
    Fixed several minor bugs

    2006-02-17 14:23:33

    Released version: 1.7.6 at 17/02/2006

    Added Ericsson CID49 change important GDFS values by SmartCard

    2006-02-17 10:04:50

    Released version: 1.7.5 at 17/02/2006

    Fixed visibility bug at 1024*768, or smaller resolutions
    Added clear result window checkbox
    Added load files on startup checkbox
    Added Nokia flash manufacturer info
    Added Nokia DCT-4 poll unlock function

    2006-02-16 18:04:00

    Released version: 1.7.4 at 06/01/2006

    Added LG 3G flash, unlock, and IMEI repair support, for several models. More models are coming
    Added DCT-4 read lockinfo button
    Added DCT-4 Save RPL function
    Fixed 6270 new version file load bug
    Fixed SPC, and XTKSL code displaying bug
    Fixed several minor bugs
    Added messaging system
    Improved Ericsson skip software patch checkbox, now automatically reloads the main file

    2006-01-06 17:01:42

    Released version: 1.7.3 at 06/01/2006

    Fixed Nokia validity patch (Contact Service patch) for 6610i, and 7250i
    Improved write RPL function. Only starts writing RPL if external power connected, because some models need 5 Volts for RPL writing
    Fixed Nokia flash file loading. On some models PP file didn't loaded, bacause of the location of it

    2006-01-04 12:11:49

    Released version: 1.7.2 at 04/01/2006

    Re-enabled write RPL function
    Added Nokia phoenix directory selection feature on setup/general tab

    2005-12-29 13:32:27

    Released version: 1.7.1 at 29/12/2005

    Added MMC card unlock feature, using RJ45-MMC adapter cable

    2005-12-28 16:01:35

    Released version: 1.7.0 at 28/12/2005

    Fixed Nokia DCT-4 IMEI patch bug

    2005-12-27 16:01:13

    Released version: 1.6.9 at 27/12/2005

    Added Nokia DCT-4 validity patch for 6610i, and 7250i

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