Inferno Dongle MTK (PRO - Pre-Activated)

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Inferno Dongle MTK (PRO - Pre-Activated) is a fully active key to read data from Samsung, LG, Sony, BlackBerry, Nokia which are processor-based on MediaTek (MTK). Equipment dedicated to the experts, the investigators but also services and service points, which depends on the reading data, security codes to gain access to the phone.

  • read information about your phone in two modes:
         * In normal mode - includes a CPU model, size and type of memory (eMMC / NAND), size and the partition name
         * In extended mode - includes an additional brand, product model, versions of Android
  • read flash format * .bin
  • write flash format * .bin
  • The number of options unlock the phone via USB (no debugging, without the root, without ADB) including:
         * Reset Pattern Lock (EMMC)
         * Reset PIN Lock (EMMC)
         * Reset the password (EMMC)
         * Reset Theft Lock (EMMC)
         * Removal of FRP (EMMC)
         * Removal of all security
  • The number of options unlock the phone mode ADB including:
         * Reset Pattern Lock (ADB)
         * Reset Pin Lock (ADB)
         * Reset Password Lock (ADB)
         * Reset Theft Lock (ADB)
         * Removal of FRP (ADB)
  • Unlock Bootloader
  • cleaning/Wpie cache
  • Backup all settings / backup software
  • remove viruses from your phone
  • root phone with ADB
  • remove root (unroot) phone in ADB
  • Removing Security (Clean Locks)
  • Repair IMEI (IMEI1, IMEI2, IMEI3, IMEI4, IMEI5, IMEI6)

    Key got preactivated all functions for 1 year of registration - after this persion user need to buy activation to use all features for next 1 year

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