Motorola F3 Unlock Clip

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Motorola F3 Unlock Clip – is the easiest unlock solution, available on the market yet. It is operated by one button and requires to be powered from mains adapter or even 9V battery.

F3 unlock procedure description
1. Connect power to F3 Unlock Clip (9V battery can be used).
2. Connect F3UC to the handset, powered on or switched into boot mode*.
3. Press Unlock button on the clip.
4. LED on the clip starts to blink frequently. Unlock process is in progress.
5. On successful unlock, LED stops blinking and lights up for about 10 seconds.

*To switch F3 into boot mode, please power off the phone and press 3 keys combination: *#Power On. The handset display will remain blank.

If the LED on F3 Unlock Clip, after frequent blinking starts to blink slower instead of lighting up – the unlock process failed. Please disconnect the phone from the cable, remove and insert the battery, switch the phone to boot mode and perform unlock again.

Price: 118.13 USD
Ask for discount BUY

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