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How to remove simlock in Sony Z7 and Z7e

Phone is locked when you see SIM Lock or Zamek SIM on display after inserting sim card of other network. To remove this limitation you can only use solution which requires using special service cable. Generaly unlocking of Sony Z7 phones is quite easy and very similar to unlocking of Sony J-series. In our case we will use simple Universal Box and PC software.

We will need:
-Sony Z7 Log Reader
-Sony CMD-J5 Unlocker
-Universal Box 4.0 and Sony J5 unlock cable

Make sure battery is full. Remove sim card and connect unlock cable - phone must be off.

Open Z7_reads.exe. Program will ask for password - it is 3.1415927 and press ENTER.
When you see 'Turn on phone' press POWER ON just for less then 1 second - phone musn't turn on. POWER ON is pressed only for ignition to start reading log.

Screen will show "sending virus" - It is only a comment :) Then a code will appear on the screen to show it has made a log.
Next go to folder where you placed Z7_reads.exe You can find there a file Z7-AGG.LOG.
Please open it using Notepad and you will see:
12023C175894 06-10-2004 / 14:11:43
The information we need is 12023C175894. It is a phone ID which is necessary to generate unlock code. Of course ID is different for each particular Z7 phone.
Then open Sony CMD-J5 Unlocker.

Type in manualy read phone ID in ID field (in our case 12023C175894) and press ENTER.
Program will generate unlock code as shown below.

For us the most interesting is code generated in SIM field. In this case it is 42149806. We will use this code to unlock phone.
First we have to enter *#7465625*12*SIM# where SIM is 42149806, so complete code is *#7465625*12*42149806#

After entering the code we should see OK and phone will reset. If you get the code wrong you have to wait a minute or longer. Then enter code again, because maybe you mistyped it. If you constantly fail - start again from the beginning. You may have mistyped ID code.

Then we have to enter this code *#7465625*22*SIM# where SIM is 42149806, so complete code is *#7465625*22*42149806#
Phone will display OK and restart.

Now you can insert sim card from any network and use it without any problems.

If there is also WAP locked in your phone use analogical codes:
In our case WAP is 64612128.

There are also other useful codes for your handset:
*#06# - Displays IMEI number
*#7465625# = *#simlock# - Displays SIM Lock status
*#7353273# = *#release# - Displays firmware version
*#78737322867973738# = *#superfactoryreset# - Resets Personal Data (remove SIM card first)
*#73287489263373738# = *#securitycodereset# - Resets Security Code to 0000 (remove SIM card first)

(SIM is a 8-digits code generated by Sony CMD-J5 Unlocker)
where XX is:
12 -> deactivate network simlock
22 -> deactivate service provider lock
11 -> activate default network simlock
21 -> activate service provider lock
31 -> 11 and 21 in one
32 -> 12 and 22 in one
51 -> activate NW subset lock
52 -> deactivate 51
61 -> activate corporate lock
62 -> deactivate 61
71 -> activate SIM personal lock
72 -> deactivate 71
96 -> activate IMSI range lock
97 -> deactivate 96
98 -> 11 and 96 in one
99 -> 12 and 97 in one
For example if you want to lock phone again you have to insert sim card of network in which you want your phone to be locked. Then type in *#7465625*11*SIM# and then *#7465625*21*SIM#
As usual SIM is a 8-digits code generated by Sony CMD-J5 Unlocker.