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How to remove sim restriction (simlock) in Siemens S55

Phone is locked when you see disabled! NETWORK LOCK on display after inserting sim card of other network. To remove this limitation you can use also Siemens clip. Generaly unlocking of Siemens phones is quite easy. In our case we will use simple Universal Box and PC software.

We will need:
-Siemens FREIA v18
-Universal Box 4.0 and Siemens C55 / S55 unlock cable

Make sure battery is full. Remove sim card and connect unlock cable.
Open Siemens FREIA, go to Configuration Functions, select Bootcore bug and press OK.

Select model in menu as shown below - S55 in this case.

Press Unlocking Functions and select Direct unlock no map is saved and press Use original IMEI.
As you see this program has more interesting options - like change IMEI or lock to operator :)
Besides it can read Firmware, EEPROM1, EEPROM2, Bootcore or write FLS flash files.

In dialog window we will see:
COMM_LoadBoots : selected phone family is 9
COMM_IsBootRunning : bootcode does not seem to be running
COMM_LoadBoots : Waiting to power on the phone ...

You have to quickly press POWER ON (one with RED phone icon), but phone musn't turn on.
When you press power on button you should see the following:

COMM_LoadBoots : phone is powered on
COMM_LoadBoots : internal loader version is 01.00
COMM_LoadBoots : EEPROM IMEI is 35108351548262
COMM_LoadBoots : original IMEI is 35108351548262 (locked)
COMM_LoadBoots : found SIEMENS S55 lg3 v16 (1)
COMM_LoadBoots : flash ids are 00898854 [00890016] - 5489
COMM_LoadBoots : phone ids are C2E26AAE [C2E26AAE]

Your phone is unlocked now ;-)