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Repairing Siemens C30 with the damage of the software

Siemens C30 was produced in co-operation with BOSCH company. That is why its usage and menu lay out do not really bring to mind the analogical elements of classic Siemens phones such as c35 or s35 - here everything is different. One of the possible symptoms of the phone with damaged software is the classic 'Phone Failure' message on the screen. The most frequent reason for this is an unskillfully removed 'SIM-LOCK' blockade. Another symptom is a phone being turned on with a total lack of contrast on the screen, and the last symptom is lack of any signs of working.

The things needed:
  • A cable to Siemens c30
  • Repair bin generator program
  • C30 service program
  • Language pack v 1.01
Software for download:
Repair BIN generator
Siemens C30 service by PRO
Language package with PL language for v1.11.0

We run program C30 bin generator

In the place of zeros we type the imei number of our phone, for example:

We press 'Generate repair.bin' . In the folder where the program is there appears a file in a 'bin' format with our IMEI number in the name.

We run the program C30 Service. We connect the phone. We press Read Info and we turn on the phone to check the communication with the computer. In the windows of the program, there should appear the data concerning flash and software version.

Then we press Write All Flash button. The dialogue window opens and what is left to us is to load the bin file generated earlier.

Then the program asks us to turn on the phone and here a little surprise awaits us, as the great majority of Siemens phones flash during the operation of loading the software, but Siemens c30 doesn't.
If everything goes all right the phone will start to emit the sound similar to ticking of the clock.
This state will last for about 2 minutes, until the bar of progress is complete and the program asks to remove the battery and put it back again, this will mean that the process was finished successfully and there is nothing left but to follow the instructions of the program itself.
After putting back the battery we turn on the phone. If everything went well the phone should be successfully turned on and ready to use.
The only problem remaining now is how to load the Polish language to the menu of the phone, as repair bin generator program doesn't generate this language itself.

Once more we connect the phone (turned off) tot he computer and press "Read info". After reading the data we press "Write Language". Again the dialogue window opens, but this time we load the file 1.11.0pl.bin.

When the program asks us we turn on the phone. The phone starts 'ticking' again, but now the process is definitely shorter. After it is finished we put the sim card into the phone and we turn it on. The phone now works, has the menu option in Polish and doesn't have SIM-LOCK blockade.