Adapter NBA (Nokia Battery Adapter)

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Adapter NBA (Nokia Battery Adapter) is a revolution in itself: Small, Smart, Cheap, Useful, Solid, Strong, Compatible, everything you can wish for.
- powerful catch, stronger than usual battery connectors
- you will be finally able to rest assure that your phone will finish flashing without unwanted interruptions
- simple to use, just connect it inside your mobile phone as shown in the pictures
- small yet big enough to use your hand to attach or remove
- compatible with over 71 Nokia phone models and more than 10 battery types
- compatible with all crocodile style connectors used by most of GSM product manufacturers
- durable, make from quality materials
- high quality gold plated connector pins
- special designed connector with quality ABS plastic
- solder wires to it and you can forget about problems
- double sided PCB

Built using:
- high quality smart design PCB
- custom made PINS
- custom made special connector plastic with special shape to fit all Nokia phone that use this style of connectors
- 3 double sided holes to fit any crocodile type connector
- large metal pads to easy solder your custom power cable directly to it

NBA - Nokia Battery Adapter works with any Nokia mobile phones that uses this type of battery connector.

There are many ways you can use the NBA. Here is just a few of them:
- Hook style connector
- Normal style connector
- Solder wire easily

Adapter NBA (Nokia Battery Adapter)

Adapter NBA (Nokia Battery Adapter)

Price: 2.19 USD
Ask for discount BUY

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nba, nokia battery adapter

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