iPhone - sprawdzenie czarnej listy UK / USA

iPhone - sprawdzenie czarnej listy UK / USA
Cena: 8.00 PLN
Sprawdzenie czy telefon znajduje się na czarnej liście - operatorzy UK i USA.

* Sample Of Information You Will Get As Responce From Our Server: 'Clean - 2-C83444E5F65-43:25ADB81F'

* Report For Your IMEI( example 2-C83444E5F65-43:25ADB81F) You Can Always Check And Download From This Link:


* This Service Can Be Used Only For Phones And Other Electronics From UK And USA

* This Service Offers You 100% Genuine Check Provided From Checkmend And Not From Some ThirdParty

* GSM-Support Takes No Responsbility If After Checkmend Performed Your Phone Still Cannot Be Unlocked

Usługa teraz jest realizowana w czasie od 5 min do 24h (w dni robocze i w godzinach pracy).