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What is simlock?

What sorts of lock are there?

1. Lock phone to SIM card. If your phone is locked to the SIM you cannot use any other SIM than the one you have: SIM broken makes phone useless. A SIM Card Lock is a lock programmed into a mobile phone which only allows one company's SIM to be used in the phone. The reasoning behind this is to keep your custom to that network. Simlocks are also referred to as SP Locks or Network locks. Once your simlock is removed you can place any (dependent on phone model) SIM card into it including foreign networks if you take the phone abroad.

2. Lock phone to Operator (Network or Service Provider). If your phone is locked to an operator, you can use any SIM from this operator in your phone. You can switch between contract and prepaid as you wish, but not to a different operator.
3. Lock phone to CODE (Product Lock or Offer Lock). If your phone is locked to a code, the phone checks a special "password" (GID) on the SIM that must match your phone. Providers often use different passwords for contract and prepaid.

So unlocking is: Removing the locks on the phone so you can use the phone with any compatible SIM Card. Unlocking will allow you to use other service providers' SIM card. For example if you have an ABC GSM phone you can only put in an ABC SIM card, but if you unlock you can put in DEF XYZ, etc.

How can I verify whether my phone is SIM Card Locked?

If you place any card other than the one that the phone accepts, then you will get a message such as 'Incorrect Card', 'SIM Card not accepted', 'Enter Special Code', 'Enter NCK' or similar.

So unlocking is tampering with the software? - It can be, most programs to unlock on the internet change some data in the phone software other just make a log and calculate unlock code. You will have to type the unlock code with special code in your phone to unlock it.

Why should I unlock/upgrade my cellphone?

First of all we will give the reasons to unlock your cellphone: There are several providers in every country. A provider is a company from which you are using its network to communicate. Of course these providers are not all the same the one is better then the other. And ALSO the one is more expensive then the other. So if you buy cheap phone (that mostly comes with cheap provider because providers give money to make phones cheaper for us, and if the provider isn't that good, think about no network in distant places or in buildings, the provider has to find other way to get customers so they do it with making there mobiles cheaper) and then buy lose SIM card from better provider and you put in that SIM the phone says: 'SIM Card not accepted'.... (we are talking about prepaid phones here!!) Now there is the unlocking part :) When it is unlocked (or not locked, if you have contract your phone will likely not to be locked) you can put ANY SIM Card in it that you want.

Now why should you upgrade your phone?

  • To get rid of software bugs
  • To get new/extra functions
  • To improve existing features