XTC Clip (WM/Android HTC Clip)

XTC Clip (WM/Android HTC Clip)
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XTC Clip (WM/Android HTC Clip) is a standalone clip that allows you to unlock HTC Android phones without need for Credits or Logs. All in reasl time by just connecting a Clip into phone.

XTC Clip

- The solution is working on any device ("S-ON" and "S-OFF" doesn't matter).
- After unlocking you have SIMLOCK removed, SuperCID (11111111) and the device is "S-OFF"
- Very simple concept, this clip is an automatic GOLD CARD Generator. It Automatically generates GOLD CARD for unlocking All hTC Android phones
-Very simple 2 minutes operation. Newest models included.
- Full factory unlock (cid, sp lock, user lock)
- One click gold card creation in just 2-4 seconds(2gb card) and 6-8 seconds (8gb card)
- Supports all android HTC
- Unlocking time 20-30 seconds

Supported models:
Windows Mobile HTC Blackstone (HTC Touch HD)
HTC Paradise
HTC Dream (A71XX)
HTC Sapphire (A61XX, Magic)
HTC Hero (A62XX)
HTC Hero (Droid Eris)
HTC Click (A3232, Tattoo)
HTC Bravo (A8181, Desire)
HTC Glacier (myTouch 4G, myTouch HD)
HTC Legend (A6363)
HTC Incredible (Droid Incredible)
HTC Espresso (MyTouch 3G Slide)
HTC Supersonic (A9292, Evo 4G)
HTC Buzz (A3333, Wildfire)
HTC Liberty (A6366, Aria)
HTC Ace (Desire HD)
HTC Desire Z (Desire Z)
HTC Gratia (A6380, Gratia)
G1 Google
HTC Schubert
HTC Spark-Trophy
HTC Mozart
HTC Surround
HTC Wildfire
HTC Tattoo
HTC Passion - Google Nexus One
HTC HD2 (Leo)
HTC Touch Pro 2 (Rhodium)
HTC Touch 2 (Mega)
HTC Touch Diamond 2 (Topaz)
HTC HD mini (Photon)

Special USB adapter with reader for HTC HD and HD7 included. Thanks to this adapter You can:
• remove simlock of your HTC windows phone 7
• remove user lock of your HTC windows phone 7
• debrand your HTC windows phone 7

Photo of set:

Movie from unlock process of HD7:

Movie from unlock process other models:

Package includes:
- XTC Clip by Manole
- 1 x Flex PCB A
- 1 x Flex PCB B
- 1 x Flex PCB connector
- 1 x HTC HD HD7 unlock kit