Jigs Flex JPIN JTAG Molex Flex cable smart cables 33in1 for Samsumg LG

Jigs Flex JPIN JTAG Molex Flex cable smart cables 33in1 for Samsumg LGEnlarge    Price: 68.44 USD
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Special JTAG set to repair boot in most of supported phones without soldering using RIFF JTAG, Medusa JTAG , ORT and Z3x JTAG. It consists of special adapter connector into socket in mobile phone, flexible ribbon tape and main board (JPIN - JIG adapter).
We will sucessfuly add another adapters into our offer to support more phone models.

List of supported phones:
Type of JPIN:    Supported phone models:

    • Z01
      • U8800
      • U8800+
    • Z02
      • LG P990, P999, P993 Modem
    • Z03
      • LG E510, E612, E720, E900, C550, C660, C660H, C710H, E400, E405, E435, E615, E720, GD880, GM730, GN750, GT540, KU3700, P350, P500, P690, P698, P705, P715, (F160S, F160L, F160K, F200L, F200S, F200K, F200LS-14P header is required) all the LG14P pinounts
    • Z04
      • LG E970, E960, E973, E971, E975, F180L/S/K, E975W, E976, E975R, E975K, LS970, E978, E977, E975T, LGL21, L-01E
    • Z05
      • F260L, F260S, F260K molex header is required P870, l-06C, all the LG 14P JTAG pinouts
    • Z06
      • LG P880G, P895, P895QB, P970, SU870, K5400, SU760, P725, SU540, P760, P765, P768, P768E, P768F, P768G, P768N, P769, P769BK, P769BKGO JTAG support is required, all the LG 30P JTAG pinouts
    • Z07
      • LG SU640, LU6200, F100L/S/K, F120L/S/K, V950
      • Modem: P930, P935, P936
    • Z08
      • LGP930, P935, P936
      • Modem: SU640, LU6200, F100L/S/K, F120L/S/K, V950
    • Z09
      • LG CU920, CU575, L705I, L852I all the JTAG pinouts
    • Z10
      • I9003, I7500, T939, 805sc, F338, I5800
    • Z11
      • E110S (E220L, E220S, E220K JTAG support is required)
    • Z12
      • M110S, M190S, SC-02, P7500
    • Z13
      • S8000
    • Z14
      • D710
    • Z15
      • I535, T999, T999V, I747M, R530M, R530U, L710, I747, I547, SC-06D, I437, I8552, I9082, I9152, I9205, MSM8960
    • Z16
      • I9020, I9023, I997, I9000, I987, T959, T959V, YP-G1, T759
    • Z17
      • I9100G, I9108, I9108X
    • Z18
      • E120L/S/K, E160S/K, I717, I727, I9210, P7320, E140L/S/K, SC-05, SC-03, all Samsung 20P phones
    • Z19
      • I500, I889, N7005 (I9500, N7100, E210L, E210S, E210K JTAG support is required)
    • Z20
      • I9220, I9228, N7000, M250L
    • Z21
      • E160L
    • Z22
      • I9100, N8010, P6200, P6810, I777, M250S/K, P3100, P3110, P3113, P5100, P5110, P5113
    • Z23
      • LG F240K, F240L, F240S, E980. E980P, E985, E986, E987, E988, E989 molex header is required
    • Z24
      • Nokia L610, L710
    • Z25
      • CU720, GD880, L04A, L06A
    • Z26
      • LG L600I, L704I, L705I
    • Z27
      • LGA340
    • Z28
      • Samsung M8400
    • Z29
      • Samsung I937
    • Z30
      • LG CT810
    • Z31
      • LG VS930, VS870
    • Z32
      • ASUS A60, A80, Google Nexus 7
    • Z33
      • LG KU9100, KU9300, KU9600, L04B






    Set contains:
    • 33 pcs Jpin jtag
    • 33 pcs Flex cables
    • 1 pc jpin - Jig adaptor

    Price: 68.44 USD
    Ask for discount BUY

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