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How to unlock Philips Fisio 822

Phone is locked when you see ENTER NCK on display after inserting sim card of other network. In our case to remove simlock in this phone we will use simple Universal Box and PC software.

We will need:
-Universal Simlock Remover 1.05
-Universal Box 4.0 and Philips Fisio unlock cable

Make sure battery is full and remove sim card. Connect unlock cable - phone must be off.
Next open Universal Simlock Remover 1.05 or newer, select Philips and Philips Toolz Deluxe 2.53 by Sanchez.

Press START and program will open.
Select model and press READ button.
You will see message 'Power ON The Phone'

Press quickly POWER ON button - the one shown below:

When you press POWER ON button phone cannot turn on.

Program will read phone information like NCK, IMEI, operator etc.
If you want to unlock phone manualy write down NCK number and type in after inserting sim card of other network.
We will do everything using this software.

Select Unlock & Reapir option and press DO JOBS. You will see Unlocking... and Ready...

Phone is unlocked now. It was very easy, wasn't it ?:)