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How to flash Nokia DCT-3 phones

Knowledge about flashing phones with firmware files is very useful in case of repairing phones damaged during wrong unlock, wrong flash upload, firmware update or language change.

You will need:
  • Nokia Flasher set (with MBUS converter) or Universal Box 4.0
  • Nokia DCT3 flasher by rolis 4.71 software
  • Nokia Tool 1.9 software
  • MCU and PPM for particular model.

    Software for download:
    Nokia DCT3 flasher by rolis 4.71
    Nokia Tool 1.9

    Please open Nokia DCT3 flasher by rolis 4.71 and select desired model in selection menu - for example Nokia 3310

    Next you have to select 2 files - MCU and PPM which will be uploaded later to the phone.

    You have to press LOAD MCU and select file for upload. MCU file is always larger than PPM file which contains language pack.

    Then click LOAD PPM to select PPM language file. Usually at the end of PPM file's name there is a letter a,b,c,d etc. which is name of language pack.

    Now after all necessary files are selected you can see their names near LOAD MCU and LOAD PPM buttons as shown below.

    Now we have to connect dejan flasher 1.00 cable and insert connector to the phone.
    Next press FLASH in the program and after that you must press POWER ON in the phone for short time to initialize upload.
    Please wait until progress bar goes to the end.

    When program ends flashing we have to disconnect dejan 1.00 cable and connect phone to MBUS cable. In Universal Box 4.0 we just disconnect RJ-45 connector from dejan flasher 1.00 socket and connect it to another socket (MBUS).

    After uploading flash the phone will not log in to the network. It is necessary to calculate flash FAID using special software.
    We have to open Nokia Tool 1.9.
    We turn on the phone (still connected to the MBUS cable) and in program's menu we select Read / Phone info.

    Program will read information about phone. Then we click FAID to calculate FAID. <

    After this our phone will be able to log into the network and will not lose coverage.