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Nero Key - NeroTeam Recovery Studio    Price: 90.31 USD
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New update - 9th Aug 2010
What's new:
-Online firmware library access added (900GB of files)
-Recently used and Favorite firmwares tabs added for library
-A2 CID80/81 firmware flashing added
-Bugs fixed
NeroTeam Recovery Studio (Nero Key) is a step forward in Sony Ericsson unlocking software. It is a very powerful tool boasting quick full unlock without bypass or flashing and most importantly without Internet connection.

GSM-SUPPORT has direct authorization from producer to sell this device.

Features Included:
  • Flashing services: access to the thousands of firmware versions stored on servers and allowing you to write new firmware to any number of phones with a single click
  • NeroKey allows Direct FULL Unlock of Sony Ericsson Phones
  • Unlock is FULL UNLOCK and not via patch, or Bypass !!!
  • When unlocked by Nero Key, UNLOCK IS PERMANENT !!
  • After unlock user can update phone on Sony Ericsson website and phone remains unlocked !!
  • NeroKey WORKS OFFLINE, so no internet needed for unlocking !!
  • Unlock is VERY EASY, No Complicated Settings !!!
  • Recovery any red / white blinking phone
  • Restore EROM / SEMCBOOT
  • Security area rebuild
  • Remove SIMlock (network lock) and usercode lock
  • Any possible CID / Colour conversion
  • Works on both COM and USB interfaces
  • Once activated, no internet connection required
  • 200 preloaded credits already on card. One phone takes 1 credit (Refill free until 30th March 2010)
  • Multi language user friendly interface

Easy Install
  • Register your Nero key online
  • Once registered internet is not needed any more for unlocking.
  • Nero Key Software runs once Nero Key is plugged in PC.
  • Nero Key Works with fighter interface (currently used in SE tool or Cruiser box's).
  • Nero Key Software can use existing Sony Ericsson unlock box and cables, no need to buy new box and cables !!

Easy Unlock
  • Simply connect phone and press start to unlock - easy even for a child :)
  • Unlock takes approx 30 seconds

NeroKey works without internet, without logs. You just need to make a refill of card every 100 pcs unlocks of A1 or A2 phones.

Supported Models:
A1 Platform: Unlock Via Service Cable Connection (BOX AND RJ45 CABLES) or (FIGHTER CABLE)
  • DB2000: K600. K608, V600, V800, W900, Z800, Z1010
  • DB201x: J300, F500, K310, K320, K500, K508, K510, K700, K750, S700, W200, W300, W310, W550, W600, W700, W800, W810, Z520, Z525, Z530, Z550

A1 Platform: Unlock and Flash Via Standard USB Data Cable As Supplied With Phone (DCU-60)
Also You Can Unlock DB2020 Via Service Cable Connection (BOX AND RJ45 CABLES) or (FIGHTER CABLE)
  • DB2020: K530, K550, K610, K618, K770, K790, K800, K810, S500, T650, V630, W580, W610, W660, W710, W830, W850, W880, W888, Z610, Z710

A2 Platform: Unlock and Flash Via Standard USB Data Cable As Supplied With Phone (DCU-60)
  • DB3150: C702, C902, G502, K630, K660, K850, K858, T700. TM506
  • DB3200: F100, J105, T707, W508, W518
  • DB3210: C510, C901, C903, C905, G705, TM715, W705, W715, W995
  • DB3350: U10, U100, X5

Set includes:
  • Nero Key card
  • Dongle
  • 200 credits (refill unlimited, so you can unlock as many phones as you want)
  • Free support registration
  • Warranty 6 months

Price: 90.31 USD
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