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Motorola ASIM Emulator v3.1

Generally ASIM program for motorola can be used only for two things. Namely removing the simlock in older models (up to d160) and activation of test menu (all models except Patriot series)

Software for download:
Motorola ASIM Emulator 3.1

To use the program we have to prepare the emulator of the sim card that can be plugged to the PC (it is also included in the package Universal Box 4.0) and the program ASIM SIM CARD EMULATOR.
Program starts from the port Com 1 by default, and I don't recommend changing it. The operation requires a lot of effort and usually it ends with a failure anyway.

After starting the program we can see the main window.

To start the phone test menu using this program we have to run command LOAD SIM in the menu FILE, after doing this we will see the dialogue window.

to which we type the name of the file sim.dat. This file is located in the zip archive of the program and during the process of unzipping the program it is automatically copied to the right place on your Hard Drive.
If the loaded file is in the buffer of the program we will be informed with a right message.

We go to the EMULATOR menu and run RUN AUTO

The program will now wait for the phone to be turned on.

We turn on the phone

The program informs us about finding the phone

For the next few second the program will load the files to the phone. It will afterwards inform us that the operation is complete with a message READY.

Now we can press the button # and holding it for three second we wait until the TEST menu appears on the display of the phone.
Its most important functions are:
19# - the software version
58# - shows the code of the phone
59# - shows the security code
580000# - changes the code of the phone to 0000
59000000# - changes the security code to 000000

Now let's move to removing the simlock
Generally removing the simlock can be done in exactly the same way. The only difference is that you have to change the sim.dat file to clone.dat file.
The rest of the loading frames operation is exactly the same. After loading the file to the phone we will see the message CLONE on the display. To remove the simlock we have to type on the keyboard of the phone the combination 03# The phone will display the message WAIT and after the message disappears the simlock is removed. Unfortunately this cheap and easy way of removing the simlock works only with models of the 160 series. Testing it on newer models, such as 520 or 3688 was not successful.

All the needed equipment is available at GSM SUPPORT

Remember that the technology described above was tested by us but you are doing everything on your own responsibility. All the operations with the software might result in serious and irreversible damage to the phone.