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Removing the message "Unauthorised action detected" in Panasonic GD30 and GD50

Panasonic company released two phones with symbols GD 30 and GD 50. We won't go into detail describing the differences between them - for us the most important thing is one disadvantage of both of the above mentioned models. Sometimes after removing the simlock a message appears "Unauthorized action detected". Below we will present the description helping to remove the message that is used in many phone services.

We will need:
  • Data cable for Panasonic gd30/50
  • Program Gd50 Repair_Unlock
  • Program Neo's GD 30-50 unlocker 7.3

    Software for download:
    GD50 Repair & Unlock
    Neo GD30-50 unlocker v.3

    We connect the phone to the computer.
    We run the program Gd50 Repair_unlock.

    We turn on the phone and press "Set test mode". The program reads IMEI and SERIAL

    The windows in which the program gives us data can be edited - we type in them the data from the illustration below.

    To get rid of any possible doubts about the signs that we type instead of SERIAL, it's simply the capital letter "i".
    We press "Repair & unlock" - on the display of the phone we will see some commands and then the phone comes back to the initial state. The operation described above should be repeated until after pressing "Set test mode" in the windows the following data appears.

    As a curiosity we may add that one Panasonic repaired with this method required even 53 repetitions of the operation. But usually it is enough to do it 10-15 times. If the data are as above then we don't press anything more just quit the program and turn off the phone.

    We run Neo's unlocker v7.3

    We set the com-port on the left, and on the right we type the model of the phone being repaired, that is gd30 or gd50.

    We press "Restore" and follow the instructions given by the program. When we hear two high-pitched sounds emitted by the phone it means that the operation was completed successfully.

    We turn on the phone. In this way we got rid of the message "Unauthorized action detected" and the SIM-LOCK.