Universal Repairing Handbook NET1

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Price: 2.85 USD
It is one of repairing handbooks series usefull in finding a damage in phone and then repairing it. Our 40-pages book includes high quality color photos of mobile phone's mainboards. It shows what problems can be caused by failure of certain elements in the phone.
Our service book is in English only

The book describes the following phones:
- Alcatel OT500
- Motorola V70
- Motorola V60
- Motorola V66
- Motorola V8088
- Motorola V998
- Motorola L2000
- Motorola A6188
- Motorola (Acer) T191
- Motorola T189
- Motorola T2688
- Motorola T360
- Motorola T2288
- Motorola P7689
- Motorola 368C
- Motorola cd928
- Motorola 338
- V755(750)
- Siemens C35/3508
- Siemens C25/2508