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Before we start

We wrote these short guidelines for people who didn't have any experience with removing simlocks before and therefore cannot manage working with the devices offered by us.
First of all the description will be based on the example of box 4.0.
Other devices that are not directly connected to the computer - for example unlocking clips have their own instructions of use and we will not deal with them in the following description.
To make the box 4.0 work properly you need the PC computer. The most important thing is to be using only OS Windows 98 SE. Most of them work only in this Windows environment. Only a few programs can be run in Windows 2000 or Millennium.
To start with you need to make sure that you have the COM port in your computer and that it is properly configured. Also make sure that it is not occupied by another device.
We suggest working with COM1 and also not to use the default settings in BIOS but set 3f8 for COM1 and 2f8 for COM2.
To enter BIOS settings of your PC you just have to press DEL immediately after turning on your computer. We suggest you to get acquainted with the mainboard's instruction of use to find out where you can change the settings of the COM ports.
Next you need to complete the OCX and DLL libraries used by most of the programs removing simlock and repairing the phone.
This ZIP FILE just has to be unzipped to the folder C:\windows\system.
In case of absence of those files the system will show us a message that the OCX or DLL file could not be located - for example - COMCTL32.DLL, comctl32.ocx, MSCOMM32.OCX, MSVBVM60.DLL, VB6FR.DLL or others similar. Only now you can freely use the software and descriptions from this website.

Another problem is connected with the devices that should be plugged to the LPT port. When the program cannot recognize the device or the program key, you have to change the port setting in BIOS. We enter BIOS and look for option called "parallel port". The settings encountered most often are ECP+EPP, SPP, normal, ECP, EPP, bi-directional, etc. We recommend changing the setting to another mode and reboot the PC.
When it still doesn't work after Windows is loaded and the program still cannot find the device, you have to enter BIOS again and repeat the procedure with different setting from the above.
Very often it turns out that for example emmi box works on ECP setting, and Dejan Flasher 1.00 works properly only on SPP.
Good luck !