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Martech SIEMENS USB Box PLUS II + TestPoint Adapters v3.0 + activation x65

Martech SIEMENS USB Box PLUS II + TestPoint Adapters v3.0 + Activation for X65 series is a professional service USB box with special software for Siemens phones which can reapir firmware, change language, repair/change IMEI and repair Wrong software. It is the best device on the market for Siemens phones. Author of this software guarantee updates for this device !

Only now in basic set you will get TESTPOINT ADAPTER 3.0 !! Using BOX II PLUS + TESTPOINT ADAPTER v3.0 and "SIEM Service Tools" software you can repair and unlock the newest models (also with "new bootcore") without cutting tracks or desoldering ICs ! Just connect special test point connectors to special points on phones main board (special adapter cable with connectros is included).

Supported phones:
  • Siemens CF110
  • Siemens C81, M81
  • Siemens CF76
  • Siemens A75, AX75, C75, CF75, CX75, M75, ME75, S75, SL75
  • Siemens AX72, C72
  • Siemens A71
  • Siemens A70, CX70, CX7i
  • Siemens S68
  • Siemens X65 - np. A65, C65, CV65, CT65, CF65, SF65, SP65, CX6C, CX65, CXV65, S65 v36+, SV65, SL65, M65, MV65, SK65
  • Siemens C66, S66 v36+
  • Siemens C61
  • Siemens A62, CF62, CF62T
  • Siemens A57
  • Siemens AL21, A31
  • Siemens SX1
  • Siemens SK6R, 6688, 6688i(SLCK)
  • Siemens A60, C60, MC60
  • Siemens A50, A51, AF51, A52 (Europe), A52V, A53
  • Siemens A55, C55, S55, M55 (Europe) (dla M55 v11 dodano opcje unlocka bez rozbierania telefonu - ta metoda jednakl uszkadza BootCore, a więc nie jest możliwe flashowanie telefonu oryg. SWUPami))
  • Siemens SL55, SL55! (Europe)
  • Siemens A56, A56i (USA/Canada)
  • Siemens C56, S56, S57, S46, M46, M56 (USA/Canada)
  • Siemens 1168, 2128, A55A, SL55C, M55C, M6C, C6C, S6C, SL6C, CF6C (Asia)
  • Siemens C45, S45, S45i, ME45, M50, MT50, SL45, SL42
    THE NEWEST VERSIONS (new bootcore) - only using included "Test Adapters"

    Software works with all known firmware versions. Without desoldering cpu, removing resistors etc. After this software you can still use SWUP files for flashing phones.

    Software possibilities:
  • remove all simlock levels and security code (phone code)
  • lock simlock to any network (You can lock phone again)
  • read/write eeprom and firmware (flash)
  • repair all software failures and bugs
  • repair IMEI, wrong software
  • after opening fullflash - program shows BootCore HASH (you can generate BOOT_PASS based on any readed fullflash now)
  • automatic information about "x65 converter cable" - when you have to connect it, and when not... information is in TP dialog
  • possibility of extract BootCore area from fullflash
  • possibility of read/write BootCore area only
  • BootCore dialog for x55/x60 added (now you can generate new pass_dest_key, rewrite, leave original pass_destination_key etc...)
    About the device:
  • it is the most advanced device which works on USB port
  • works without problems on all Windows systems which support USB connection (win98, win ME, win2000, winXP etc.)
  • can flash and transmit data with high speed (230400, 460800 kbd itd...) on each PC
  • Box is connected to computer using simple USB cable. You do not need any COM serial or parallel LPT port in your PC !
  • the device does not need any external power
  • you can connect a lot of Martech BOX II devices to one computer - for example if you have a lot of phone to do you can use more devices simultanously
  • fast flash, stable work on each PC and professional design, factory made
  • function of remote device update which gives you possibility to update box firmware (for example when there is a new algorythm in phone)
  • box is already activated for X65 series and ready to activate future software on this device

    Besides you will receive:
  • full technical supportpełną pomoc techniczną
  • unlimited access to MARTECH FORUM with updates, files, schemes, solutions etc.

    We give free updates for all new SW versions and new models until changes in phones (firmware, hardware) won't be too big. Eventual paid updates will be sold at good prices.

    Set includes:
  • Activation for X65 models
  • 1x Martech Box USB Box II PLUS
  • 2x phone connection cable
  • 1x connection cable USB Box/PC
  • Testpoint adapter v3.0
  • Service cable to connect with Test Points
  • adapter x65 (converter RJ)
  • cable for connecting Testpoint Adapter with Martech BOX II device

    Please note
    Few web sites offers clones of this device for 1/3 of the real price. Please be informed that you can damage permanently your phone if you use clone. These clones device are without future support. Only from OUR COMAPNY you can buy ORIGINAL MARTECH software.
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