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How to unlock Sony J5 and J6

We present the complete description of unlocking Sony J5/J6 phones. It enables you to safely remove the simlock and to put it on again in case of need. For this work we will need phone cable, PC computer and a set of programs.

Software for download:
Sony J5 logger and unlocker

1. Downloading the info about the phone to the LOG file.
- remove the SIM card and connect the phone through the cable
- run the READER.EXE program

- select appropriate COM port
- press 'R'
- - turn on the phone when the inscription appears 'PowerOn the phone'. If the program doesn't react for the phone being turned on, it probably means that you have a wrong cable. Correct pinout can be found HERE

- when it appears on the screen 'Enter IMEI', type anything

- Exit the program by pressing 'Q'
- The program will create a file SONYJ5.LOG in the folder from which READER.EXE was run

2. Generating the unlocking codes.
- we run the program J5 Unlocker
- we click 'Open log' and select the file SONY J5.LOG - the data will be loaded to the program

- in the 'Unlock info' section there appeared:
8-digit SIM code ex. 73190250
8-digit WAP code ex.41635583

3. How to enter unlock codes to the phone
To unlock the phone you will have to remove SIM card, power on the phone and enter by keyboard:
SIM code: *#7465625*12*(8-digit SIM code)#
np. *#7465625*12*73190250#
WAP code: *#9275625*11*(8-digit WAP code)#
np. *#9275625*11*41635583#
After typing each of the codes we should see 'OK' on the screen.

4. Tipsy
It is easier to remember the codes:
SIM code: *#SIMLOCK*12*(8-digit SIM code)#
WAP code: *#WAPLOCK*11*(8-digit WAP code)#
To check if the phone has simlock you have to type *#SIMLOCK#
If there is a simlock we will see the inscription 'Network Lock' and below the information on which network it works. 'No active locks' means that there is no simlock.
To put on the simlock again type: *#7465625*11*(8-digit SIM code)#

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ATTENTION - we do not take any responsibility for possible damage caused by incorrect work and usage of the above instruction.